E3 2013: Our Top 5 Suprises and Disappointments

onPause writes:

E3 2013 has been all the buzz around Cable TV, Video Game Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Vine and more as Microsoft and Sony dropped their console megatons while publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision also put on some major displays as well as many others.

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brandonw002009d ago

I think the thing that disappointed me most was Ryse. I feel like there are not many games that do Rome well, and I wanted this to be it. Unfortunately it looks like the game just holds your hand the entire time.

phillip7282008d ago

I disagree completly. it was a demo that was trying to show you a highlight reel of the game. The devs discussed the varying options in gameplay. You could only focus on one vs one combat to tackle a situation, or you can voice command archers to a tactical position and call arrow vollys, or group up for shield walls or do it all. You are a warrior in an army, and a commander of said army. It seems awesome, and is actually the only exclusive I hate I will miss due to my defiance of xbox one.

brandonw002007d ago

I read a Kotaku article about Ryse. The writer said that when he was playing the game, he accidentally hit the wrong button on a quick time event, but then the character still went ahead with his kill like he hit the wrong button. He thought it was a bug, so he tried it again. Same thing. Then he didn't hit any button when prompted, and the character went through with the kill. He asked the developers if this was a bug. The developers responded with "we don't want gamers to be frustrated when they play this game." You might as well be watching a movie.

mcroddi2009d ago

I didn't even expect Ryse to be any good... the game looks kind of lame.

MisfitsInc2009d ago

as far as the game announcements go, i was most disappointed by Killer Instinct, it looks terrible

Shoul2009d ago

Agreed. The whole one character fiasco is also worrying.

mcroddi2008d ago

Killer Instinct did look not great, errr, terrible.

Terrordactyl992008d ago

Price was really shocking for me, 399 was what I had hoped but I thought it was kind of ridiculous to hope for a launch price that low.

Need for speed is absolutely a disappointment, why not go back to burnout already? sigh

mcroddi2008d ago

The original Burnout guys at Criterion are working on something, I hope it's Burnout for next gen in 2014.

500 price tag for Xbox One is quite something...

Speed-Racer2008d ago

The PS4 price really did it for me.

mcroddi2008d ago

I really agree, will you buy one?

Speed-Racer2008d ago

Possibly! I've always been a PC gamer but it's a pretty sweet deal.

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