The Greatest Co-Op Games of All Time

People love playing video games with others. It's a trend that has persisted since the first days of gaming with titles like Pong, and has since manifested itself in every conceivable genre in a panoply of forms. However, the majority of these experiences focus on competition over cooperation, fostering real-world feelings of antagonism and hostility toward others. This list is a collection of 10 games that encourage communication, teamwork, and represent the friendlier side of the multi-player coin. It's the side that pits you and your buddy against a common enemy: the game's artificial intelligence. Since the internet has taken off, cooperation seems to be the impetus for an ever-increasing number of modern games, although there are several standout titles from yesteryear that have been re-released and are well worth checking out. If the games are readily available today, we've mentioned where you can to find them.

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solar3741d ago

toe jam and earl freaking rocked.

Mr Playboy3741d ago

Street of rage is so much better

golden axe was also good

jollygoodchap83741d ago

I was hoping they'd put The Lost Vikings. IMO THE best co-op game ever.
My brother and my friends and I played that game ALL the time.

c-redz3740d ago

haha yeah lost vikings was a dope two player game, like lemmings on crack.... but as for that list halo is in there wtf

killtheaquitted3741d ago

toe jam & earl was friggin cool to play with a friend. plus who doesn't love corny white people trying to be hip hop. awesome...just awesome

Siesser3741d ago

How could they leave out The Adventures of Cookie and Cream? >_<

acertainkid1023741d ago

I actually remember my little nephews playing the game. Man! It was fun. I wish I still had it :)

003741d ago

should of put battle toads in there.

killtheaquitted3741d ago

totally forgot about battletoads! that was a great one too

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The story is too old to be commented.