Retro Studios May Not Be the Same Studio We Once Knew


Retro have been one of my favorite developers of all time because of their unique blend of East meets West. We’ve seen many times Japanese developers try and take a page out of the Western “Hollywood” mentality but it’s less common these days to see a Western developer collaborate so highly with the crème de la crème of Japanese developers. The last time we saw that was probably when Silicon Knights worked with Nintendo on Eternal Darkness or throughout Rareware’s storied history with Nintendo on N64 and SNES. These days, the only chance you’d really get of that wonderful blend of cultures and polished gameplay is with Retro Studios.


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Khordchange1982d ago

Donkey Kong Country returns sold more than all of the prime series Combined! Now I wonder why they chose to do a sequel for donkey kong instead of prime..

deafdani1982d ago

You're right, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the point of the actual article. It's not about the sales of one franchise (Metroid) vs. the other. It's not even about Retro doing a new Donkey Kong instead of a Metroid.

It's about the changes in their staff.

Dj7FairyTail1981d ago

They said they wanted to do more.
What wrong with doing more.
Same reason with them doing 4 Prime games.

Trago13371981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

So because they aren't making the game that we all wanted, they're somehow not the same?

3-4-51981d ago

I thought I heard some of their key staff have left over the past 2-4 years.

chrispseuphoria1981d ago

Seeing Donkey Kong Country Returns 2 instead of another franchise getting rebooted/remade is disappointing.

Hadoukameha1981d ago

As long as we get great games, I'm happy.

Yodagamer1981d ago

Or maybe their just making two games? They have been hiring like crazy, it would suggest that it would be the case. I don't think they'd hire former naughty dog, id tech and virgil game employees for a donkey kong game.

TheEvilWithin1981d ago

AGREE+1... I was thinking the same thing. If I remember they have two teams at retro so I think we have YET to see there BIG surprise. Regie pretty much HINTED they are doing a HUGE Press conference next year because they said they almost showed the new Zelda Wii U but decided against it. So that leads me to think next year Nintendo is going to blow us out of the water! They just wanted to get some more first party games out before the end of the year then they will start on bringing more next year. I got to play the new Nintendo games at BestBuy and man are they AWESOME!!!

juaburg1981d ago

Your sooooooo lucky! Which were ur favourite games?

TheEvilWithin1981d ago

I would have to say ALL OF THEM! They added something new to each one that just simply makes them AMAZING to play. Going back Saturday with my wife to play them again cause its going to SUCK to have to wait a few more months to get my hands on them to own... ugh! CAN'T WAIT!