Sony, Play Your Cards Right and inviZimals Could Make The Vita Huge

"I know what you’re thinking, “inviZimals? Really? Who in the world would want to play that?” I’ll admit, I picked up inviZimals when it debuted back on the PSP in 2009 and I was far from impressed. Still, I’m a guy in his mid 20′s and this is a franchise geared towards kids. I’m not supposed to like it and chances are, neither are most of you reading this (more power to you if you do). PlayStation’s monster collecting and fighting game, a la Pokemon, has struggled to rise from the ashes, but with two new installments on the horizon, Sony can unleash the beasts within and benefit in the long run."

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dragonyght2012d ago

InviZimals haven't take off in the US cause you had to buy an extra accessory play it and not to mention it wasn't even available for a long time. this time around all PsVita come integrated with cameras like you sad if they play their card right this could be something. but first the new Invizimals cartoon have to be a complete success i guess we have to wait till holiday 2013 to found out