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PS4 - Have Sony Already Won The Console War?

Sony's decisions not to include an always-online feature and to support pre-owned for PS4 have garnered them mass popularity for next-gen, will Xbox One survive? (PS4, Xbox One)

Prcko  +   407d ago
probably yes
Walker  +   407d ago
Definitely yes . 399$ and noDRM for the win !
What did sony do at ps3 announcement??
piss people off and make it to expensive.

What does M$ do?
Piss people of and make it to expensive.

Sony came back becuz they learned.

M$ might not come back becuz it's not just cockiness it's a policy. DRM.

The whole used games thing and online thing seems to be something they wont go back on.

This makes me happy cuz I want them to die and kneel before sony and nintendo. :D
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fermcr  +   407d ago
Sony probably won the next generation console "war" with the PS4... but both the X1 and WiiU will likely sell a lot of consoles.

- X1 will sell consoles in the USA and UK, in other markets not so much. Those are the markets Microsoft cares most, so they will probably be pleased with those sales.

- WiiU just needs a few games to start selling, and looks like the next year or so, it's getting those games.

- PS4 will most likely dominate world sales the next generation, probably sell more then the X1 and WiiU combined.

These are my predictions... without the help of Michael Pachter :)
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friedricr  +   407d ago
combined... thats one hell of a prediction ... i'm all for it.. but that is wow... one hell of a prediction haha.
EVILDEAD360  +   407d ago
I've been saying this all along on N4G.

In fact I said this a month ago in the article that stated how the Xbox One could outsell the PS4.


The bottomline is we are seeing this gen develop into a race where Sony and MS will both be successful.

But Sony at the end of the day has deeper markets in Europe and will always dominate Japan.

davekaos  +   407d ago
No sony have not already won the console war HOWEVER they are in the very best possibly possition to win it plus the fact many faithful xbox fans are now jumping ship proves this.

Once again its going to be another decade of great times for sony PS4 gamers
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SIX  +   407d ago
Too early to tell, but early indications are very good. I've never seen so many, "SOLD OUT" messages on various sites. It's a little crazy. I just got done dropping over $700 on pre orders for this thing. Something that I've never done in my 15+ years of gaming. My fear is that Sony can still mess up somehow like they always do like downgrade the system specs or something:P Im crossing my fingers this doesn't happen. MS must be having the worst time right now. Has anyone heard anything from them? They've been pretty quiet recently.
davekaos  +   407d ago
"My fear is that Sony can still mess up somehow like they always do like downgrade the system specs"

Sony have NEVER downgraded system specs.
SIX  +   407d ago
@davekaos That's not what I meant at all. I know Sony has never downgraded system specs. Very poorly worded by me. That was just and example of what I don't want them to do. If you remember in the original PS3 Sony did have some downgrades to the hardware. Less ports and such and that's not something I would want. They are selling us on a promise of this amazing machine. I just want them to live up to it. A big part of it for me im sure is that the PS4 sounds a little too good to be true. Perfect system at an even more perfect price.
KrimsonKody  +   407d ago
I'm guessing Six means the way Sony removed the rumble & then brought it back, & adding then removing backwards compatibility, stuff like that.
But not really specs.
davekaos  +   407d ago
My Bad @SIX

I should have taken into account usb ports etc...

This time around i cant see them making changes, PS4 only has 2 usb's from what i can gather and i cant see them lowering the "system" specs such as GPU etc...

I think Sony are onto a big winner this gen
wishingW3L  +   407d ago
there has been a gazillion of articles with exactly the same tittle this week... Can't these guys be a little bit more original?
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Majin-vegeta  +   407d ago
There was a War??As soon as M$ revealed their crap back in May they killed themselves.Sony just dug their body out of their grave and killed them even harder.

*que How High scene where they dig Benjamin Franklinn body out of the ground and grind him in a blender* xD
Jeff257  +   407d ago
Microsoft came back as a zombie and Sony took a boomstick to them.
sandman224  +   407d ago
The only winner is the gamer, they get a next gen console later this year. I'm just thankful it's finally happening.
Foxhound922  +   407d ago
These articles are getting a little old. Anything can happen in the next 10 years, we can't pick a winner before they are out of the gate. One thing for certain is that Microsoft is going to have an uphill battle. Sony is on fire.
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Narutone66  +   407d ago
I live in Asia, you could probably guess which console all of us here are getting.
Der_Kommandant  +   407d ago
On behalf of the Sony fandom, we would like to welcome the Xbox refugees to paradise.
Ko_Uraki  +   407d ago
Of it has, like in 2005...
SignifiedSix91  +   407d ago
Do we really need one of these every 15 minutes? Kind of getting annoying.
GABRIEL1030  +   407d ago
It's a nice start for PS4

1. Free Region ( can used worldwide- anywhere - anytime)
2. Not DRM
3. Not Always Online
4. Not second hand restriction
5. Very nice price 399 USD.
6. Amazing Lineup.
7. Full third partie support.
8. More powerfull that the competence.
10. Friendly with the developers.
11. PS Plus avalaible for actual subscriptions.
12. Nice controller and cheap camera

PS4 save us the day :)
MuhammadJA  +   407d ago
Lots of people may get fooled by the X1 and it may outsell the PS4. It's too early to tell.
hlee2  +   407d ago
Its too early to tell. The Xbox 1 is not going head to head with game consoles this generation. They are going after bigger fish. MS main competition is Apple and Google. Not Sony or Nintendo. MS has deep pockets to remain always remain competitive.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   407d ago
lets check back in 7 years from now and see anything can change... but if E3 tells us anything sony is looking pretty dam good in most gamers eyes :)
The_Truth_24_7  +   407d ago
level 360  +   406d ago
17=(PS4) is to 1=(XBox ONE) - ratio of pre-orders at Amazon - that says a lot.
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