Hideo Kojima Feels He Needs to Do Better on Metal Gear Solid V After Seeing Ubisoft’s The Division

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is well known for looking with a keen eye to the western gaming industry, and apparently he has been watching quite attentively even at E3, as shared today in an interview together with other details about MGS5's setting and stealth gameplay.

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2pacalypsenow1983d ago

Make it exclusive to PS3/4 and Use all your resources on making that one great . In my opinion....

blackbeld1983d ago


Greedy is bad. He should know this by now.

Make it PS4 exclusive and benefit PS4 hardware too the max.

Mainman1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

In my opinion, I prefer them to just cancel the PS3 and 360 versions of the game and fully focus on the PS4 and X1.

Personally I would've preferred it to be exclusive to PS4 only.

I am still of the opinion that exclusive games (to a single platform) have the potential to reach more than multi-platform games.

I think the main reason Kojima is pushing for multi-platform, is to promote his game engine. Which is fair enough I guess.

Mounce1983d ago

I'd be okay with his greed.... this one time.

PS4 needs more 3rd Party Exclusives that make the PS4 shine over what the Xbone looks like, a turd.

MGS5 is too shiny for the likes of Xbone and as all people with MGS2-memory can recall. MGS never sold well on the Xbox. The fanbase didn't give a shit for MGS2 back then as much as the Playstation fanbase. I'd think it alright to sound a BIT like a fanboy and to say MGS5 and its already-guaranteed greatness should just be a Sony-game so it will entice more 360-owners to jump ship to PS4 in the next-gen.

OrionNoctis1983d ago

Say that to

alien6261983d ago

they upset because their game ideas where trash when they released.

Kevin ButIer1983d ago

It's just my assumption but I can bet that MS gave Kojima some funds for his engine...

nypifisel1983d ago


Hahah NO. MS did not fund the development of the FOX engine ^^

Shuyin1983d ago

Ain't got nothing to do with greedy but it only makes sense that a game is better when developed for one system. I mean MGS4 couldn't be the masterpoece it is if it was developed for the 360 aswell.

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Abriael1983d ago

Now, that sounds a tad fanboyish, if you will...

Biohazard88601983d ago

It's just his opinion this fanboy crap is getting a little out of hand just because you disagree with him u call him a fanboy smh -__-

noctis_lumia1983d ago

metal gear solid 5 wont sale on xbox one also
the numbers was-is and will always be on sony brand just like always.

Shadonic1983d ago

No keep it multiplat it will gain new fans making the franchise even bigger. I'm getting PS4 and still belive it should be on Xbox one still.

fsfsxii1983d ago

MGS2 was on the Original Xbox, no one gave two shits about it.
MGS HD came out on the 360 and has any 360 gamer gave a shit about it as the PS3 gamers?? You tell me.

Kte1983d ago

You point is MGS came out on PS1 before Xbox came into place. That which makes the start at PS (aside from the super old versions) XBOX can burn period and it wont make the sales anyway. At this point HK is just getting free money from MS

Shadonic1983d ago

I gave a shit about the MGS HD collection and MGS2 I guess im No one: (

KaBaW1983d ago

I picked up the MGS HD Collection for my x360. =)

fsfsxii1983d ago

@KTE As far as i know, the MSX is Sony's hardware.
@Shadownic ok, compare the sales for the game between the two platforms

blastcorp641982d ago


Oh boy, you do realize MSX was released by Microsoft? So technically metal gear started on a Microsoft platform.

2pacalypsenow1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@blastcorp64 but it was made what it is today Thanks to Metal Gear Solid On the Ps1

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Gravitic1983d ago

It also should be on PC.

SpideySpeakz1983d ago

Yeah, so it can be pirated, and the company loses massive amount of money.. And we wonder why most AAA games never come to PC.

Gravitic1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Am I control of other peoples actions? No. I will buy it even though I know to pirate, you have a point but that is no reason as to why legitimate PC consumers should not have access to this amazing game and series.

friedricr1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Because there will be more pirated copies then legit copies ... simple as that. for every 1 legit copy there are 1000 pirated..... Also a game made on a console.. for a console... belongs on a console.. stays on a console... you want it.. get a console..

NatureOfLogic1983d ago

The division will be something special. It looks like the tactical gameplay I've been waiting for. If you haven't, please go check out some gameplay videos of the game. I can't wait for it.

theEx1Le1983d ago

This, I really hope this game delivers because if it does it could be spectacular.

OT: I really like the direction of MGS5, hope it doesnt suffer because of current gen though.

KaBaW1983d ago

I agree, completely. I really cannot wait for it..

Mainman1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

They should just cancel the PS3 and 360 versions of the game and fully focus on Next gen.

TXIDarkAvenger1983d ago

Fuck that.

Make it exclusive to PC and use all your resources on making that one great.

ssj271983d ago

he does not need to go exclusive but I could also say he does not need to go multiplataform..

but he clearly keep appearing into m$ conferences and m$ only does that to hurt sony fans.. m$ community does not give a @#$% about MGS and Konami just want to make them like the game but they are hurting them self by not showing love in Sony conferences and Sony fans are their true fans ..

I hope Konami take notes and focus more into the PS..

TronEOL1983d ago

I agree, but I think (like mentioned below) he's doing this to advertise his engine. Let everyone see how it runs on Multiple Platforms.

Then again, I think at this point, Metal Gear is now a fully multiplatform series. Regardless of what we want, or where the game truly got big, it's going to be on all platforms, including PC.

Thatlalala1982d ago

"this is my ball and nobody can play with it cuz I dont like that kid over there" - that's what you sound like.

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Snookies121983d ago

That's great! It'll only push him further and make MGSV that much better!

Abriael1983d ago

Hopefully he won't be influenced, though. We already have little diversity in the industry as is.

Kanzes1983d ago

Maybe Kojima wants to add new MGS multiplayer that look like The Division

febreeze11983d ago

idk how i would feel about an open world mgo....

Tdmd1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I know how I'd feel about it.

Snookies121983d ago

@Dmd - LOL! That's a wonderous reaction...

Mikelarry1983d ago

hey competition is good. i must admit lately ubisoft has been showing off some really great games, the crew, division and watchdogs

KaBaW1983d ago

Division and Watchdogs; two of my most anticipated..

Mr_Nuts1983d ago

Shame the Division is an MMO, it looks amazing

I'm sick of good looking games these days either being always online or something where you have to play with friends/other people

Can't we have solid single player experiences these days without all this connecting crap

Razputin1983d ago

What are you stuck in the 90s.

It is true there are no good single player games anymore.

Some games have like epic 2 minutes scenes within the 5 hours you play it and thats it.

The story holds no true feeling or essence and they usually feel bland and sometimes make me not want to even continue the game.

SexyGamerDude1983d ago

No more good single player games?

Tomb Raider, Heavy Rain, and Metal Gear Solid are some examples of some great single player games with grade A stories.

Razputin1983d ago

Tomb Raider and MGS -- and this is coming from a DIE HARD MGS fan, these games can be completed in about 5 hours. And MGS in about 3. Trust me I've done it MANY TIMES.

This is of course skipping the 18 hours of talking and cutscenes they add.

I'm not knocking any specific game at all. I know there are some delightful games out there.

Bioshock & Infinite, Mass Effect series, Witcher series, and the latest game I beat Remember Me. These games offer great storylines that many people can enjoy.

But I can name a mountain of games that I played in the 90s and early 2000s that didn't require multiplayer for me to go back and have fun with.

Mr_Nuts1983d ago

Considering single player games is how gaming in general started off...what are to this gen ?

SexyGamerDude1983d ago

Tomb Raider and MGS don't require multiplayer to have fun.

sourav931983d ago

How about the Last of Us for a good single player game? :P

grassyknoll1983d ago

You're everything that's wrong with gaming today.

ChozenWoan1983d ago

God of War series
Uncharted series
Killzone series
Heavenly Sword
3D dot Hero
Demon Souls/Dark Souls (better online but still good offline)

Just a few great single player games in my own personal library from this gen.

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SeanScythe1983d ago

The Last of Us Says, Hi!

Clover9041983d ago

I don't understand where you're coming from. There have been plenty of amazing single player experiences. Heck, The Last of Us is coming out at midnight tonight.

Mr_Nuts1983d ago

Yeah and what else...we have the Last of Us but what else.

GTA in September....then thats it untill November with WatchDogs

yaz2881983d ago

"Shame the Division is an MMO, it looks amazing "

It looks shit imo. The MMO thing and it being an open world is what made it look good. The shooting, animation... all look like last gen and the graphics looks kinda good but didn't WOW me.

Salooh1983d ago

Play these games :
Far cry 3
Bioshock infinite
Metal gear rising
Tomb raider
The last of us
God of war 4

All of them have great SP experience :P

TronEOL1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Uncharted series, Last of Us, Tomb Raider 2013, Mass Effect series, KillZone series, MGS series, Halo series, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the list goes on.

There are tons of high quality single player games out there. And you don't even have to look hard to see them.

I actually enjoy that there are more connected Co-op games like Destiny and Division. Since we've been smacked SUPER hard with nothing but Single Player ONLY (with maybe 1 or 2 horde or Co-op modes) and Competitive Multiplayer games this generation.

I'm loving this new age of cinematic Co-op-type games.

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SexyGamerDude1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Bring Hayter back. That would make everyone happy.

1983d ago Replies(2)
Clover9041983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Why not give the new actors a chance. It's clear that Kojima wanted the cast to be real actors. People that could give a wider range in their performance. I love Hayter and MGS, but Snake was always monotoned. This is an evolved MGS. Realistic graphics, better acting. Despite all the changes Kojima somehow still kept it very much a Metal Gear Solid game, judging from the trailers.

Drekken1983d ago

Hayter's voice in MSG4 was like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard inside of my head.

ZBlacktt1983d ago

SexyGamerDude, lol... just go.. Oh, looks like you have.

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