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New Game Plus Mode Info On The Last of Us

n The Last of Us, you can play through the game again in “New Games Plus” mode. Here’s some information in on it. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Cam977  +   680d ago
And there's a trophy for doing NG and NG+ on 'survivor' difficulty.
Enjoy! I love ND's replay value, does anybody know if TLOU has cheats like Uncharted 2? Those were brilliant! I really liked the changeable skins, they made the game feel different to me.
Salooh  +   680d ago
it have skins :)
esemce  +   680d ago
Cheats I don't know but it has many skins for Joel and Ellie some that are only unlocked when beating the game on harder settings. You get virtual $ that you can spend on extras only once you have finished the SP. There is also 3 rendering filter modes black and white/old western/ vibrant colour or something similar.

Anyway it really is a great game that had plenty of replay value with collectables etc.

Took me 23h on normal but i looked in every nook and cranny and spent awhile admiring the scenery, I basically did not want the game to end, it's that good.

Like the uncharted series it's a game that I will def want to play through 3 times.
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Salooh  +   680d ago
It took me 15 hours on hard while searching for all the collectables. I got 100/141

The accuracy is 71% even though i didn't play the best i can because i'm not playing in my room so it's hard to focus :)
Valkyre  +   675d ago | Funny
it took me 7 hours to complete on survivor and i had 93% accuracy but i can do better because my cat was sitting on my head the entire playthrough..
Alos88  +   680d ago
So pretty much everything carries over? Cool.
esemce  +   680d ago
Yeah but only on the same difficulty. I finished on normal and would liked to carry my stuff over to play on hard mode but you cannot.

There are quite a few weapons and levels of upgrades for each, there is a cool way of rewarding you just like in RE4. The guns have a great weight and kick to to them and it has my favorite hand cannon to date.
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o-Sunny-o  +   680d ago
Tonight Midnight release!
babis1974  +   680d ago
i am playing the Last Of Us as i am writing this and i can tell you this: it's a Great game!!!

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