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Submitted by john2 973d ago | news

Nvidia Proclaims The PC As The Most Important Gaming Platform

DSOGaming writes: "During yesterday’s E3 press event, Nvidia proclaimed the PC as the most important gaming platform. Nvidia have shown some charts in which it claims that PC is more profitable than console gaming, and that more developers are working on the PC platform." (NVIDIA, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

decrypt  +   973d ago
Over 175 games on Steam, its also the most cost effective platform. No worries about my games not being playable whenever i decide to upgrade.

Imo PC gaming is the last bastion of hope for gamers who dont want to be ruled on by some greedy corporation.

Every time a corporate giant has tried to take advantage of gamers on this platform its back fired.

Activision removes dedicated servers for COD- PC gamers retaliate, servers are back.

Ubisoft implements always online DRM- PC gamers revolt, DRM is gone.

Microsoft tries to charge for online- PC gamers ignore their service, MS fails PC online remains free.

On the console side, consoles gamers are hand tied behind their backs. They cant do anything about corporate decisions.

MS charges for online - console gamers pay up.
MS and Sony charge 60usd per game - console gamers pay up.
Sony charges for online - console gamers pay up and some even make it look good lol.

Bottom line PC gaming is the last line of defence gamers now have against large corporations, since no one can control it and its an open platform. Publishers hate the PC platform since taking control of it so difficult, Hell its a tough time selling DLC on PC because of mods.
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Hatsune-Miku  +   973d ago
a mcdonalds representative says burgers are the best meat to eat.
Dee_91  +   973d ago
well that will explain the strong PC showing at the biggest gaming convention this year

Its not more or less important.Hop off that pedestal.

and lmao at that chart.
Add Phones to it and that would crap on both pc and consoles software revenue, does this mean Phones are the most important gaming platform?
"Titan has two and a half times the power of the PS4′s GPU"
Two and half times as powerful 10x the price hmm
Just stop nvidia.
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starchild  +   973d ago
Nope. Phone game revenue is lower than consoles and PC. Look it up.
Dee_91  +   973d ago
rather it is or isnt my point still stands
Its a no brainier that PC sales more games digitally than consoles, they are just picking stuff the PC is stronger in to brag.Very childish
Cuzzo63  +   972d ago
Starting to think this guy works for Nvidia. Every article with a hint of pc and consoles he jumps on it asap lol. Really tho. Who cares....
"Gaaaaaaayyy!!!!, pc'z teh bestesssssst of all tingssssss tat playsssss video gamezsssssss" You guys are hilarious. Every thing Nvidia says you guys are on it in full Galaxy Defender gear. Not all tho. Jus him and his political teabaggers. I have a pc and im sure that anyone with common sense knows the limitless possibilities of the pc. I also love my console of choice. Im so happy we dont have tech street gangs and console street mobs... They would give the crips and bloods a run for their money... I can see it now...
Crips hanging on the corner chilln, probably planning their next move on some bloods around the way... A geek squad car hits tha corner. Jus so happens one of the crip guys drinking a Mountain Dew with the XB1 promotion on it. They dnt pay the geek squad car any mind because aint no G's finna rool on em in a geeksquad car. Car slows down and out comes a 1984 computer monitor killing one guy instantly. While the passanger flings used video cards causing amputations and very bad cuts.... decrypt is driving off sayn FUCK THA PO PO!!! KEYBOARD AND MOUSE BITCHESSSSS!
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SexyGamerDude  +   973d ago
SimCity and Diablo 3 always on line. PC gamers still play them.
tarbis  +   973d ago
I no longer play Diablo 3 after finishing the story and I don't even want to touch SimCity. And I'm a PC gamer. LOL!
tsn  +   973d ago
Wrong, Diablo 3 is by far the worst game blizzard has put out due to greed barely anyone is playing it, for a blizzard title that is hard to believe.

Same thing with valve and csgo valve made it casual and its the least played cs title.

Dots creator made sure that valve would not interfere with the director of dots 2 valve tried to make it casual etc, since valve did not get their way dots 2 is the highest played game on steam.

Casual and selling out does not work on pc it just backfires.
Dee_91  +   973d ago
As a guy that spends his night watching Simcity walkthroughs ( alot of them dont even play any more ) I can tell you EVERYONE of them hates the fact that its always online and EVERYONE of them had atleast one episode where they had to stop recording and wait for the servers to get back online.
You sound like EA.Just because they play them that doesnt mean they enjoy the DRM.They are only dealing with it.
decrypt  +   972d ago

There is one key difference yes PC does suffer from publisher greed. However understand at any moment a publisher can take on the PC community and try to implement something rediculous like always online. However that doesnt make it a combined decision on all the games sold on PC. Its just that one publisher, once a back fire happens the publisher will back off.

On console if MS or Sony takes a decision then it pretty much applies to all games. Sony took a decision for online being pay to play, now its applicable for any game on the PS4. Its not limited to 1-2 games. Its on everything.

Hence there is a difference. PC is a open platform hence it gets the advantage of not being controllable by any single entity.
M-M  +   973d ago
I knew you were going to be here lol.
malol  +   973d ago
whole i like Nvidia graphics cards and i do buy them.
im sure they are butthurt that they are left out this console gen

i mean that's alot of green that they just lost.
but at the end of the day its all business.
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
"im sure they are butthurt that they are left out this console gen"

I doubt it. They are already a multi-billion dollar company and didn't want to whore out their chips by selling them for pennies of profit. At some point when your that successful, its just not worth the effort.
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malol  +   972d ago
there is never going to be something like "enough money"

and AMD is the biggest Nvidia competitor ever, that fact it self is enough to make them feel bad and angry.
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
True but there is such a thing, not worth the effort for what your getting paid. For example, I'm a trademan, making over $32/hour, do you think I would even remotely consider a part-time minimum wage job? I'll give you a clue, the answer is not even slightly yes.
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malol  +   972d ago
if making consoles and selling them is "not worth the effort", no one would've done it in the first place.

this includes the parts too of course.
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hellvaguy  +   972d ago
Consoles do not make money until years later. Generally sold at a loss for the first several years. So the parts aren't going to have much profit either.

They make money from selling the games silly goose. Thought that was common knowledge. Been alot of articles on that if you google it.
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HammadTheBeast  +   973d ago
Loving that Simcity right?

Also, enjoying subscription fees?
aliengmr  +   973d ago
What subscription fees?

That your PC slam or something?
aliengmr  +   973d ago
"Microsoft tries to charge for online- PC gamers ignore their service, MS fails PC online remains free."

That lasted a couple days at most.

MS failed so hard with GFWL that they literally gave up.
fr0sty  +   973d ago
It is the most important platform to them, since it's the only one that they can manage to get their hardware into.
SITH  +   973d ago
I am a PC gamer, and I have been playing Xbox live since the day the beta test kit arrived many years ago. The delusional belief a PC gamer does not play on any console or ignore xbox live is ridiculous.
Cuzzo63  +   972d ago
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Trunkz Jr  +   973d ago
That's impossible because PC Gaming has been dying for the past 10 yrs according to every article that brings it up ;) /s

Seriously tho you won't get any insane Christmas deal for games like you do on Steam. I'll enjoy my PS4/Wii U combo for offline SP gaming (or local MP).
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liorishot  +   973d ago
In what universe it pc gaming dying? there is more games released on pc than any other platform every year, plus the new nvidia 700 series cards are out which are awesome.
fluffydelusions  +   973d ago
Not to mention the most played game in the world is LoL which has more people playing at any one time than all consoles combined.
ginsunuva  +   972d ago
Look at the /s after his statement.
2pacalypsenow  +   973d ago
PC gaming is not dying not even close But console Gaming has replaced it as to Go to platform for most gamers and Developers.

And that charts seems misleading are those PC games Only coming to PC and also are they Cheap games or AAA games?
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Alexander24  +   973d ago
Yea, because thats why everyone is making games for consoles primarily instead of PC.
starchild  +   973d ago
You are grossly misinformed. The PC gets more games than any console does. Nearly all 3rd party games are multi platform. The only real games the consoles get that PC doesn't are the games the console makers fund. PC gets a lot of exclusives of it's own for other reasons.

In 2012 the PC generated more gaming revenue than all three consoles combined.
Alexander24  +   973d ago
Yea, it gets the most exclusives, but it also gets the most irrelevant exclusives, they all suck, with some exceptions though. Just my opinion.
aliengmr  +   972d ago
Irrelevant to you maybe. I think most console games are boring and unoriginal. Gee another shooter? Wow that's only been done a thousand times. Yawn.

Just my opinion though;)
CrimsonFox13  +   972d ago
I find it hilarious when console gamers say those small and 'irrelevant' games on the PC suck when I can count all the interesting console exclusives in the last generation on one hand. Most everything else is just a rehash of a rehash.

True, that's my opinion, and of course I'm going to be a bit smug about it when people buy the equivalent of a fast food meal for $60 when I can get a nice steak dinner for $15 and they think it's great.
sashimi  +   973d ago
They say that because...They've been kicked out of the console business or else they'll be saying how console is great yada yada. They seem pretty pissed off M$/Sony/Nintendo wouldn't pay their prices lol
Death  +   973d ago
I would expect nvidia to feel this way after Sony and Microsoft chose AMD over them for their consoles. If Live worked the same on my PC as my Xbox I would gladly pay for it. PC and PS2 had some of the same irritations that kept them from working as well. My friends and I enjoy talking as we play and it's never easy to get everyone on the same voice service with a mic that isn't annoyingly loud or irritatingly quiet. To pick up a controller, see my friends and hit them with an invite while hearing them clearly within minutes is extremely helpful when you have limited time to play.
aliengmr  +   973d ago
Or you could do that for free on Steam.
kevnb  +   973d ago
Well nobody owns the platform, a little pr from nvidia won't hurt despite what n4g commentators might say.
Death  +   973d ago
Steam is by far the best thing on PC today and I am very happy with it. Not all my friends use it though.
JohnS1313  +   973d ago
What a joke. Shut up Nvidia.
kevnb  +   973d ago
What an insightful comment!
JohnS1313  +   973d ago
I agree.
McScroggz  +   973d ago
Honestly, I'm kind of sick so I'm not going to try and make my stuttering brain form a coherent argument. All I will say is consoles benefit greatly from PC development, and PC's benefit greatly from console development. I prefer console gaming, but I wouldn't be dismissive of the notion that the PC will become more prominent than ever.

Hopefully both sides understand that they benefit from each other.
kevnb  +   973d ago
Everything suffers thanks to the Xbox brand actually.
McScroggz  +   973d ago
Haha, we shall not speak the name of that abomination...
Agent_hitman  +   973d ago
Nvidia is sour graping cause console manufacturers abandoned them..
solar  +   972d ago
because AMD provided a cheaper, less powerful product?
ralnabhan  +   973d ago
which platform have many games?
which platform have many service?
which platform you can play with any controller?
which platform have many emulator?
which platform upgrade everythings?
which platform you can play best graphcis?
which platform have many free to play and low cost games?
if there any thing i forget it plz add thxz
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
All true points, but consoles do have some solid exclusives and a universal online service to see when your friends are online.
360ICE  +   973d ago
And for five guys, it is.
TheDivine  +   973d ago
Someone's bitter they didnt get the console contracts.

PC is important but really consoles are much more important to gaming, PC is much more niche and enthusiast outside of minecraft and mmo's. Most everyone is introduced to consoles and people love the ease of use, cheap price, and exclusives. Il always be a console gamer first although I love handhelds, PC, and even ipad games. There's nothing like Lost Odyssey, Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade, Uncharted, SMT, Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Demons Souls exc. PC has dope ass games also but these days all are on consoles.

I also hate digital games. There's no collecting games on PC due to this and I hate having to play online even for sp. that's the benefit of consoles Xbox one excluded. I love my massive game collection from multiple gens. PC has a steam library which is not the same. Games are cheap though since you can't trade, sell, or borrow them. That's a plus. Guess consoles are in my blood. I love the routine of buying a game, unwrapping it, flipping through a manual, exc. It's like when junkies are addicted to the routine of cooking dope in addition to the dope. That's me with gaming and the thrill of buying a physical release day 1 or years after its become rare. It's half the fun.
glennco  +   973d ago
When you don't have your greedy fingers in the console market, what else are you going to say?
SprigganN4G  +   972d ago
Oh Nvidia, you and the Titan comparison... Nvidia, yor GPU costs between $1000 and $1200, JUST THE GPU!, then i have to buy a CPU, Mother, RAM, HDD, BRD-ROM, PSU, Case, Keyboard and mouse...

Sony gives us a 10+ year life cicle console for $399 with GREAT specs for the price, GREAT games even just in launch and all i need to do is plug the console to my Monitor/TV and that's it.

Stop making the Tflops comparison Nvidia, apples and oranges.

Note: This comes from a high end PC gamer.
Cuzzo63  +   972d ago
And u get disagrees for stating facts and not being a fanboy
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
Well you cant really point to a gpu that's about 5-10 years ahead of the ps4 and call them the same thing. Titan can do 4k resolution simultaneously on 3 monitors.

Come on now, be serious.
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Whitey2k  +   972d ago
im a pc gamer but going to consoles now ps4 is similar 2 a pc. Its great that the games are cheap on pc which is Great but the GPU is around £500 or abit more to get decent framerate let along the cpu ur cooler and ur ram then ur motherboard it all adds up and overtime u eventually have to upgrade and its money consuming and i cant keep affording to pay on a new gfx card or the cpu
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ufo8mycat  +   972d ago
PC is the least important platform for 2 simple reasons

1) Its game sales are poor (including digital), compared to 360 or PS3. Publishers make much more $$ from PS3 and 360, thus PC really is not that vital

2) There are hardly any AAA games on PC, that can't already be played on 360/PS3 and this trend will continue across to PS4/ONE, this making the PC platform not very desirable.

I have hardly played on my PC due to the lack of games.

You get rid of the PC platform, nothing is really lost.

You get rid of the Microsoft or Sony platform, you lose a lot of sales, thus $$$, therefore leaving no $$ to continue making great games

Therefore the Microsoft and Sony platforms are the most important.
solar  +   972d ago
mate you are very il-informed on the subject of PC gaming. please go do some research on the markets' trends, how the PC gaming revenue is increasing, while both MS/Sony's revenue is decreasing.
gazgriff2k12  +   972d ago
Nvidia please STFU! and carry on making GPU's stop talking shit a man is to intelligence to listen to your bullshit. Drops mike walks of stage
solar  +   972d ago
which mike? Jordan? Jackson? probably Jackson because your comment came off like a sniveling child.
gazgriff2k12  +   972d ago
jackson the others are too heavy
Ve_Chuy  +   972d ago
For me Pc platform is gonna be the best for gaming, crazy games discounts, 50$ new games, the best exclusives, insane amount of free to play games, better graphics, AAA exclusives like Star citizen, Project eternity, hawken, dota 2, Wasteland 2, ect, now the consoles have similar arquitecture of a pc so we are just going to miss 3 o 4 good console exclusives series like killzone, halo or uncharted almost every game will come out on the pc in fact now consoles will miss awesome pc games. pc have Strategy games, better 3D support, oculust rift, multi-display, is a pc you can do alot of things besides gaming, now i see no point buying a console knowing that pc will have the same games realeases as consoles, i have a ps3 and xbox in the last few years i end up playing on the pc. Pc gaming is "expensive" yeah I just bought the geforce 770 cost the same as the ps4 but you recover this money and save even more with the games discounts and steam deals and now ps4 have 5$ fee for online. So for people that cant affort all platform go for the PC you will get the best gaming experience much more gaming content free to play and save alot of money.
Krosis  +   972d ago
PC is a superior platform in every aspect and always will be (unless consoles become customizable and upgradable...which would make them PCs lol). The idea that "PC is dying" is from pizza faced 12 year olds on N4G (the kind that squabble over xbox and PlayStation graphics) and only exists because their minds are as deep as mommy and daddy's wallet.
Consoles lead the way because they are easily accessible and affordable--low tech knowledge factor and minimal tinkering--attractive to parents and people who prefer plug and play .
cunnilumpkin  +   972d ago
heck a single gtx680 is 3.1 tflops

the ps4 gpu is only 1.8

not to mention a gtx 680 is running at a MUCH higher clock and has way more pipelines for throughput

the gpu in consoles is always clocked way down to accommodate the small chassis with poor ventilation
#22 (Edited 972d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
I will be sticking to PC ONLY if Destiny comes to PC. If it doesn't I'll be getting a PS4.
Red_Devilz  +   971d ago

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