Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 6 PS4 Won’t Come Too Late, or Too Early; Closing Gap Between Real and Virtual

Gran Turismo’s loving father Kazunori Yamauchi went on record in the past expressing interest about developing a PS4 version of the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. Of course the question many are asking themselves is “When?”

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360ICE1950d ago

Well, tomorrow is too late and too early was five minutes ago. Give me.

Dno1950d ago

that's one reason I stopped getting games for current gen and im waiting for next gen. Lots of them are gonna have next gen versions and ill get those then.

Hope Rockstar will follow.

Destrania1950d ago

I would recommend buying The Last of Us, juat saying.

Dno1950d ago

I can wait for it. it will be cheaper next year and if by then we hear nuthin of a ps4 version ill buy it for half the price. im fully ready for next gen. Saving most of my money for that.

Muerte24941950d ago

off my copy of Last of Us, yesterday.

Destrania1950d ago

I've already been waiting too long for it, and finally get to play it tonight at midnight!

gazgriff2k121950d ago

so is gt6 coming to ps4 or not?

Abriael1950d ago

Quite obviously it is.

josephayal1950d ago

They have DriveClub for the PS4, they can't release 2 racing games at the same time, that would be a bad strategy

Blackdeath_6631950d ago

gran turismo is a unique racing game and one of the best selling exclusive franchise of all time i see no problem with it considering everyone gets to try and keep driveclub for free at launch with ps plus

Abriael1950d ago

That may be true, though DriveClub is an arcade racer, while GT6 is a quasi-sim.

JAMurida1950d ago

Still think it's a mistake what they are doing with GT6 not being on PS4 and instead launching on PS3 only.

first1NFANTRY1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

GT6 as a ps4 launch title would have done wonders for the ps4. It's definitely a system seller and i don't understand why Sony couldn't make it a multi gen release.

F4sterTh4nFTL1950d ago

Because it would suicide to port 800 PS2 cars to PS4.

Larry L1950d ago

The only thing GT6 would do as a PS4 launch game is not sell enough copies to even cover the cost of making the game. Ps3 is the only answer from a business sense, then to upgrade for PS4 after the PS3 version is out, to put on PS4 once there's an install base that can support Gran Turismo.

Not only that, but GT and Yamauchi-san have unfinished business with PS3's hardware. GT5 turned out pretty good, but not everything it could be. They over-promised with GT5. They didn't over-promise what they could do, nor did they even over-promise on what the PS3 hardware could do. What they over promised on with GT5 is what they were actually able to do on PS3's hardware with the knowledge they had at the time.

With GT6, the hardware's secrets are unlocked, and they can now actually do everything they promised with GT5. And if you watch the HD videos of the E3 build of shows. This build looks WAY better than even the build from a few weeks ago at the GT6 reveal event. AT that even the build looked like a slightly better GT5 graphically, on the E3 build the shit looks photo realistic!!! I was SHOCKED by how much better it looks just 2 or 3 weeks later.

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The story is too old to be commented.