IGN: Battlezone Hands-on

IGN writes: "Yet another classic title is being released as Atari is again dipping into their cabinet of retro games to bring gamers Battlezone. Originally released in 1980, Battlezone puts players in the cockpit of a tank and sets them free to kill a myriad of enemy tanks and flying saucers. Now the classic from the '80s is hitting Xbox Live Arcade complete with multiplayer deathmatches online with up to four players total. Battlezone was simple gaming at its finest back in its heyday and we can say first-hand that not much has changed over time.

The original Battlezone could probably best be described as having a horrific framerate and a world painted entirely black and green, wireframe environmental models included. The new Battlezone retains the classic look and feel in the appropriately named "Classic Mode." Unsurprisingly the classic edition is totally untouched in making the port to Xbox 360, clunky framerates and all. There's the Throttle Monkey option for both the classic and evolved mode. Basically this just cranks up the speed and difficulty of the game to the max."

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neonchez3712d ago

i got all worked up when i saw the name Battlezone. what a let down. i was hoping for a new Battlezone game. the '98 remake was a great game and the sequel that came out in '99 is still one of my favorite games. maybe this is a build up for a 3rd installment. one can only hope.

i don't think the gameplay of Battlezone would work on the 360 though. BZ/BZ2 were both sort of a FPS/tank driving/RTS combo that wouldn't work on a controller and ps3 is the only console that has mouse and keyboard support so a ps3/pc release would be awesome.