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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 901d ago | video

Microsoft Found Folks Who Are Actually Looking Forward To The Xbone

Microsoft’s booth at E3 has a screen showcasing what people are saying about the Xbone on Twitter…and it’s all weirdly positive. Here are a few of the tweets. It’s definitely misrepresentation, the bulk of the talk around the Xbox One is kind of negative, no? (E3, Xbox One)

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TheLyonKing  +   901d ago
My ex's 13 year old brother wants one. He has no clue on any DRM stuff he saw halo and was like woooooow I want it.

Also I know a lot of people who are away to have brain surgery who want one

Also I asked down at the mental health clinic and theres a fair few who want one.

Most normal people I ask though still seem to want the ps4
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Moonman  +   901d ago
Inform him of the DRM. Everyone must know before going to the forbidden Xbone Zone (haha).
Wikkid666  +   901d ago
DRM doesn't really effect most people... so why should it be an issue?
4Sh0w  +   901d ago
Wow, you mean they are advertising with positive feedback?
NatureOfLogic  +   901d ago
I'm not surprise that a few still want Xbox one. I mean after all, these are the same people that swore that PS4 would also have DRM and block used games just because It made the Xbox one look bad. I've seen so much denial that I'm no longer shocked at the minority Xbox one supporters
kneon  +   901d ago

I expect drm to affect kids more than anyone since they are more likely to lend and borrow games as well as buy and sell games.
Wikkid666  +   901d ago

X1 games can be borrowed by friends. Lending is done via the cloud. Anyone on your friends list can borrow your games. In my eyes it's kind of cool.

X1 games can be sold too

The biggest limitation of the X1 is requiring an internet connection.
gaffyh  +   901d ago
@wikkid666 - DRM affects every gamer, because internet is required, and internet fails ALL THE TIME.

1. Xbone does NOT allow you to lend games to people at launch, and who knows how long it will take for them to implement ANY kind of game lending. It definitely won't be as simple as it is on current gen or Wii U/PS4, simply because it could be abused in the eyes of MS.

2. Xbone games cannot be sold, ONLY traded in to "selected" retailers. Meaning used games will be MORE expensive on Xbone, and trade in credit is likely to be a LOT less due to lack of competition.
kneon  +   901d ago

Every time you lend via the cloud you end up having to download 10's of GB for each game. Parents are going to get really pissed when little johnny is causing overage charges every month. Plus there are restrictions on who you can lend to. Even giving away a game is a pain.

And the selling of games and buying of used games is highly restricted and inconvenient on the Xbox One.
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CalamityCB  +   901d ago
It really sickens me what Microsoft have done, I have been a hardcore Halo fan since Combat evolved; I have played all the games, read the books, read the comics and am addicted to the universe and story.

I just can't do it next generation, Microsoft has gigantically failed. It really upsets me as a Halo fan, but I'm not spending a single piece of money on that piece of shit console which has too many cons that outweigh the benefit.

For my Halo problem, I thought that I would rather watch a play through of the new games on YouTube; that way I am up to date on the story and don't have to spend anything on Microsoft's abomination.
etownone  +   901d ago
I'm in the same boat as you....

I just can't see myself not playing next gen Halo though.
ricochetmg  +   901d ago
Play Destiny looking a lot like halo. 2.0
Testfire  +   901d ago
I know I knock the Xbone, by even calling it that, but MS really screwed themselves with all the restrictions they imposed. The truth is if it wasn't for the restrictions in place the Xbox One would actually be an appealing device. At E3 they brought some good games and announcement for future games. But until MS repeals all restrictions on Xbone they will lose customers.
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ehandlr  +   901d ago
DRM affects everyone...especially the average consumer who follows the rules.
Death  +   901d ago
DRM has the potential to recoup millions of dollars lost to piracy and used game sales for the publishers allowing them to have the resources needed to develop games that really use the potential the new consoles have.

Developers and publishers need to get paid or gaming as we know it will cease to exist. AAA titles are extremely expensive to produce. Without a valid business model that insures profitability, what incentive does anyone have to make games? Your "rights" are irrelevant if product does not exist for you to enjoy.
tuglu_pati  +   901d ago

I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain it to them, it doesn't matter if MS remove the DMR they will always find something negative. That's the way N4G works.
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SexyGamerDude  +   901d ago
Death, still shilling for MS I see.
C-Thunder  +   901d ago
@tuglu open your eyes, this is not a N4G thing. It's everywhere.
DARK WITNESS  +   901d ago
I guess if you scrape hard enough you will find a few supporters but this really says it all;

YNWA96  +   901d ago
Those mental health clinics are getting PS4's. Also, now I get the 'my ex'. No wonder....
ZombieGamerMan  +   901d ago
@Wikkid666 Dude you are misinforming people, you aren't really borrowing your friends the game all it lets them do is play it for an hour so and only select retailers will sell used Xbox One games but if your friends want to buy it from you or whatever than they have to pay a fee.

Stop supporting MS's blatant greed, DRM and Xbox One are not good for the industry and if guys like you support it you will KILL the gaming industry with this. Console gaming will be dead.
Wikkid666  +   901d ago

If you borrow a game it checks in every hour... doesn't limit you to an hour.

There is no fee ever associated with selling used games.

How is any of this DRM stuff have to do with MS being greedy? Help publishers protect their IPs and allows full installs on the hdd.
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IAMERROR  +   901d ago
Brain surgery shouldn't be used as a joke
DxTrixterz   901d ago | Trolling | show
Foxgod  +   901d ago
People, just because you like the ps4 better, doesnt mean you are smarter or better.

Grow up, and learn to deal with the fact that people can have different preferences and opinions.
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MysticStrummer  +   901d ago
You're arguing against human nature. Humans love to divide into groups and fight about who is better in some way. It's got nothing to do with growing up. We just haven't evolved beyond that impulse yet. Not sure we ever will.
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Alos88  +   901d ago
That sounds like half accuracy, half copout. Besides, we'll never get anywhere with anything if we take the attitude that it's impossible.
Axonometri  +   901d ago
I just want both and a wii u for kids.
MysticStrummer  +   901d ago
@Alos - I didn't say it was impossible, just common. People rise above human nature all the time, but just look at the planet to see what I'm talking about. We still divide ourselves up into tribes and fight with the other tribes over resources.

Whether it's race, religion, politics, or in this case consoles, people have a tendency to divide themselves up and try to feel better than the other guy.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   901d ago
finally someone who gets it! i thoought i was alone on this site lol. the drm doesnt bother me any, niether does the always on or internet connection.

could care less about used games
could care less about lending games to friends ( more often than not they have never returned or ruined them anyway, now i wont feel bad when i need to say no )
could care less about check in since they have a failsafe with the phone
could care less if they spy on me, thats their loss
could care less about the $100 difference esp if i want the same features on ps4 id need the eye making it a $30-40 dollar difference anyway
could care less about always online, my xbox hasnt been online for about 4 days total in 10+ years

love discless gaming
love all the cloud gaming benefits
love using voice and hand to navigate menus esp when viewing media
love the xbox controller still
much prefer the games i seen on X1 to PS4's line up

some people jsut dont understand that the changes dont piss off everyone and some peoples opinions/taste in games differs. Forza, titan fall, dead rising 3. ryse, BF4, COD, Halo 5, Sunset overdrive.....i liked all those more than anything i seen on ps4
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platypusrme  +   901d ago
This isn't about better or worse, this is about right and wrong. Most people are of the opinion that Microsoft did something inherently devious with their 24 hr online check and DRM on discs. If you think that they did something right by implementing this then I can only worry that other people agree with you. All of the sports games will also be on PS4, and everybody recognizes this. The only audience that M$ is targeting is uninformed consumers that want a $500 hdmi input to rid themselves of the need to change their input using a remote.
Captain Qwark 9  +   901d ago
i disagree. its less about restricting and more about being necessary to implement the features they wanted too.

for example, playing your entire library from the cloud and discless gaming. the only way to do those things is all digital. if they dont do drm then it would be impossible to do those things because it would be so easy to pirate anything.


1. im playing a game, i decide i want to play another game. instead of getting up, getting the next game, switching disc, then sitting back down to play again, now i can just switch to the next game.

2. im at a buddies house, suddenly we decide we want to play one of my games, this is spontaneous so no i wouldnt be able to just bring the disc, no biggie, just sign in and play.

both of those things are impossible without drm because without it, me and my buddies would just split the cost of one game and install it on all our xbox's and now we all have it. ill take being able to do both of those things over drm anyday. like i said, my 360 was always online, this wont be any different. i wont even notice the drm unless my net goes out which at that point, my phone checks in for me, no biggie.

my only fear remains, what if ms abandons X1 for business or the next box or servers go down for a long time ( which has never happened yet but you never know ). the last one would just suck but i think is unlikely, the first two, that would be lame but i have a good feeling there is some sort of failsafe in the system for that exact reason. time will tell
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Drekken  +   901d ago
I have to disagree too. I don't know if I am better... but I am way smarter.
EasilyTheBest  +   901d ago
Well I want one, I really don't get what all the fuss is about. DRM is pointed in every single news story on N4G its totally nuts.
Wikkid666  +   901d ago
I personally like the fact that the games are fully installed on the hdd. No getting up to swap discs.
Knushwood Butt  +   901d ago
You still need to get up to throw the disc in the trash (seen as that's all it's good for).
LeRise  +   901d ago
WHA~ Are you guys all the Microsoft employees in here? I don't trust your praising tone.
VitaOwner  +   901d ago
@Knushwood Butt- LMAO!!!
SpinalRemains  +   901d ago
If you were able to think past the first 3" in front of you, you'd realize it totally sucks to never be able to play a game off the disk.
platypusrme  +   901d ago
You like the fact that your discs are just about as useful as PC physical discs and hold no future value? If you really want games on your hdd you can just buy them digitally. I find it absurd that people can think that Microsoft is doing them anything but a disservice.
nukeitall  +   901d ago
It's a small minority making a big fuss, but I believe once consumers realize the benefits they will quickly change their tune.

After all, you can instantly share your entire game library with 10 friends and family over the cloud. Think about it, that is I can now lend my games without being physically limited to the disc and you can lend it across vast distances.

It is no longer lending, but shared game library really. Now, I buy one game and I share it with a bunch of friends. So now we can all take turns buying different games and just share it.

The only thing I wish they would do is give me a longer wait period before check-in, although I understand why they have to do it.

Also, the instant switching between game, tv and tasks as well as the multiplayer matchmaking in the background are killer features.

Sitting and waiting in a lobby really really sucks.
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iistuii  +   901d ago
I also think that's a cool idea. As long as you can ALL play a different game from the library at anytime. I mean if I buy Forza 5 & you buy Dead Island 3, we can both play those games as long as we don't play them a the same time. That effectively means we can buy lets say 5 different launch titles each, but can actually play all 10 of them. Seems a great idea, if of course it's like that.

" You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time."

Now does this mean only one can play from the library or only one can play a title at a time from the library ?
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flyingmunky  +   901d ago
I'll be absolutely shocked if you can sign into your account from 10 machines simultaneously. Current gen doesn't even allow that.

You're going to be trying to play a game and your cousin will sign in and boot you off of your game.
vikingland1  +   901d ago
Bubble for you. There is more than one way to look at it. I didn't think of the sharing aspect. Good point though.
Elit3Nick  +   901d ago
Although I doubt it's just a small minority, I agree that there are a lot less people upset than the internet says
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warewolfSS  +   901d ago
AMEN. this site is out of control.
CRAIG667  +   901d ago
I will be buying one (PS4 also) DRM is only an issue to fanboys who want to nitpick and those who cant accept that the future is digital distribution, unfortunately The PS4 will show its age well before xbox one next gen...
frelyler  +   901d ago
I'm curious as to what you mean by show its age next gen. From what I understand the ps4 will have ddr5 which is newer and faster from a technical standpoint than the ddr3 the one will have. Also is seems that the one is $100 more, but it has older hardware. Please explain what you meant by show its age.
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SexyGamerDude  +   901d ago
Xbox One strips people of consumer rights and invades your privacy. Try to downplay it all you want but these aren't minor problems.
ricochetmg  +   901d ago
You dont have to be a fanboy to want to share your games with people as you like .
CRAIG667  +   901d ago
@frelyler I am aware that the PS4 on a purely hardware point of view is more advanced,how much more is yet to be seen though.

What I am getting at is how things are actually handled, physical games are nice but in the very near future they are going to start to feel more like an old fashioned concept, something that has obviously been the point of much discussion at Redmond,Sony certainly has not put as much emphasis on the future as Microsoft(the PS4 is nothing more than a beefed up PS3,XBOX1 is alot more),whichever way you look at it Microsoft are excellent at predicting the future in terms of how we use tech and how tech will evolve.
So with PS4 I have a disc,cool I can take it to my friends house and play it on his system-great.
Xbox one- I have 26 games attached to my profile, I have family members spanning across the UK I don't have to take my games to their place in order for them to play,I just register them and they HAVE all 26 games free(10 members) on the other hand I could visit my pal who lives about 20 miles away, we plan a gaming sesh,I dont bring my old fashioned discs,no, I sign in on my profile - viola all my games are there-awesome,if he wants to keep any of those games he can purchase the license in an instant,the pro's far outweigh the cons in my humble opinion.The cloud,has been put together from the ground up with the intention of offering additional computational resources,something that I am sure Sony will not have even considered fully,again the forward thinking chaps at Redmond...
ZombieGamerMan   901d ago | Personal attack | show
frelyler  +   901d ago
Thank you for your reply and I respect your stance, but won't someone have to download the whole game in order to play it first? MS has not been clear on that part yet so while yes it would be nice to theoretically go to a friends and not have to bring a disc, you would have to wait for them to download the whole game. Whereas with the PS4, you have the disc and can instantly play it. Streaming a game is not quite there yet, look at onlive, some games are too laggy to play and enjoy. If MS is able to offer a lag free experience I would be really impressed, but they have not touched on that issue yet. Also, the "power" of the cloud is a PR move. Again, look at onlive, it is laggy. I think MS knew they were not up to the specs of the ps4 and to counter that came up with this cloud idea. They have not shown how, only said it will. Until I see proof I can't say either way, but I'm not going to gamble $500 on it.
CRAIG667  +   901d ago
@ZombieGamerMan You started your reply with insulting me, I won'e be reading any further on your comment, have a nice day.

@frelyler Thanks for writing a reply like a reasonable fellow gamer, yes indeed,I think you would have to download the data in order to play at a friends house,but there may well be the option to do that before you acquire the license and therefore if I were to come over to your place to play on your X1 we could pre arrange what games for you to download and then authorize them later with my profile when I arrived?
As for the cloud being used in a game streaming manner, I think you are rite, that's a little way off for now but there are plenty of task that can be handled that don't need to be updated by the micro second, take dead rising 3,the developer was saying that using the cloud,they could have the whole city rendered and you would never face loading times as alot of stuff was handled by the cloud.
ComBaTs0uL  +   901d ago
God forbid anyone liking the xbox, they have got to be Microsoft employees.
The Internet were its cool to hate :/
SexyGamerDude  +   901d ago
The internet is where it's cool to be against anything that wants to take your rights away. Microsoft is like the Stalin of gaming.
Hicken  +   901d ago
God forbid people can't fathom how folks could actually be okay with the DRM and such and get frustrated with the weak-ass excuses those pro-XBO people give.

Seriously, it gets incredibly annoying to read "DRM doesn't bother me" over and over, as if this person is the only one that matters in gaming... and as if DRM actually DOESN'T affect them, when it does.
Axonometri  +   901d ago
Quantum break from Remedy is the one reason I'm saying I want a one.
CRAIG667  +   901d ago
Agree, as a sci-fi type of guy that looks EPIC!
warewolfSS  +   901d ago
im getting both. day 1 cant wait,

also i save 10 dollars a month on my comcast bill when i get to return the cable box .
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rainslacker  +   901d ago
Except you still need the cable box.
Gigaguy777  +   901d ago
I like the Xbox One, I don't care about used games, (they hurt the industry anyway) so why shouldn't I?
Wikkid666  +   901d ago
You can still buy used game for X1
The Meerkat  +   901d ago
The issue is that many people won't like it.
If all your friends buy PS4's what will you buy?

Almost every gamer i know in the UK has a 360 but most have already said the PS4 will be their new machine.
iistuii  +   901d ago
It's the price mostly here in the UK. But on the bright side maybe all the mums will buy the cheaper console & Playstation can have all the screaming COD kids now & leave the XBL to the adults like it was years ago.
MsmackyM  +   901d ago
I don't buy used games unless they are hard to find or out of print titles. That being said I refuse to buy a SpyBox One for a myriad of reasons, one of which being the required Kinect. In light of the NSA domestic spying program, I don't need to give them that kind of access to my living room, family and friends. Then there are the Internet check ins that will effectively disable my console if my Internet connection is lost for more than 24hrs. Screw the SpyBox One and anyone else who don't have respect for their own personal privacy to buy that intrusive anti 4th Amendment piece of crap.
Foxgod  +   901d ago
Theres not a single piece of evidence it will spy.
On top of that, do you know how much data it would generate if MS had to download video feed from every kinect user in the world?

Do you know how much money that would cost in both manpower and resources?

Thinking that MS will spy is paranoia, pklain and simple, its an assumption based on wild fears and fantasies.
rainslacker  +   901d ago
Except there is evidence Fox. Ok, maybe not spying, but it does collect data.


Q: Where does Microsoft store data about me, and for how long?
A:Data collected through use of Kinect is stored on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform for up to three months, after which it will be deleted. During that three-month period, the data will be held for analysis purposes. If chosen for analysis, the data will be rendered into an anonymous state before use.

To be fair they say you can turn that off, but a TOS change could easily render that moot. MS also isn't known to be the most trustworthy corporation, so people's concerns are understandable.

Then there's this

Monitors how many people are in the room in order to charge more for the content per person, not pay per view. Just a patent filing, but still evidence that it's been thought about. Easy to implement with a system update.

Another Kinect based patent to deliver ads based on your mood.

Can't deny this one. MS pretty much said they would be able to target content based on the user habits and mood at the reveal. That requires a level of observation. I can't imagine people would opt in to that sort of thing, so it's more likely MS will just do it, because there's a huge amount of money to be made in market research and targeted advertising.

Most of this stuff isn't as sinister as the word "spying" implies. Realistically though, do you want to invite that kind of stuff into your home?
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Zichu  +   901d ago
I'm getting both consoles. Both companies showed off some awesome games. I won't be getting both at the same time, I'm more inclined on getting the X1 before a PS4. The games were more appealing to me, but I will still get a PS4.
HugoDrax  +   901d ago
Exactly! I've already pre ordered both consoles at my local GameStop, which they're no longer taking reserves for the XB1. Both consoles, day one for me. Along with Forza, DR3, RYSE and Second Son.
HurstDarkStar  +   901d ago
Hmm it's like that old saying giving up ones liberality for the sake of security then one deserves neither (paraphrasing of course) you think your getting awesome things just to find out its just smoke and mirrors just to milk you dry of your common sense consumer rights in this case. But dont worry MS see's all the people who'll say "I don't care have my rights all I want is a little shiny shiny!" sometimes I truly wonder if whats making people not access the rest of their brain
NatureOfLogic  +   901d ago
+ bubble for intelligent. When talking about their rights, It's like they look the other way and say things like, "but the games" or "I like this about x console because I'm a gamer". Are games more important than the bigger picture(your consumer rights and privacy concerns)? Simply because your're unable to have any logical thought beyond brand loyalty. It's sad to see how clueless some really are. It's like they're in this cadaverous state of brainwashing or something. It's sad to see.
#10.1 (Edited 901d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MsmackyM  +   901d ago
Yes! There still people who aren't mindless consumer zombies. It can't be denied that Microsoft spent large sums of cash securing exclusives to bait people into buying that crap.
Tegrogg  +   901d ago
I want to see how this works, you are referring to the Kinect right ? with it being in households ... I have a Kinect, and just because I'm suspicious about it I unplug it and put it in the closet when it's not in use, I want to see how this works with the Xb1
justiceot  +   901d ago
I don't see how you are using your brain when your dense mind is incessantly fixated on drm and failing to comprehend ms's approach on game sharing. And who are you to gratuitously revile others whose decisions don't resonate with yours?
gungnir13  +   901d ago
Hah! Good for them.
danny818  +   901d ago
My friend wants one cuz his friends will getting one. I asked y if it put restrictions and he told me "so?" And its okay. Its his money. I do believe it will sell out kn launch. I mean its a new console. But next year we'll see if it still sales.
NatureOfLogic  +   901d ago
MS goal should be to expand their market, but when your're anti-consumer and not even close to being in a dominating position within the market, your're doing the complete opposite.
HurstDarkStar  +   901d ago
It's I see a lot of people looking for short term gain and not really thinking at all about long term suffering. I mean who in their right minds wants to ask permission to use something thats THEY BROUGHT? could you imagine phoning your mattress company everytime you want to sleep on your bed? that would drive you insane.
jjb1981  +   901d ago
I love that analogy... I would go effin crazy
danny818  +   901d ago
I dont know how anyone can support a company like mircrosoft. They actually told consumer if tey dont want internet connection to get a 360... I was in shock. They have no shame
jjb1981  +   901d ago
They are a dying breed...
Plagasx  +   901d ago
Most people who aren't aware of the DRM issues will be taken for a nice ride..
Tegrogg  +   901d ago
Okay after watching the press conference, reading articles, reading comments on many different sites, I cannot just sit back and not post a comment ...

It needs to be some sort of balance

In the beginning I was totally sold on the PS4 to be my gaming device, but that was before the Xb1 announcement . I told my friends that I would wait until I saw something from Xbox...

E3 is here the build up before E3 was that Microsoft failed, and all the other rumors with the Xbox1 failing at being a gaming system. The press conference started and I was blown away by Metal Gear, not because it was Metal Gear but because of the graphics , now as a previous Xbox 360 owner I felt comfortable with what the Xbox1 could do, I went out and Preordered the system, and I preordered Nba 2k14, Battlefield and Watch Dogs all coming out on launch day.. Yes the PS4 is cheaper I was planning on paying at least $500 anyways , I am 30 yrs old , I work , I have a budget for my video game habit, also the fact that I have been waiting for Pc gaming to come on console for years, now let's look at all Xbox or Xbone has to offer entertainment , cloud computing, Xbox live, and the Kinect...... Cloud computing interested me the most because of the possibilities that can be done with it ..

Let's look at the PS4 and why I was sold on purchasing it, the PS4 is more powerful, I did not own a PS3, and maybe PS4 gamers may differ from Xbox gamers, these are solid reasons for me to go out and pre order the PS4 in my mind right ? And then it hit me, Xbone offers more, if Microsoft is right the risk I take dispite all the negative press will be the right choice, the only thing I would lose out on by not owning a PS4 will be the power of the PS4, I will be pissed off if the multiplatform games look very different on the PS4, but I will be mad but I can live with it..

Now let's touch on what the mobs are talking about , all of the lynching being done towards Microsoft DRM, and checking in 24 hrs etc , Sony could have gone the same route with these policies, and with both companies doing the same thing I wonder what would be the determine factor in buying either system ? ah that's right games, power to deliver the games, multiplayer support, and extras, so to everyone out there stop being followers and become a leader
NatureOfLogic  +   901d ago
"Now let's touch on what the mobs are talking about , all of the lynching being done towards Microsoft DRM, and checking in 24 hrs etc , Sony could have gone the same route with these policies, and with both companies doing the same thing I wonder what would be the determine factor in buying either system ? ah that's right games, power to deliver the games, multiplayer support, and extras, so to everyone out there stop being followers and become a leader"

Too bad we're not living in a world of IF but instead a world of actuality. Hoping that another console does something wrong only so you can further justify your purchase of the Xbox one. You're blinded by brand loyalty and favortism of your favorite console or brand. Even if Xbox one had no games, you would still find a way to justify your purchase.
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Tegrogg  +   901d ago
I'm not loyal in any shape, I am not justifying my purchase either, I stated that I'm taking a risk with the Xbox , the same thing could be said fr the PS4, I also stated that I was for the Ps4 and decided to change my mind ,I could be wrong about the Xbox1 , but its decision I made based off my own research and what I believe in , not by negative press, or sheep, or trolls making comments , side not if being a troll is something you all are good at I heard that Lord of the Rings is casting for trolls in the next Trilogy
rainslacker  +   901d ago
Copy and paste for the win I guess.

Here is my response to you from the other thread.

Ummm...Sony could have gone the same route...but they didn't. That's why MS is getting sent to the curb. It's a pretty significant part of this whole debate. They can both deliver the games...the question is, are people willing to accept what you have to put up with to game on the X1. Sony removed(or never had) that question from their console, so the choice is much easier to make
FITgamer  +   901d ago
The headline makes M$ sound desperate.
koolaid251  +   901d ago
I'm getting one!!!
FITgamer  +   901d ago
In two years you'll probably have to get One again.
BelieveinGhosts  +   901d ago
I'm also getting one too, Haters will always hate. Its in their blood
gino9  +   901d ago
This is why gamers get a bad rep. The ignorance of most gamers on this site is shocking. Microsoft is not taking away your consumer rights. Give me a fucking break. If you dont understand the difference between digital and disk based then please STFU! XB1 is digital only(see always online). You license digital media dumb asses there is no ownership to restrict. You can still loan, sell, trade or even give your game to a friend. Third parties control this on both platforms. We have all this crap about the Kinect and NSA-box and spying really? There is nothing going on in your house Microsoft gives a shit about. These are the same hypocrites that text, email and talk on the phone all day but no monitoring that right? You are not that important stop kidding yourself. Sony has a disk based platform, so why cant I pick up my copy of infamous on day one make 10 copies and sell them for my own gain. Shit! I paid for it with my money, I have the disk, why would I be fined and or jailed if I got caught doing that. Answer that question and discover the mass hypocrisy of this issue. The only right you have as a consumer is buy or dont buy exercise that right.

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