Into The Abyss Episode 1 ft Alymew and Wintergore | Games Abyss

Matt Randisi writes We at Games Abyss are proud to bring you the pilot episode of our general gaming discussing video which we have cleverly named Into The Abyss! As the series grows it will get a little fancier, but we wanted to give our first episode that simplistic minimalist feeling. This is also an alternate way of saying that I am still learning all of those handy dandy Final Cut Pro tricks (special mention and perhaps even gummy bears for anyone who wants to throw a few tips my way). We are quite proud to get this off the ground and could not have made it happen without our special guests Alymew of the Frag Doll Cadettes and Wintergore the Battlefield YouTube guru. They are both wonderful awesome people and you should follow them and check out their material if you do not already!

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