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SCEA Trademarks Online Bidding/Auction System, Incentive Reward Program For Games, Bid For Greatness

Now this is interesting. On the same day as their E3 2013 press conference, Sony trademarked the phrase “Bid for Greatness”. Now you might think that it’s just a part of the marketing campaign for the PS4, Greatness Awaits, but it seems to be far more intriguing. - PSLS (E3, PS4)

doctorstrange  +   781d ago
Ooo, keeping an eye on this
komp  +   781d ago
I would think this is about selling your non disk games to other registered / verified PS+ members.

and so it begins...
OlgerO  +   781d ago
Would be awesome and would really persuade me to buy digital more. sounds like it would be much easier to sell this way then sending stuff by mail.
NewMonday  +   781d ago
If this includes something like leveled up characters and unlocked Items this will be huge.

I would buy something like an unlocked "new game+" to play it from the start.
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ZodTheRipper  +   781d ago
Selling your digital games would be unbelievable. Seeing the consumer friendly strategy that Sony is taking now I'd even say it's possible.
Anon1974  +   781d ago
I was wondering when this was coming. Last year, courts in the EU ruled that the "no sale" clause that companies were putting into the End User Agreement simply wasn't valid. They concluded that a consumer should be able to sell their license to use software to another user, if they so choose to do so.

Obviously this court decision affects digital game sales. While the courts didn't go so far as mandate that companies had to facilitate the transfers themselves, it only makes sense that company's would want to get out in front of this and take control over how their licenses are transferred.

And it makes sense that if you're going to do this across the entire EU, you might as well do it for other regions as well and get it over with. Although the courts haven't ruled on this matter yet in the US, it's probably only a matter of time. I expect both MS and Sony will come up with some method to sell or transfer licenses.

rainslacker  +   781d ago
Depending on how this is implemented, this may be a big step in the right direction in terms of ownership of Digital content. Ownership is my number one reason for not buying digital. Only other issue is I actually do like having a physical product...but still it's a step in the right direction.:)
Majin-vegeta  +   781d ago
Oh im intrigued big time.
Arai  +   781d ago
SEN auction house :)

It can be very cool, if implemented well.
More choices for the consumer as well, there's a social aspect to it also.

Looking forward to see what/if they do something with this.
Sharius  +   781d ago
oops, if i can resell my huge digital game then it's just simple AWESOME!!!!
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Cam977  +   781d ago
That would be incredible! Right now I'm struggling to sell an account with 14 well known classics on it. I've failed despite knocking half the price off it! I need a buyer!! This would be perfect for me.
Alos88  +   781d ago
I wonder if, assuming trophies can be sold, you can then effectively re-unlock them? I can think of several games I'd love to plat all over again.
Supermax  +   781d ago
I think there gonna try to implement a trade in system for digital downloaded games,a step that Microsoft talked about a month ago,maybe offering the same or a little more if you trade your digital game into the Sony store instead of taking it to GameStop. In this kind of system the publisher and developer get a piece of the profit of a used game were as now GameStop gets a hundred percent.
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Sharius  +   781d ago
extractly what i'm thinking

and if this is true then it's just hilarious, the concept that fail MS hard now become sony success
rainslacker  +   781d ago
I said it in other posts. Make digital more appealing to use for people, and the transition will come naturally. Doesn't have to be forced. Companies make money. Customers are happy. Everyone wins.

I'm sure there will be growing pains in any change to the digital market, but it's best to make changes in small steps, and usually better if it's from a customer friendly view.
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Supermax  +   781d ago
Sony just knows market there ideas in a way that's not a slap in the face of consumers .dont get me wrong I'm getting both console and I had a Xbox on pre order but with no free games,there used game stuff and the higher price tag I switched to ps4 to be my first console ill get Xbox when there's a price drop or they start to not charge for Xbox live wich I see comeing sooner rather that later
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medman  +   781d ago
There is no way the greedy, money grubbing microsoft (and I emphasize the soft)bastards are going to stop charging for live. That is where they make their money, and they double dip by flooding it with advertisements, also raking it in from big businesses who pay for their product to appear on the site. Why would they do away with that when there are tens of millions of dopes/dupes willing to pay who don't seem to be overly concerned with the ridiculous restrictions microsoft will be placing on their content?
NarooN  +   781d ago
I foresee massive auction gatherings (chaos) in the revamped PS Home later on.

Pretty cool, I guess this is why they canceled the "PlayStation Rewards" system from a few years back.
THamm  +   781d ago
I think this is almost like trading digital to eliminate physical. I mean you buy digital for 60, trade to sony within a month for 30 off next game OR put up for auction and may well receive 40-45 from other user. In any case more will jump to digital thus eliminating more physical used games.
medman  +   781d ago
I agree with you there. I still buy all my games on blu ray or dvd primarily because, for the vast majority of them, I don't keep them very long and I can get 30-40 dollars back when I trade them in within 3 months. That is a pretty good deal to me. If digital can match that, it makes digital download much more attractive, not to mention I would probably buy more downloadable indie titles knowing the ease with which they could be moved off my hard drive while giving me a benefit in return. Sony seems to be thinking very clearly, while Microsoft seems blinded by the almighty dollar, forgetting the customers who made the 360 what it is. The same customers who were able to forgive the dreaded red ring fiasco. Microsoft is going from weakness to weakness. Sony started weak this gen, but became strong. And that strength is seemingly growing.
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TongkatAli  +   781d ago
OO Megaton if done right.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   781d ago
This sounds promising, my main problem with digital purchases is that I can't sell them or loan them out. If this IS a trade/buy,sell,loan system then it could change digital distribution for alot of companies if Sony can make it successful.

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