Xbox One check-in will need "kilobytes, not megabytes"

Microsoft's Phil Spencer says even phone tethering will be sufficient to meet requirement
Microsoft's Phil Spencer has shed some light on the severity of the Xbox One's online check-in, and it may not be as severe as many have feared.

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Crazyglues1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Honestly who really cares, just having a checking-in requirement is just stupid..

This does not benefit consumers in any way..

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vishmarx1984d ago

its a stupid idea..
i could live with it but
its coupled withn too many others

NewMonday1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

"Xbox One check-in will need kilobytes, not megabytes"

this just proves "always online" is DRM and not for "cloud power"

JokesOnYou1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

lol, no it doesnt it proves that you dont need much at all for the authentication check.

"It's kilobytes, not megabytes," he said. "You can also set your console to always have the latest bits in a standby state."Spencer reiterated that those with absolutely no access to the internet were not the right audience for the Xbox One. However, the check-in will be forgiving enough for even those with unreliable online connections."

JoySticksFTW1984d ago


Does all of that really matter when a console's main selling points are affordability, ease of use / convenience, and exclusive titles.

The X1 came in priced high compared to the competition. And that price is even more tough to swallow when comparing system horsepower for games.

You actually have top level MS execs telling customers to tether the console to their phones for those times that there are internet interruptions. That's the total opposite of convenience. And that whole 30 day friendslist, gifting stuff... jeez

Finally that leaves quality of exclusive, which is subjective. X1's exclusive have to be head, shoulders, waist, legs, and feet above the competition's to sway many at this point. But we all know Sony excels at quality exclusives, AND continuing to produce them in their console's later years. This hasn't been the case in MS' last to console, when exclusives output slowed to a crawl.

I'm just trying to understand why some gamers are still defending MS' policies and hubris at this point. Some of these gamers are the same that called PS gamers sheep for supporting the PS3 during it's rough earlier years.

X1 potential buyers should have gotten ticked off at some of these proposals and blasted MS for it, but instead told other to

"wait for the reveal" then

"wait for ms response," then after a being handed at sheet confirming their fears it's

"wait for e3," a good games showing, but the policies are still in place and now bundled (burdened) with a higher price tag then the competitor. And cancelled interviews.

I guess now it's

"wait for gamescon"? I don't know, but at some point more X1 fans need to start holding MS accountable for screwing around though it's already happening on XboxOne's official forums.

I'm not saying act crazy, but stop giving free passes.

Unless you (and other X1 fans) are actually comfortable with all these restrictions on your gaming.

Anon19741984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Pointless considering Microsoft has already said for the XBox One to work properly you need at least a 1.5Mbps connection. If your check-in goes fine but the everything else it wants to do is still hobbled by your connection, you're still going to have a bad time.

And the size of the check-in is irrelevant if your internet goes down or there's an interruption on Microsoft's end. Why would you take that chance when you don't have to that your software library and hardware could be rendered useless by some hacker, an infrastructure problem or human error?

You could walk home each day on the sidewalk or on the shoulder of a busy road. You'd probably make it home ok most days, but why would you take that chance? Microsoft is asking us to take the shoulder and saying "You'll be fine. Here's an orange vest. Trust us, and the hackers not to interrupt your service and render your hardware useless."

You've got to think there's hackers out there salivating at their chance to be the one that brings the Xbox One crashing down. By building in a kill switch that renders systems useless if they can't check in, Microsoft has pretty much advertised a couple of torpedoes to the exhaust board and the whole thing explodes.

darthv721983d ago

a ping type of test.

Are you there Microsoft? it's me, xbox....

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bicfitness1984d ago

And yet a "console requirement" is a 1.5 MB connection. Says so right in their terms and conditions. So what the hell is that much bandwidth needed for? Sending pulse and sensory data to the marketing department after gauging your reaction to forced commercials? If all it needs is a kilobite ping, why not include some shitty 3G chip and call it a day?

HammadTheBeast1984d ago


gamertk4211984d ago

The 1.5 MB probably comes into play with online gaming matches, rather than just the check-in.

LackTrue4K1984d ago

Yep!! Check in's are a joke!!!! It's like in pre-school or prison or living with my parents!!!! Lol
Makes me feel I'm getting punished or something..."what did I do wrong, I just want to play my games..."


I don't care if the only date needed is a 0. I still will not buy into it.

JsonHenry1984d ago

Even phone tethering is a pain in the ass that isn't needed.

But then again this an NSA spy partner that literally hands over ALL data to our government. When I was told that next gen consoles would have mandatory video/audio cameras because our government told them to include it and would in turn get favors from our government so they could help spy on us I laughed. The following year I was told this Kinect launched. And now in the last 30 days I we were told this this is mandatory, MUST check in and update with all valid data, tracks even your heart rate... I guess my buddy wasn't telling me a lie after all. I just simply can't believe it. I WILL NOT ever buy a MS console and I am looking into changing over to Linux for my PC just as a matter of principal.

bicfitness1984d ago

Now I've been around this site since 2005 or so, and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you used to be a huge Xbox fan? That's kind of crazy if I'm correct in thinking that you are who you are.

JsonHenry1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yes, I loved the first xbox. Sold my PS2 the day after I brought my xbox home. Stood in line for the Xbox360 on launch day. Didn't buy the PS3 till almost 3 years after it launched and to this day it mostly collects dust. But I've pre-ordered my PS4 within seconds of the E3 conference and have no intentions of ever buying an Xboxone.

I am NOT a fanboy. I just like the technology that is better. And IMO (though sony had killer exclusives!) the vast majority of games were better, ran better, looked better, and the online was better with the Xbox/Xbox360.

With MS being caught up in the NSA snooping case, their policies, and inferior hardware that is being implemented in the xbox1 I am looking forward to playing with Sony again especially since they have learned their lessons and made a machine that it a real win for all gamers.

And I have been here since 2005 as well.

BattleTorn1984d ago

I've heard rumors that the check-in won't require phone tethering - cause that you tether everything through your phone (dash, ads, ect)

Rather the check-in can be completed by having SmartGlass running on a connected-device.

IOW, not tethering, but opening an app.

badz1491984d ago

for the love of gaming, M$, THAT's not the problem here! are they just playing ignorant or just simply DUMB??

the amount of data needed to do the check-ins isn't the problem here, the check-in ITSELF IS THE FREAKIN PROBLEM, YOU JACKA$$E$!

look around you for a moment, will ya? is there any other devices requiring daily check-ins before letting you use your contents offline? there are NONE!

BattleTorn1984d ago

I think what MS i getting at is their "content" (MMO-esk games) is online-content.

And in that sense, yes, other devices with online-content requires connections.

swerve1211984d ago

The consumers are the 1's stealing making the DRM relavent in the first place. Pay 4 what u want not steal

ReconHope1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Wow... Half of the U.S doesn't have smartphones, than I guess we all have to buy smartphones too and data plans. This is the definition of alienating your consumers.

RavageX1983d ago

I'm part of that number. I couldn't give a damn about a smartphone. A basic cell is good enough for me, don't even use or want internet on my phone.

rainslacker1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I have a smartphone...which ironically I got free from MS when i did a Global Game Jam...and it's a nice windows phone. Don't have a data plan on it. Wi-Fi is good enough for my smart device internet usage.

Otherwise, it's nice the option is there if it's going to be required, but they're still missing the point of the people complaining. MS is really behaving like the people in forums who say "it doesn't effect me", which makes everything seem like it's not a big deal at all.

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yugovega1984d ago

why didn't they just put cell phone tech in the system that can talk to any network? problem solved for those without internet.

doctorstrange1984d ago

Hmm, but what about the half-cloud rendered games?

hazelamy1984d ago

which ones are they then?

serious question, are there any games that actually need a connection for legitimate, non bullshit reasons? or for their multiplayer modes which need a connection for obvious reasons.

yugovega1984d ago

all they would have to do is put broadband requiredon the games that need cloud. just like sony did with socom confrontation.

manaxknight11984d ago

y cant they just not do the 24 hour check and always on policy

yugovega1984d ago

because if things continue the way they have been developers will either go bankrupt or we will be paying a fortune for the one title they release every year. i mean look at all the content we are asking for. remember when games only had local multiplayer? now we want 64 players online and local and 30 maps and a single player experience that just as good. a dedicated servers. and future content. i mean at some point $60 per game isn' going to cover their costs.

JsonHenry1984d ago

^^ @yugovega This is simply wrong. We've had 32-64 players on PC for forever WITHOUT paying for subscriptions. And that is with dedicated servers and MS does all p2p so they don't even have that expense.

Although I do agree with you about $60 probably not cutting it any more 100%. Especially considering world wide inflation and the increase in cost of making a game when higher fidelity is achievable and expected. The problem I have is even if they did away with used games completely across all platforms they would still NOT lower the price of games and would in fact have even less of a reason to ever have sales.

snake_eater1984d ago

Micro$oft being douchebags as always

DxTrixterz1984d ago

We listen to the community and we will respond to where the business, the creators, and the gamers are going

You listen to community? The hell. so what he's saying is that we all wanted DRM, online requirements blah blah blah. This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about anymore.

ApolloTheBoss1984d ago

Yeah that makes feel so much better.

pompombrum1984d ago

Yeah that makes feel so much better /s