Project Spark: Holding creativity to ransom?

X360: Project Spark will be free-to-play, but what does that mean when it comes to creating content and playing shared games?

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EVILDEAD3601985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Weak article imo. Project Spark is one of the best games on the E3 stage and the Now Gamer is already reaching for the tumbleweeds in an attempt to spin negativity for it.

Great balance to the AAA blockbusters that made it on the stage.It's free to play, it's indie, and the creative tools are powerful. Hope the game gets alot of love on the Xbox One and PC ala Minecraft.


Belking1985d ago

You shouldn't be surprised by that

patsrule3161985d ago

Interesting. I liked the look of Project Spark. If I had gone with Xbox instead of PS4, I would have planned on buying it and work on making some games with my 8-year old son (He really wants to learn how to make his own games, and he loved the look of it during the conference). I don't know how I would have felt with it being free to play. I guess I would have rather paid 30 or 40 dollars and have the whole system than be forced to pay 1 dollar hare and 1 dollar there for particular items or to use someone elses creations. I can't get it either way, but if I was getting an XBoxOne, this would give me pause and give me a wait and see attitude.