The Last of Us Multiplayer Videos

Check out two videos showing some The Last of Us mulitplayer. The mode played is ‘Supply Raid’ on the maps ‘Downtown’ and ‘University’

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ArchangelMike1682d ago

I cant wait anymore. I think I might start with the multiplayer before I go onto the singleplayer. Just to give more context to the single player experience.

fsfsxii1682d ago

Don't, just don't.
Though the MP is pretty amazing, but i'd recommend beating the SP first.

1682d ago
thechosenone1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

can't download from PSN store yet. x(

MikeyDucati11682d ago

I really can't explain why is it that when I look at the MP, I think of Left 4 Dead. Looks like your standard MP. Tomorrow is a big day...

MattyG1682d ago

It's the yellow and red outlines around allies/enemies/etc. I thought the same thing when I first saw it.

Neo-Axl1682d ago

Picking this game up in 3 hours.. you can only imagine.

Virtual_Reality1682d ago

A infected mode or against the infected should be fun.

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