Battlefield 4: Players to queue into a server for Commander role, can be removed by “mutiny votes”

Battlefield 4: Players to queue into a server for Commander role, can be removed by “mutiny votes”

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Emilio_Estevez1927d ago

That won't be abused or anything.

excaliburps1927d ago

I'm more concerned with armchair generals who won't give up Commander since they think they're good. Either that or just concerned with killing or making their ground mates get tons of kills.

Cam9771927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Commander is back?


Oh, wait, wrong game.

NewMonday1927d ago

I think I would make a good commander, my twitch finger is not great, but I'm good in reading a battle.

not being egotistic just honest :p

ChozenWoan1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

MAG had this down to a science and it worked great. I hope DICE learned something from Zippers online masterpiece when it comes to Squad formation and command.

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LackTrue4K1927d ago

Lol...I have seen 2 videos about this, but I'm still lost on he's roll on the battlefield.

Majin-vegeta1927d ago

In short terms.You're the general of the team telling them where to go and providing support fire.

ArchangelMike1927d ago

I can see the clan mutiny already... Hope DICE moderate it well.

titletownrelo1927d ago

hopefully there is a way to easily switch between commander and actual infantry. Because it would be annoying to be commander while your buds are waiting for you in a squad...and then you have to back out...just to find that the server is suddenly filled.

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Gardenia1927d ago

You will get the kind of players who only play BF4 to be the commander, just like In BF3 the ones that only fly the choppers, so annoying

sourav931927d ago

Flying the helos can be fun. But being commander all the time, won't that get boring real quick?

djthechamp241927d ago

i hope they have more maps and game modes when the game is release unlikie battlefield 3 that didnt even have half the fucking maps in the game and only release with 9 maps and 5 gamemodes and the fucking gamemodes was just the same as bad company 2.

sovietsoldier1927d ago

yup there will be some heavy qq'ing going on and vote kicking .

Lionsguard1927d ago

I hope there's some kind of practice mode. If there's one thing wrong with BF3, there was never any sort of practice mode for flying. Trying to fly on any server was near impossible, either all the planes and helis were always taken or when they were available and you crashed, you'd just get chewed out.

Majin-vegeta1927d ago

Just go onto an empty server problem solved.

Lionsguard1927d ago

Not really, I tried that once but it's useless because I can't shoot down other players. Same with Commander mode, it's useless practicing it unless you're up against another team.

Majin-vegeta1927d ago

Have a buddy be on the opposite team.

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