Can Mario Still Do It For Nintendo?

Mario has always been the main man for Nintendo, but can he still work his magic on the Wii U?

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Moonman2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Yes. There is a huge amount of fans (including me) around Mario Kart alone. That game will keep Wii U hardware units over 30 million sold alone.

Emilio_Estevez2008d ago

I disagree. Mario and Mario Kart are great and people will buy the system for that, but.....'Teh hardcore' will not buy it without 3rd party support, which is lacking. If they can get that group to buy in a bit more they would do a lot better as then those adopters would consider getting the 1st part games. Most gamers from a site like this will not buy a WiiU for Mario games and ports of games we've already played...IMO of course.

Zelda may be a different story though, those good push units. They only come along every so often, as opposed to the 6 Mario games a year.

Moonman2007d ago

Mario Kart on Wii sold 34 million. It was the #2 game in the USA the month GTA4 came out on PS3 and 360. It sold over a million that month sandwiched between the 360 and PS3 versions of GTA4. Don't tell me hardcore guys don't buy Mario Kart when I know damn well they do. That is the reason Nintendo released the month Grand Theft Auto came out! The following month Mario Kart was number one outselling GTA4. And again the next month. Watch and learn.

Emilio_Estevez2007d ago

Completely different. Look at the install base of the 2 consoles and tell me they'll sell that many again. The 'casuals' who bought the Wii and in turn the 1st party games are not there for the Wii U. With the PS4 and X1 coming out, I doubt that will change.

goldwyncq2008d ago

Nintendo really needs to move beyond Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon and create new, stunning first party exclusives like what Sony and Microsoft are doing.

Snake5k62008d ago

Actually, I wish they'd actually make a new Metroid, they've completely ignored it :(

CaptainYesterday2008d ago

I don't understand why they haven't made a new Star Fox, Metroid, and F Zero yet :(

Dj7FairyTail2008d ago

They have over 70
They have created some on 3DS and Wii.

Yall Nintendo Need New IP folks need to shut up really.

goldwyncq2008d ago

None of those have reached Mario-level popularity though. Admit it, Nintendo is still dependent mainly on older franchises.

yugovega2007d ago

i beg to differ.

wii fit sold 23 million copies and was a new ip.
professor layton sells close to donkey kong levels now.
wii sports is the best selling game ever(yes bundled with the system but it's what got people buying the wii)

all 3 of those are mario level or close to it. wii fit proves it by fit trainer being in smash. ask anyone if they know what wii fit is. yes its on marios level.

thaimasker2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

The Wii games(wii sports,wii fit,etc) did reach mario level popularity... Look at the sales.

goldwyncq2008d ago

Popularity doesn't just mean sales. It has to be iconic. You'd hardly think of wii sports when you see Nintendo.

chadboban2007d ago

You mean like this

or this

(Man, I feel like I've posted this far to many times, lol)
And before you say anything, Monolithsoft is a first party Nintendo developer and has been since 2007, so X is a first party Nintendo game. And the Wonderful 101 is developed by Platinum Games but the IP itself is owned by Nintendo.

I myself do believe that Nintendo needs to more stuff like this. But don't act like they haven't done anything.

thaimasker2007d ago

A ton of casuals that loved those games more than mario does.

goldwyncq2007d ago

That's my point though. Nintendo needs to get back on making new exclusives that appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

goldwyncq2007d ago

Exactly. We definitely need more of those kind of games from Nintendo.

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Spookshow2008d ago

Nintendo and Mario will still be around after we are all long gone.

cervantes992007d ago

I thought Nintendo's first party games looked fantastic. They looked fun as hell! Isn't that what gaming is all about?

Can't wait to get them myself.

yugovega2007d ago

um no. gaming is about guns and killing duh. oh and the graphics. /s

cervantes992007d ago

Oh yeah I forgot! More Guns Hurray!!!


MilkMan2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

As a Nintendo fan I want to say the following.

Nintendo expects to pull a miracle in the scope of when Moses parted the sea. Now that's biblical proportions.

Not only will they be competing with new-gen tech and ALL the games they will offer, but also this current-gens offerings some of which are GTA5 and Castlevania LoS 2.

For as versatile and fun as Mario can be, I'm willing to bet that this holiday season will hurt Nintendo, much.

If one thing was made abundantly clear was that gamers wanted new, fresh, exciting and fun experiences NONE of which Nintendo has done.

What we see in the horizon are the tried and true games we've all been playing for the last 20 years. Peppered with very few third party games.

Does anyone really think that Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101 (games I am looking forward to) will lift WiiU from the quagmire its in?

Remember, imagine a gamer with a few hundred bucks in their pockets, that they saved towards this holiday season. You think they are going to somehow forget all the new toys or the old favorites. For Mario Kart 8?

I pray they have much religion at Nintendo HQ.

yugovega2007d ago

nintendo systems sell during the holidays no matter who they are against. they always have always will. parents buy them for their kids. nintendo doesn't care how old their customers are which is why they make gamesfor everyone. and with a ton of kid friendly games coming around the holidays sales will pick up. they are helped by the fact that gtav is coming because it will be promoted to death and parents will see it for the other systems any think nah i'll buy nintendo.

Jay70sgamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Didnt we have this conversation over 7 years ago....nintendo is done etc etc we have short term memory remember everybody was like nintendo is gonn a lose because xbox and playstation 3 are more powerful's over 7 years later and who won the console wars ummm nintendo wii 100 million consoles sold And it came out a year after xbox and same month as playstaion 3 The more powerful companies high 70 millions and to those that say the casual marker has left umm why is 3ds moving over 30 million units ...I just don't understand the hate for nintendo ...I'm no one console fan I owned all three last generation and I've been playing video games since Atari and colecovision ....intellivision point is nintendo is never gonna go away ...just think if playstaion 4 or xbox 1 start out the gate slow they really don't have any first party games that can move systems in the millions ...nintendo can always go to the well and pop out a mario and move millions have to be someone that doesn't know gaming to think mario 3d ....donkey kong tropical..or Zelda won't move millions of units with them titles just alone also a wii fit or Pokemon ..nintendo will be fine

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