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Reasons to Wait to Buy a New Console

Moar Powah's Tarabisu dissects the reasons why waiting awhile after a console launch before buying may be your best bet. (E3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Bleucrunch  +   805d ago
I certainly understand where he is coming from. I purchased my PS3 eight months after its initial release because I am under the impression that the first wave of consoles always seem to have hardware bugs in them, so I hold off until the following summer of its release and purchase it. But I do not agree with him in regards to him waiting five years to purchase a PS3 and having an abundance of games to play. While I agree that having access to an abundance of games is certainly true, I do not believe it is the wisest choice in terms of playing with others, if he doesn't care about that then that is fine that works for him, but in five years so many games have been released and conversation after conversation about these games have come and gone that you will be out of the loop so fast. Write down the pros and cons of waiting and make your own decision but their are consequences for both.....the choice is yours....
JoGam  +   805d ago
Reasons NOT to wait.
Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, etc DAY ONE. Besides im eager to jump to next gen. PS4 takes you back to kindergarten and teaches you how to share videos, and games. Some of us will forget sharing is caring. Lol
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pimpschitz  +   805d ago
Here is my dilemma:

I want to trade my XBox and get the PS4. I want to scrap the whole damn thing and the fifteen titles I have sitting next to it. I want to do this because I am outraged by MS.

Problem is my girlfriend wont let me lol. I have Reckoning, Castlevania (I know late bloomer), Prey (once again late bloomer), and other games that she hasn't played.

The funny thing is we picked up a PS1 and have been playing FF 7-9 lol. I am so ready to get a PS console again that I can't stand it. Anticipation.

DIZZY . . .
thechosenone  +   805d ago
This isn't new tech like the Cell was AMD has been developing this hardware for a while now so people relax. Also if you feel that uneasy about it then just get the extended warranty before the manufacturer warranty expires.
ArchangelMike  +   805d ago
No reason to wait before getting a PS4 at launch...
Intentions  +   805d ago
I'm waiting for gaming bundles, like 2 games + 2 controllers etc.
pimpschitz  +   805d ago
I'm not man, I'm getting PS4 as soon as the market settles, hopefully in January . . . besides that I am moving out of my apartment in December, so I really need to be saving money for that. Sucks, but I think my girlfriend and I can finally afford to get it around January, if not a great XMas gift right before we move into a new house, transfer internet, and then unleash the Kraken. Life is going to be sweet on New Years.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   805d ago
definitely agree with the second half of your statement especially. so many games have come and gone. a lot were only given a shot because there was a ton of buzz around the release. as soon as that buzz dies out though, those games are gone. waiting 5 years to finally play a game not only takes away that buzz factor, but its also REALLY HARD to get truly into a game you know is so old. even if youve never touched it before, dated software is always really hard to get into. not to mention, the multiplayer scene on most of those games would be dead.

think about how difficult it would be to just pick up mercenaries again. the conduit. fable 2.
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Flipgeneral  +   805d ago
Third in my Sony store to preorder.

Going to buy additional warranty just in case

Let the good times roll!
KillrateOmega  +   805d ago
I understand the logic behind waiting a while after launch, so that any bugs can be identified, but that would require me to not get my hands on the PS4 as soon as possible :(
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Malice-Flare  +   805d ago
fair point...
but, AMD tech is quite mature, and Sony's laptop tech is also mature, i'm not worried. that's what warranties are for...
Bleucrunch  +   805d ago
Hey your comment rhymes...cool...make a song out of it.
Benjaminkno  +   805d ago
Yeah, I already have a WiiU.

"Ps4 slim" anyone?
RiPPn  +   805d ago
PS4 is already pretty slim, Day 1 for me!
Benjaminkno  +   804d ago
yeah well I dropped a thousand dollars on my Ps3 and my 40gig crapped out on me.
Sony was prepared to give me a refurb for $15o.
So 360 pros fixed mine for 100 and it crapped out again.
I went to Sony because all of the problems that the 360 had, and it still didn't work out too well. That's not to say everyone's experience turned out that way. MS's numbers are off by a few million I would argue.

At least Nintendo thinks about the people who sometimes leave their game on for weeks at a time.
My 30 year old Nintendo has yet to let me down.
SpinalRemains  +   805d ago
I already preordered so I'm a schmuck right?

Everyone needs to join the next Gen. We know the risks. This is no rookie game. This is PS4 vs XBone!
Flipgeneral  +   805d ago
Couldn't have said it better!

This has been a long time coming. Holidays cannot come soon enough
InMyOpinion  +   805d ago
Dark Souls 2 releasing in 2014.
Booyah  +   805d ago
Ahhhhh ..... that sucks ! I thought it was releasing earlier.
Donnieboi  +   805d ago
Is it ALSO coming to next gen consoles?
MooseWI  +   805d ago
Most games are releasing in 2014, there are very little at launch.
nigelp520  +   805d ago
Killzone Shadowfall, Knack, Battlefield 4,Planetside 2

Booyah  +   805d ago
Yep ! Driveclub is pretty intereting too
Donnieboi  +   805d ago
Drive Club, DC Universe (ps4 version with all dlc from pc version), AND Planetside 2 all FREE if u have ps plus. Which is good for me since I wont have enough money to buy a launch title (im saving up for gta 5 and Beyond). So now I get gta 5, beyond, and a ps4 pre-loaded with games already
Benjaminkno  +   804d ago
I have to say, I'm a sucker for KillZone...
It's really fantastic.
bobtheimpaler  +   805d ago
I bought a PS3 on launch day and I realise I was taking a risk. After all the system did die on me a few times. The first time it was well out of warranty, but the guy over the phone said that he'll have it fixed under warranty anyway which was really nice and I didn't even haggle or ask for it.

Despite teething issues....I just can't bloody wait and I need that PS4 in my hands as soon as possible.
MikeyDucati1  +   805d ago
The ONLY reason you wait is because every one should know that first generation can have major problems. Just ask people who rushed to buy 360s how that worked out for them. Or PS owners with the fatties.
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warewolfSS  +   805d ago
Is battlefield 4 day 1 for next gen?
Donnieboi  +   805d ago
It's within launch window time. Meaning within 2-3 months.
Lucas25  +   805d ago
yea i wanted to wait , but futureshop have a sale buy 2 games get 1 free. it was too good to pass by
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Williamson  +   805d ago
Normally I would agree but the ps4 just has too many good things going for it at the moment. Also the console just looks so damn sexy.
warewolfSS  +   805d ago
Just curious... What's all the good things ?
Williamson  +   805d ago
Im pretty sure you know unless you have been living under a rock, Google it.
warewolfSS  +   805d ago
That much huh?

I know why I'm buying both on day 1... Do you know why YOU ARE?
brianunfried  +   805d ago
I wait till at least the second version is out before I buy a new console. Most of the hardware problems are usually fixed by then.
yeahokchief  +   805d ago
I trust Sony. Still have my original PS1, original PS2 and original PS3 Slim all in great working condition.

Actually, I have all my consoles in working condition (including the original xbox) because I never bought a 360.

Yes they do design improvements to make them slimmer and in some cases quieter as with the PS2. But I don't think it will be worth waiting with the PS4 since you get a huge 500gb hard drive and a really killer price that sony must be taking a loss on to drive up the install base.

I agreed with the author of the article until they announced the crazy $400 launch price at which point i immediately logged onto Amazon and preordered my PS4.

I will no doubt spend the rest of the year mostly playing my PS3 and WiiU, but I'll have the PS4 hooked up. I have a fast internet connection so I guess I should be able to stream and share videos. But I'm going to be way too busy playing GTA V.

And to be honest, I will probably end up waiting for price cuts on most PS4 games. I'm just going to play a few of the free games that come with my PS+ sub unless something really excites me.

Killzone and Infamous looked good, but i'm much more interested in Dragons Crown, GTA V, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Dark Souls 2, and Castlevania LoS2.

I just figured it would be good to have it because I think they're going to fly off the shelves at that price and it might be a hassle to find one when I'm ready for it. Really it was a brilliant move by Sony to make me a day 1 adopter when their PS3 lineup is so strong. I think they realize all of this.
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DarKnightDave  +   805d ago
I've never bought a system at launch, but I'm taking the risk this time. Now that I have a steady job, I can afford the risk. But I think it'll be a safe call. The technology going into the ps4 isn't as advanced as the cell was for ps3. Plus the fact that Sony listened to developers about what they wanted in a system. The ps4 was built for developers as well as gamers. I hope we get an official release date soon. I want it so bad. DAT CONTROLLER.
yeahokchief  +   805d ago
yeah that too. probably doesnt hurt that i have around 20k sitting in the bank and no big debts to worry about. last gens launch I was still in college.

combination of slowly improving economy with ridiculously low price makes me think they're going to sell like nuts and be completely gone by christmas.

really you could decide to sell it if you're too busy with ps3 games and probably make a nice profit. thats my plan b. but i doubt i'll be able to resist the urge to open it.
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That-Guy  +   805d ago
Reason to wait: They're not out yet.
DivineAssault  +   805d ago
There isnt anything any1 can say to make me wait on using this reserve ticket to pick up my PS4.. Those reasons arent good enough for me buddy
slampunk  +   805d ago
I've got a 360, PS3 and a good gaming PC currently....which makes me not want to jump straight into next gen until the systems are out for a few months.

I'll wait a bit to see what comes of the promises both are making at the moment....(Also MS and their policies too).

What i like from MS...

1. 300,000 servers for Xbox Live / Cloud.
2. Surprisingly good range of Exclusives announced at E3.
Forza 5 at launch, Titanfall within 6 months, Halo in late 2014, no doubt gears and fable to follow etc along with all the other games too....
3. Better online multiplayer games (shooters) halo, titan fall, gears, cod map packs etc....

Concerns from MS.....

1. The obvious ones although i'm lucky to not purchase used games by choice, nearly never lend games and have my PC, 360 and PS3 always online. I'm also used to always online through steam, but they have ridiculous sales that compensate for this...
2. Benefits of Gold in comparison to PS+....They mentioned free games but that is for the 360? what will Xbox One owners get?
3. Cloud computing sounds great and Forza / Titanfall look to be using it well.... would still like to see more examples of how it will benefit consumers?
4. What TV features will be available when the system launches in Australia?
5. Will the online style system eventually offer better deals for digital games like steam does?
6. Great exclusives now, but will it continue?

What i like from Sony:

1. Price (although in Aust there is only $50 difference between PS4 and XB1)
2. They have made a powerful machine, aren't restricting things (as much as MS)
3. Controller is sooooooo much better the DS3!!!! well done
4. Gaikai / Improving online infrastructure
5. I know they will have big exclusives coming over the next year or so....uncharted, last of us 2, god of war....etc...

Concerns from Sony:

1. Gaikai. When will it be available in Australia and what costs over and above PS+ will be associated with it. It's concerning hearing Nth America in 2014? this could mean 2-3 yrs for Australia?
2. Will sony's online infrastructure be able to compete with the upgrades MS have made to live? especially now that both are paid? Live with the exception of free games is a better service in aus.....
3. What are their digital plans for the future...Steam on PC, XB1 going more digital etc.... how and when will they transition

I'm excited for next gen but think i might just see through Xmas ( if i can resist making a new purchase ) and see what happens post launch for both..... Was certainly an entertaining E3..... sony did play a good hand!!!
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Dcadjust  +   805d ago
I still have my original Glossy 60GB PS3. Still going strong not a days problem. I also still have my PS2 and PS1 both still working no problem. I'll get a PS4 on day one

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