Can 2 AAA Shooters Coexist?

Much has been said about the PLAYSTATION 3 since it has been released. Critics have often attempted to say that there is a lack of quality titles available for the console. With this in mind the same critics have stated that Sony would be doing itself a disservice if it were to allow the release of Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 within the same quarter. Some have reported that Sony has confirmed plans to do this, but have since been debunked. (See here). My question to this is: What is the problem with releasing 2 AAA shooters in close proximity to each other?

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toughNAME3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Two average shooters can easily exist...

But I definitely have hope for both Killzone and Resistance sequels

Shaka2K63765d ago

Cant see my self just playing one.

Killzone 2 will be the best FPS in the history of gaming with the best graphics, physics,history,action on screen and fun factor also this aint you average 4 hour fps, this is a truly master piece we know because killzone was the best fps of last gen nobody cant deny that.

Resistance 2, WOW the most advanced FPS in the hsitory of gaming, 60p players online ect you know the rest.

PS3 officially has the best FPS in the hsitory of gaming only playable on PS3. (NO PC PORTS!!!)

Danja3765d ago

ohh man a lil hyper aren't we...

but yeah both game will awesome no denying that...

pharmd3765d ago

you better believe they can exist.... they will on my entertainment system on release days :)

now if only i could play them both at the same time!

poopsack3765d ago

aa you have an idea there!

TheSadTruth3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

no offense buddy but you are just going to be disappointed when the actual games are released.. I was expecting Halo 3 to be phenomenal and it was extremely mediocre.. how you can expect Killzone 2 to be so good when the first was a complete mess?

Resistance 2 the most advanced FPS? In regards to what? 60 player matches is nothing but a lag and spam fest for console shooters, hell it isn't even fun in CoD 4 for the PC with all the spawn killing.

I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic, I'm not expecting GoW 2 to be anything special either.

cmrbe3765d ago

You are very pessimistic indeed. Perhaps you are expecting too much.

sonarus3765d ago

Get the F outta here toughName lol. Come here trolling our games. You know you want some KZ2 and R2 action.
To be completely honest one will probably get pushed back. If KZ2 doesn't get pushed back then you can be sure it is not everything sony hoped it would be. From the looks of things, R2 is sony's flagship title. Previously announced to release at fall sony conveniently pushed it back to November.?? My guess is to do battle with Gears.

I honestly think they can pull it off at least on the multiplayer side of things any way. 8 player coop plus a parallel mission no matter how many pixels gears manages to pack in and how many locusts get massacred with a chain saw i don't see them beating the content in R2. Numbers stand out all gamers need to here is 60 players online and 8 player coop plus 2 parallel story modes plus 150 foot boss battles across the land scape of the U.S. I mean the formula is there for a fantastic game. Also take into account its insomniac that is making it.

As for KZ2 at best it will be great but it lacks the "WOW" beyond the visuals. Only time will tell but 2 AAA shooters on one console cannot exist effectively. One will out do the other or both will step on each other's toes. Regardless though i look forward to playing both titles

Whoooop3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

By your logic, we can say that KZ2 will be great..

You said you were expecting HALO3 to be awesome and it came out a mediocre game, but the first 2 were good right???

KZ1 was mediocre so then it's fair to say that the sequel it's going to be good... right?

Also GG is giving a 200% in their development just to make the best game they can... They know they have much to prove and they are not going to release a game knowing it sucks this time around.

On the other side you have HALO3 which the first 2 were so successful that developers concentrated in adding 2 or 3 features and nothing more. MS spent more money marketing the game than funding the development.

That's why it wasn't what people were expecting and still it sold great because of the name and hype.

toughNAME3765d ago

But seriously, from the looks of the 08/09 lineup these 2 games could be the only games that would entice me into buying a PS3. I like shooters:)

you can assume Resistance 2 will be a little better than the first, and you pretty much HAVE to assume Killzone 2 will be average.

I'll be honest with you, at this point (having seen nothing of the game) it looks as if Gears 2's singleplayer could solely outdo both these games.

And I agree on you last point. I think it's pretty stupid released two big FPS back to back. Not only financially, but this will create K2 vs. R2 fanboy battle. Similar to Halo 3 vs. COD4(360 owners) but worse

Clinton5143765d ago

Being overly pretentious as if everyone is supposed to follow your expectations...if you can even call them that.

yesah3765d ago

oh wow...

"I'll be honest with you, at this point (having seen nothing of the game) it looks as if Gears 2's singleplayer could solely outdo both these games."

You saw nothing of the game and your saying its so great.....You are the biggest fanboy on this site, congratulations.

toughNAME3765d ago

I said sequels can only get better from the original (the VAST majority of the time)

Gears crushed Resistance, and Killzone isn't even on the map

Again, from the little I know now it looks as if Gears 2 will trump both of these "AAA" titles

sheng long3765d ago

toughname: your replies never cease to amaze me. You're truly one of the worst fanboys on this site.

I think you're in for a big surprise when Gears 2 doesn't look any better than Gears 1. though that doesn't mean the game will suck, as a matter of fact i believe the game will be great. but why do you say gears destroys resistance? They're two totally different games, and you're opinions are so one sided how can you expect people to take you seriously?

However, as far as Resistance 2 is concerned, you will see a leap in visuals far greater than is the case with GeOW2.

toughNAME3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I've said many times before how I expect Gears 2 not to be that different from Gears 1, graphically. Graphics don't make a game.

It is not my opinion that Gears of War crushed Resistance. Critical and commerial success show that. Come on.

It may piss you off, but if you open your mind...just a'll see that I'm heading in the right direction.

Graphics DO NOT make a game.

IntelligentAj3765d ago

Someone explain to me how the first Killzone was a mess. I played this game extensively and have found little to none of the bugs that people have reported. I also found the game to realistically depict a wartime atmosphere(just not as good as Call of Duty)

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I am not a big FPS fan myself but this gen they seem to be the in thing and as a gamer i try to get into every genre.

As for KZ2 the only one thing that stands out for me besides the graphics is the blood effects. Like those blood effects are simply fantastic. The cover system seems nice to. It will be interesting to see how the mix it into the gameplay

We still haven't seen R2 but it is safe to assume it will be better than the first like toughName said. I am a BIG fan of boss battles. I loved the ones in gears especially the giant spider. The last one was a little stupid imo but the spider was crazy. Gears easily stood out against R2 for many reasons. Graphics being one but it was more of the gameplay. The whole healing, coop, Cover gameplay, over the shoulder shooting. Yes it had all been done before but gears did it best so they get tremendous praise for that.

Remember those bats that could only see in the dark or something and you had to stick it the light. Little things like this set gears apart from the average shooter. Insomniac are some pretty creative guys and with more time, i am sure they will be able to out do what gears had to offer in one. The thing about gears 2 though is all that stuff they started has been done and done and done. So to capture the same amount of praise, they have to raise the bar a lot higher. And no chainsaw to chainsaw battles isn't raising the bar higher. The sp mode also needs to be longer and tell more of a story this time. Epic aren't the greatest of story tellers but i am sure they can hire someone.

What was announced in resistance that absolutely sold me was 150 foot boss battles. When you are a little guy taking down something that big it brings forward that epic scale. R2 should be a shoe in for best shooter of the yr. Gears being a 3rd person shooter not sure if it qualifies. But gears is essentially the main challenge. And like i said R2 will kill Gears multiplayer. As much as i loved gears the multiplayer was terribly lame . At least in my opinion. Played gears a sh!t load of times till one day while my console was standing vertically i picked it up and attempted to move it turning it to the side. I heard the disk crunching and scratching but didn't know what it was till it was too late. Luckily i managed to trade it in at gamespot lol.

JsonHenry3764d ago

Of course they can! The question is - are both titles AAA? Let's hope so!

Although I have to say that I am more excited about Resistance 2 than Killzone.

sheng long3764d ago

ToughName: as much as want to agree with you on the graphics arguments, the truth is graphics DO matter.
They Matter to gamers and reviewers.
more than 90% of the fanboy arguments here on NG4 are because of minor graphical differences between games. are you really going to tell me graphics don't matter? I guarantee you a huge part of GeOW were it's visuals. If it were an average looking title, it wouldn't have gotten anywhere near the great reviews it received.
the fact that we're comparing GeOW to a launch title also validates the fact that R:FOM is not an average shooter, as a matter of fact, it's a great FPS. gears is a great TPS.

le killer3764d ago

so how can they be AAA??? dear! resistance2 looks like it's got potential to be something special...8 player co-op, and 60 player on-line is something i will not be missing out on! but after the first killzone, i'm not expecting it to be earth moving in the slightest! and the ridiculous cgi vid from e3 2005??? lol sony can spin as good as shane warne!

liquidsnake3764d ago

I think Im one of few in the world who actually thought KZ1 was good.

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mighty_douche3765d ago

Being spoilt for choice isnt really a problem I worry about to often.

Little experiment... Which one you guys more hyped for now, *agree* For Killzone *disagree* for Resistance.

Blademask3765d ago

Resistance has some pretty good variety. If its anything like Killzone 1, resistance has it beat.

ruibing3765d ago

Killzone has the atmosphere and mood, but I really like the idea of a 8-player co-op campaign for Resistance 2. Resistance 2 will probably be a safer bet on both being both released on time and quality of the title since it is using a third generation engine and is being developed by the much coveted Insomniac people. These two plus Haze pretty much has the PS3 set for FPS this year.

yesah3765d ago

resistance 2 looks good but my vots is KZ2. It just looks more exciting to me.

DRUDOG3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I'm more on the fence for KZ2, but RFoM was a great FPS IMO. Insomniac has already put out two fantastic games (one even at launch) and I really think this game is going to be that much better because of it. They know the PS3 architecture and make such quality games that I had to vote for RFoM2. I never played KZ (I was overseas), but I plan to borrow it from a friend and give it a spin before KZ2 comes out. Seems like it got mixed reviews. Anybody care to give me some feedback on it before I play?

BTW, I think the question of if two AAA titles can co-exist is ridiculous and I'm not going to bother giving any examples as many others here already have.

themyk3764d ago

i don't understand why people have to assume that kill zone 2 well be bad or just average just because the first one was average. you people act as though people can't learn new things. and become better at what they do.

i mean sony has been releasing awesome games for quite some time. if they are giving these guys this much time. and been hyping this game as much as they have, then they must know it's a good game.

long live solid snake.

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Jack Bauer3765d ago

2 AAA titles can...look at CoD4, Halo 3, and Bioshock last year

but Killzone 2 isnt a AAA title, company has to have a track record of that before it becomes one. Resistance 2 tho will not be a AAA title either, it'll be a AAAA++++ title ;P

mighty_douche3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Why are people so caught up in judging a game by its predecessor's? Do you believe people can not learn from their mistakes?

Jack Bauer3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

oh yes they certainly can... but they gotta prove themselves by actually doing it first.

GTA is a decent example... before 3, they sucked

halo 1 to 3 is an example of a backwards version

resistance1003765d ago

'GTA is a decent example... before 3, they sucked '

I cannot believe you just said that. GTA 1 and GTA London are some of gamings Gems.

TheSadTruth3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

on n4g every PS3 game is AAA title
Heavenly Sword was AAA
Lair was AAA
You know the rest.. lol

but I actually think Killzone 2 could be really good

yesah3765d ago

KZ2, looks so good, all the game play can people possibly see 'failure' in this?

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TruthBTold3765d ago

I am actually even more happy they are coming very close to each other. I am those that are kind of impatient, I know bad habit, so having them come out close to each other doesnt bother me none. I would prefer if they came out earlier but I am just happy they are coming, as long as its this year I dont care if they come out on the same day or months apart, I am buying them both anyway.