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PlayStation E3 2013 Day 2 Live Coverage - Warframe

Warframe creator talks about about game and PS4. (E3, PS3, PS4, Warframe)

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PositiveEmotions  +   710d ago
ssj27  +   710d ago
launch day..
one of my favorite games and is totally free to play! 1080P 60FPS :O

this next to kIllzone and many others f2p games will made it easy to enjoy my PS4..
even drive club is free to play thanks to sony forcing us have plus..

this guys should bring DARKSECTOR 2! i loved that IP..
Sony pay this guys to make DARKSECTOR 2!!!!
_-EDMIX-_  +   710d ago
you don't need to have PlayStation Plus. in fact all the free to play games are not required to have PlayStation Plus.

I'm getting PlayStation Plus due to the free copy of Drive club in that I've wanted to get it for quite some time.

warframe looks absolutely amazing! you know what system has a crapload of games when 2 hours and 20 minutes wasn't enough time to even mention almost a dozen other games!
Cryptcuzz  +   710d ago
I think you do need to have PS Plus for the free to play games since they are online games right?

From my understanding, playing a game online now needs to have PS Plus and with Warframe and those other free to play games needing to be played online, PS Plus would be needed.

This doesn't affect me at all though since I have been a Plus member every since it started. It was a great service then and it will be a great service now with all the features that I am sure would be added for the PS4 such as Gaikai.
Utalkin2me  +   710d ago
PS+ is not required to play F2P games. Sony has already clarified this.

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ssj27  +   710d ago
and how are you going to play online if plus is requite to play online?
or did they mean plus is not require to play f2p games online?

ut they still defeat the propose of free online for other games.. i will totally have got ps plus if Driveclub was the free game to get anyways but they are forcing it and is just not nice but anyways..
I really hope the other secondary accounts can play online thanks of my primary account having plus already.. XBOXLIVE will be doing it..

does any body knows if Sony is doing it?
Godhimself_In_3d  +   710d ago
@ssj27 Dark sector 2 yes we need that like now

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