PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Who won E3?

SegmentNext - "With the bulk of major E3 press conferences done and over with, we can move forward and take a look back at all the presentations that the 1st two days of E3 had to offer and evaluate which company stole the attention and left its competitors behind".

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loulou2010d ago

no. microsoft showed some cracking looking games. Sony also. e3 was the best for games that i have seen. they were both as good as each other

MrAnderson2010d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

No seriously, what a stupid response.

pop-voxuli2010d ago

Exactly, any other answer is wrong!!

Saksoy2010d ago

Article 1000+ on "Who won E3" .

pop-voxuli2010d ago

I know right? I mean I enjoy Sonys killing blow to M$as much as the next gamer but damn I am getting a bit sick of both the "Who won E3 '13?" and "How Microsoft could actually win the next gen" threads. For fucks sake man, PS4 is universally recognized as the E3 2013 winner and no amount of wishful/positive spin articles are gonna turn things around for M$.

bub162010d ago

do we really need an article about this. its pretty obvious ps4 lol

Walker2010d ago

It's easy to answer

1. Cheaper
2. Much more powerful.
3. No draconian anti-consumer DRM scheme.
4. No 24-hour mandatory check-in.
5. No mandatory smart camera snooping on you.
6. Bigger and better game library.
7. Better online value with PS+.
8. No region lock.
9. Upgrade-able HDD
10. Smaller and better looking console design.
11. No arrogant company PR.

The Meerkat2010d ago

Its even worse than the RROD.

swerve1212010d ago

Walker that has nonthing to do with the games which was what E3 is about. Sony lost M$ brought it. If M$ system was only 99.99 ya'll would still hate it. I got both new systems on pre order. Im a gamer not a fan boy

pompombrum2010d ago

E3 is about the GAMERS.. games just happen to play a huge part. In terms of Xbone vs the PS4.. I think it's fairly obvious which one won in the eyes of gamers.

pop-voxuli2010d ago

"Sony lost M$ brought it" Not sure what E3 you were watching but the one the rest of the world was watching didn't go ANYTHING like that.

NYC_Gamer2010d ago

PS4 won my money not because of the games on stage but because it offers more freedom

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The story is too old to be commented.