Battlefield 3: Close Quarters missing from the PS Store

On the occasion of E3 and the fact that the mass disclose details about the upcoming Battlefield 4, EA decided to give away for free one of the most interesting additions to Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters. All well and good, but it disappeared from the PS Store.

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mandf2014d ago

Go into the game and it will send you a message to download it from the game. It's already free.

cyckiewicz2014d ago

I didn't received that info, and I started game a lot of times.

mandf2014d ago

Go to maps on bf3(in game) in the store and walla.

mandf2014d ago

lol just trying to be helpful

Heisenburger2014d ago

Lol no you were absolutely correct about how to get the dlc(I remember seeing it on there yesterday).

I actually gave you +helpful because you did what the author of the article could not.... look for a solution yourself.

I was just giving you a hard time. ;)

I'll + your reply simply for you being confident enough to take a joke at your expense.

mandf2014d ago

@ heisenburger

I wasn't offended. This site is very testy lately with the banter.

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cyckiewicz2014d ago

There is a photo attached to text showing there's no Close Quarters in in-game store. So, that doesn't help.