5 Reasons Why This Xbox Gamer Is Getting A PS4

A eGamer writer and Xbox 360 player gives us his reasons why he's departing from Microsoft's console and embracing Sony's PS4

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Moonman1985d ago

Good for you. Read the last sentence (I won't spoil it). haha

LostDjinn1985d ago

There seems to be a lot of that particular sentiment floating about of late.

xHeavYx1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Sony just owned E3 and proved that they really listen to their gamers

blackbeld1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Sony did a great job at E3.

And we gamers all benefit this war.

FREEDOM!...... Only on Playstation.

mewhy321985d ago

If I pay for something it's mine. Micro$oft isn't going to tell me that I can't sell my games on ebay(which I do), or lend my games to friends and family, or that I have to check in with them every 24 hours!!! That's stupid. I'm a husband and father of 2 and I'll be darned if I'm going to put up with that crap. I've already preordered my ps4 killzone bundle from gamespot.

Why o why1985d ago

You know how sony could kill it further...if they could convert peoples gamer score to the trophy equivalent. That would be epic, after all, the achievements/trophies are the same baring the exclusive games. It would be an interesting pacifier to somewhat lessen the blow of jumping ship

indysurfn1984d ago

I would have used games as number one, and online criminal checkin as number Three. Number two is a new entry. Most people have not thought this far ahead, but guess what happens in 5

years when Microsoft brings in a new console to replace this one, and decide it is too exspensive to support the 300,000 severs they claim to have added for xboxone OFF-SHUTDOWN-

UNPLUGGED. You have no working console, only a outdate video player! You would be forced to migrate to the replacement or finaly join Sony/Nintendo.

indysurfn1984d ago

unlike all other consoles you will have no console once Microsoft shots down the 300,000 servers for xbox one. it will not work. unlike your snes, genesis, dreamcast, ps1, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox360 Atari, segacd, you cant play those games ever again. Even if you don't trade in games your screwed

indysurfn1984d ago

unlike all other consoles you will have no console once Microsoft shots down the 300,000 servers for xbox one. it will not work. unlike your snes, genesis, dreamcast, ps1, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox360 Atari, segacd, you cant play those games ever again. Even if you don't trade in games your screwed, get it!

Garbanjo0011984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Absolutely. MS shuts down the servers it's game over, literally. Pack it in, and don't even bother about "trading it in to GameStop . . . " you can sell them on Ebay for building supplies when they need to make bomb shelters or something.

Most likely sales wont be as high, they will trickle down servers to save money (we'll read about it in the news), and then over time people will lose faith and stop supporting them. I give it like 3 months after launch, that people start trading their gear for something else, only problem is what happens to a console you want to sell when you have locked games on a console that no longer means anything to you? Is it still locked to that console? So you essentially, once you buy an XB you can't get rid of it.

Or you'll be able to sell it back to GameStop which is why MS is partnering with them. The bullshit part is they easily could have avoided all of this if the publishers rallied their voices and went to GameStop demanding money, instead every right of an XB gamer just went right out the window.

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nosferatuzodd1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

All i can say is Dam
My computer is a i mac 27" led my phone is samsung galaxy S 4 ive bin staying away from ms for almost 13 yrs now ever since they shaft me with windows me they should change their names to Microshaft

blackbeld1985d ago

Me Too.

I stayed away from Microsoft 7 yrs now.

MacbookPro 13"

iPhone 5 cause it looks great! iTunes S*cks but I still can live with it.

Sony Bravia TV and PS3.

Yamaha hifi set.

I feel great without Microsoft.

Saigon1984d ago

The only reason why I have to use windows is for work. Other than that my house is filled with apple this and apple that...Windows would not be my forst choice if I had my option at work...

Sad part is that this has been going on for years...its just people ignore it. There is more hate for this company than most realize. For me it was Vista that put me over the top. MS in my opinion knows exactly what they are doing and I think they do it on purpose for a reason...because when they fix it with a new installment or version, stock rises sales increase and everyone loves them...

xJumpManx1985d ago

What an awful article. I am getting both the console I will play mainly on is not decided until I play both.

gamedebater1985d ago

$500 for an xbox to play a free to play killer instinct? meh not the best choice lol

muffinbutton1985d ago

It's trying to communicate with us

teedogg801985d ago

I'm getting both consoles as well but PS4 is what I'm getting first. Gonna grab the XB1 around the first of next year.

Garbanjo0011984d ago

I would buy an XB (assuming I wanted to waste money) and drop it from a 20 story building, right before a steamroller drove over it . . . and then a homeless guy pisses on it . . . before a nuclear strike from SkyNet brought the bombs down because I demolished an XBO.

Exaggeration I know . . . I would just beat the shit out of it with a baseball bat.

Blankolf1985d ago

Vote with your wallets, even if you consider buying XB1 consider waiting some time to see if their policies are forced to be changed, if you buy before that time, you will have a great and powerfull system PS4 and a restricted system which the gamer has trouble in knowing what he is allowed to do let alone a casual family...

GraveLord1985d ago

Vote with your wallet. By buying an Xbox One you are telling Microsoft you like what they're doing.

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MuhammadJA1985d ago

That's just what we need, another top 5 article.

P.S. Smart headline to get praise.

SexyGamerDude1985d ago

Those are the exact reasons I switched over. I've been a 360 owner since day one but I'm skipping MS this gen.

PositiveEmotions1985d ago

You guys have to see this video if you havent already seen it

Garbanjo0011984d ago

I know man I can't wait. I love the interface, being able to do that is amazing. I want to be at work doing something and download FF15. Gonna be sweet!

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