1001 Spikes on PS Vita: A Game for the Masochistic Gamer

Tyrone Rodriguez // Nicalis writes:

What if you had 1,001 lives in your favorite 2D platformer? Think you could beat the game? That’s 1001 Spikes. 1001 Spikes will likely be the most challenging game to come to the Vita this year. In developing the game, we looked to classic games such as the original 8-bit Spelunker and Hudson’s Famicom game Challenger as inspiration. Aside from utilizing a truly 8-bit art style, in developing 1001 Spikes, we’ve focused on making an incredibly difficult platformer with very precise controls requiring pixel-perfect inputs.

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1983d ago
jon12341983d ago

ohhhh im a Masochist gamer!! me likey

Ult iMate1983d ago

Don't like the masochist-thing in games. But like that chip-tune music and pixel art. Will give this game a try. And also Spellunky. And hopefully Mercenary Kings (from creators of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game) will get a Vita release.