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The Last of Us Review | QuarterToThree

The Last of Us is the most emotionally resonant game you will ever play about plank, ladder, and palette management. To be fair you’ll sometimes scooch dumpsters around. At one point, you scooch a piano. (PS3, The Last Of Us) 3/5

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Walker  +   895d ago
R.I.P 96 average score in Metacritic :( !
DeletedAcc  +   895d ago
Lol that review is ridiculous xDDD
10/10 by me
Black-Helghast  +   894d ago
This is bs, for the past 2 days I've seen more than 10 perfect scores for the game and almost none for Metacritic but now these fellas come along and give 3/5 and its available on there? Fts.

Edit: Wait a sec.. this guy gave Bioshock 3/5 also and it was never posted on Metacritic. Dafuq?
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brodychet  +   894d ago
Another pathetic attempt at pulling in hits for his pathetic site.
Blacktric  +   894d ago
It's Tom Chick. The guy who said "it's only 90% bad" about Deus Ex back in 2000.

Just don't give this guy or his site any hits and it'll be fine.
xHeavYx  +   894d ago
Same idiot who gave Journey 2 stars, for some reason links to honest gamers for the Uncharted 3 review (who got a 4/10 there)
I just noticed this site has only 8 PS3 reviews and 64 reviews for Xbox, they can't be any more biased.
Some Metacritic info "On average, this publication grades 9.4 points lower than other critics". Maybe it's time to write to Metacritic about this POS website
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Ilovetheps4  +   894d ago
Heavy, I already did write them. I wonder if Metacritic would waver at all if a ton of people wrote in to Metacritic. He does not need to be included on that site on any game. If I remember correctly, he even gave Halo 4 a 1/5 and Journey a 2/5. I might not be a Xbox fan, but Halo 4 definitely isn't a 1/5. Journey is higher than a 2/5 as well.
Bobby Kotex  +   894d ago
Anyone who fell for clicking that link is part of the problem.
InTheLab  +   894d ago
"That's until that troll at Quarter to Three, Tom Chick does his usual trolling and gives it a 2 or something....and then, predictably, a few haters call upon the old "it's his opinion" crap..."

Said that 8 days ago. No...I'm not a psychic. He does it everytime.


edit...meant to reply to comment 1.2
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thechosenone  +   894d ago
right below "read full review" click on the site name and rate 'wtf' 'no'.
Blastoise  +   894d ago
So predictable


Don't give him the click
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THE-COMMANDER  +   894d ago
Not yet my friend, and hopefully never.

Walker  +   894d ago
It will added in the metacritic !

just look at this :(
Blastoise  +   894d ago
It's been added. So long 96 :( lol

But it's still on a massive 95!

Suck it quarter to three.
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THE-COMMANDER  +   894d ago

Just found out man :(

But lol who cares, we all know by now that the game is AWESOME!

and 95 is still an outstanding score!
ElitaStorm  +   894d ago
this review is not on Metacritic, i think
Ilovetheps4  +   894d ago
Yes, sadly it has. It dropped it down a point. I don't understand how he keeps getting onto Metacritic.
Moonman  +   894d ago
still 96. ;p
yugovega  +   894d ago
their score doesn't matter. the sales do and sadly enough this game won't sell.
Blastoise  +   894d ago
What makes you so sure? It's reached over 300,000 pre orders in America alone
wenaldy  +   894d ago
troll harder.
yugovega  +   894d ago
it's not trolling. do you really expect this to reach even uncharted levels? uncharted go all kinds of praise but doesn't come close to the big dogs when it comes to sales. thats just the facts. 3 millin at the most and even that is pushing it. and tomb raider proves that isn't great sale since it's consider a failure.

not everyone i part of the conspiracy and trolling. take your tin foil hats off "gamers"
CGI-Quality  +   894d ago
Why does it HAVE to reach Uncharted levels? That's also very different from "this won't sell." Thus, you make no sense at all.

Edit: Looking at your second post, it's clear you shouldn't be taken seriously. You haven't a clue.
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G20WLY  +   894d ago
Consider this, troll; Tomb Raider is available on multiple formats, whereas Uncharted 3 is available on ONE.

Do you see how the 2 sales figures are incomparable? I'm wasting my breath, aren't I..?

smh :|

And btw, TLOU will be available as a bundle with PS3, which will boost sales even further - sorry to break that to you ;P
chaldo  +   894d ago
Heh its funny because when the bargain ended, i was like.. quarter to three is gonna give it a bad score.
s8anicslayer  +   894d ago
He's given;

Halo 4 - 1 star
Brutal Legend - 5
Sleeping Dogs - 2 stars
Forza 4 - 2 stars
Bioshock Infinite - 3 stars
Star Wars Pinball - 5 stars
ZombieU - 4 stars

He is not consistent with his reviews and his overall judgment of games is questionable! METACRITIC needs to do a better job selecting whom they select to link to their site.
OlgerO  +   894d ago
DOnt these people understand that there lust for clicks actually really undermines the work that Naughty dog did in the past several years
sonyboy47  +   894d ago
For now
If it gets around 3 perfect scores it will get 96 again)
I remember when LBP vita with 60 scores was 88,then with 68 it fall to 87,and now its again 88 with 71 reviews.
febreeze1  +   894d ago
Wait. WTF. No words can express how I feel now....I hate sites like this
ShiranaiJittai  +   895d ago
Tom Chick you are such a POS. You "have to have" the most negative controversial rating period. So lets say you were planning on giving it a 75 for example. Oh but Polygon already did that (which is owned by Viacom partnered with Microsoft. So no no you can't be outdone right? So you have to go even lower. You make me sick. You are one of the most widely known video game journalists, but your integrity is a joke. You rely on controversy and low scores. Basically you are the Simon Cowell of video game journalists everywhere. You don't give a damn about being fair and accurate you just have to be the one with the most controversial inaccurate review. In anything and everything.

Just checked all your 5 star reviews on your site saw quite a few ridiculous ones but a few that really stood out.

Star Wars Pinball and The Darkness II.....REALLY TOM!?!?!?

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plmkoh  +   894d ago
So Tom Chick wrote this?

whilst he has been a 'freelancing' journalist for about 20 years now (or so he claims) if you read many of his opinions, interviews and reviews you see that he is a man who can be described as simply 'bitter' , and genuinely hates Naughty Dog, you only have to read his Uncharted reviews.
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GenericNameHere  +   894d ago
Oh wow, really? I get giving the game a bad score if it was not up to today's standards of gaming, but giving a game a bad score because you don't like the developer?? Get this stupid man's reviews out of Metacritic. People worked years to create this one game. The least you could do is review it on its own merits and give a fair and unbiased judgment.
brodychet  +   894d ago
Bobets  +   894d ago
LOL!!!! starwars pin ball 5/5 AHAHAHAHAHAH.
j-blaze   895d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(14)
wenaldy  +   894d ago
So, it got.. 6????

edit: ahh.. it's tom chick!!!
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babis1974  +   894d ago
as you gave 3/5 ,i am now playing The Last Of Us and i have to tell you it's a 9,8/10.
Kingdom Come  +   894d ago
This guy is an insult to the industry. The fact his reviews are taken into consideration on sites such as Metacritic is an absolute joke. It's a shame, as to demean the absolute artistic talent implemented into the development of such a game is unforgivable. But regardless, his opinion's are persistently shot down, and at the end it doesn't hinder our enjoyment of the brilliance of games such as "The Last of Us"...
Sizzon  +   894d ago
I absolutely agree, he is just insulting great games and great developers, games like Halo 4, Journey, Bioshock Infinite is bad or terrible according to him. I know everyone has opinions but he is just insulting. Disgusting.
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yugovega  +   894d ago
perhaps he's one of the very few that don't buy into hype and instead just plays the game for what it is.
Sizzon  +   894d ago
@yugovega Say what? very few that don't buy into the hype?

Give credit to where credit is due, The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite are made by great developers and they deserve the credit and hard work they put into games like that with actual story.

You don't find that in yearly releases now like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.
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goldwyncq  +   894d ago
3/5 is like 6/10. They just exceeded polygon in terms of stupidity.
FlunkinMonkey  +   894d ago
This sack of s*** gave Black Ops 4/5 and Metro 5/5, yet this and Bioshock:Inifinte 3/5. Weak sauce.
iistuii  +   894d ago
I'm playing it now. It's a great game, but boy is it jaggie. These new consoles can't come quick enough. It's not taking away for the great gameplay, but after playing on PC & switching to console to play this game it really shows the 720p with hardly,, I'd say no AA.
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esemce  +   894d ago
Yes the game does have a few technical issues with framerate and AA. And there are a few instances with wonky enemy AI.

Even some gameplay elements are not always great, it's not perfect but as a whole it's an excellent experience that deserves no less than a 8.5/9 out of 10.

And if you want to avoid spoilers, I can see some media having a field day with the 'controversy' surrounding Ellie as a 14 year old girl and extreme violence.
iistuii  +   894d ago
Yeah, it's great, definately worth the good reviews, I've got lt of disagrees from people who have never seen a game running on a top end gaming rig. Those people really need to play one, then go on a console game that is running at 720 with no AA & they can then see for themselves. For those who will say graphics don't make a game, don't buy a new console then, because this game would be even better running 1080 with better textures & deffinately 8x AA ...
iistuii  +   894d ago
So you'll stay with the PS3/360 then. Because all I've seen of these next gen titles are prettier versions of what we've got now.
GenericNameHere  +   894d ago
And this is why I'm happy with new consoles. It's been 7 and 8 years for the PS3 and X360, respectively. I know graphics don't really matter much, but if a game is touting off its sceneries, then I expect the game to look good. I know making games can be very expensive, but with next-gen, I hope we get even the smallest things have details. For example, trees and vines and grass. In Gran Turismo 5, racing at 200+ miles, the trees look perfectly fine. But stopping and looking at them, you notice they're just pixelated 2d cutouts, with really bad jaggies. Same as vines in The Last of Us. I saw WhiteBoy7thst playing the demo for it, and when he moved the camera to the side of the vines, it was another 2d cutout. I know these are just MINOR things that no one's gonna care about anyways, but it's something I would like possible with this new generation of consoles.
mii-gamer  +   894d ago
let the meltdowns begin
gantarat  +   894d ago
He gave Bioshock Infinite 3/5
Sizzon  +   894d ago
I know right, what kind of weird and stupid opinion does he have to great/amazing games like The Last of Us, Journey, Halo 4 and Bioshock Infinite.

Alos88  +   894d ago
He gave Journey just TWO!
babis1974  +   894d ago
they wrote ¨The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else¨...i give them back 3/10!!
Sizzon  +   894d ago
Tom Chick just leave the game industry and shut the site "Quarter to Three" down, you are just insulting.
Bathyj  +   894d ago
determined to be contrary
Walker  +   894d ago
Added in Gamerankings :(
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Deep-throat  +   894d ago
Why they added reviews from garbage sites like "BioGamer Girl" or "Quarter to Three"? Many sites gave the game high scores, I don't see them added.

It's so sad, they are so desperate for clicks
axerated  +   894d ago
It's not counted on metacritic from what I've seen, as far as I know game spots 8/10 hasn't even been added there either
Y_5150  +   894d ago
Both of the scores you mention are added on metacritic.
axerated  +   894d ago
My bad, they weren't last time I looked
plaZeHD  +   894d ago
So, you gave the game a 3/5 because the infected got a silly propcorn looking head, and because the game punishes you when you don't play properly?
So no actual reasons, just looking for hits.
Edit: It's on metacritic :(
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DeletedAcc  +   894d ago
I think everyone know its a masterpiece
Haters gonna hate
Whats wrong with the reviewer? He needs a life!
Deus ex (2000) "hey, only 90% was bad"
Halo4 1.5/5
Bioshock infinite 3/5
The last of us: 3/5

Laughing my ass off? Not this time thats beyond ridiculous
Sargerus  +   894d ago
Ah Tom Chick, we meet again, last time was when he gave Halo 4 1.5/5
jp_footy2  +   894d ago
The reviewer isn't a disgrace, he's a disgraceful ass.
coolasj  +   894d ago
We've been waiting for this review to pop up. Don't give him the click and just down rate the story and move on. You can't give into the trolling. It IS sad that Metacritic looks at this guys review but we can only do so much.
jp_footy2  +   894d ago
If you take away the top 5 reviews and the bottom 5 reviews you get the real score -98.
Rask  +   894d ago
Quarter to Three strikes again
JackVagina  +   894d ago
Other recent reviews by Tom Chick (Quarter To Three):

Bioshock Infinite: 6/10
Journey: 4/10
Far Cry 3: 6/10
Halo 4: 2/10
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm: 4/10
Riderz1337  +   894d ago
Don't forget:

Uncharted 3: 4/10
stage88  +   894d ago
Considering its this guy it's not a bad score. His 3/5 converted into a real review score is 10/10.
Valkyre  +   894d ago
Dont give this muthafacka any hits folks
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ElitaStorm  +   894d ago
this site needs cash and this is something they will take advantage of, because its a masterpiece.

the only thing we can do is take down these sites by voting them down
#25 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Deep-throat  +   894d ago
how can you voting them down on metacritic?
ElitaStorm  +   894d ago
voting him down here on n4g so they dont come back for more hits.
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WeAreLegion  +   894d ago
He also gave Bioshock: Infinite a 60. -_-

WHY does Metacritic let this guy post?
metoo2   894d ago | Spam
latinillusion81  +   894d ago
Just a halo troll hating on another epic game from naughty dog. Doesn't even deserve the click
OmniSlashPT  +   894d ago
How is this guy credited by metacritic? Hes a fucking disgrace to video game journalism.

Journey would be 93, Uncharted would be 93 and TLOU would be 96 without this guy's trolling reviews. Same goes with Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4.
McScroggz  +   894d ago
I am getting so tired of QT3. I get there will be dissenting opinions and all that, but SO often he rates games VASTLY different than the majority of reviews. I sincerely want to know what it takes to be a professionally cited critic on Metacritic because I'm sick of his attention-grabbing. It's hard to express my frustration, so here's an example:

The Darkness II (100) – Avg Metascore 79
SSX (100) - Avg Metascore 82
Out of the Park Baseball 13 (100) - Avg Metascore 85
Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia (100) - Avg Metascore 79
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (100) - Avg Metascore 82
Lost Cities (100) - Avg Metascore 85
And more…

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (20) - Avg Metascore 74
Halo 4 (20) - Avg Metascore 87
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (40) - Avg Metascore 86
Sleeping Dogs (40) - Avg Metascore 80
Max Payne 3 (40) - Avg Metascore 86
Journey (40) - Avg Metascore 92
The Last of Us (60) - Avg Metascore 95
BioShock Infinite (60) - Avg Metascore 94
Far Cry 3 (60) - Avg Metascore 91

Seriously, maybe one or two of the high profile games with 85 plus metacritic ratings you personally think is overrated...but just look at this. CLEARLY he rates games to get attention. Sure, not every single large profile game gets rated "unfairly" but this is atrocious.

Generally I don't care about Metacritic, but this douche might be the difference between a GREAT game at 90 and developers getting bonuses and him dropping them to an 89 and them missing out.

I seriously want him removed as a critic from Metacritic.
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