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I Got Thrown in Microsoft 'Jail' For Taking Pictures Of Nothing

There are a lot of secrets that come with a brand new console. Last night at the Forza 5 event Microsoft pulled me aside for taking a picture of a cabinet and a laptop. And, interestingly, I wasn't even violating any rules because, conveniently, no photo rules were stated. Still, I'll never have those 10 minutes back. (E3, Forza Motorsport 5, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Credit url: hardocp.com
Xwow2008  +   810d ago
Everything was shown on Xbone was running in PC/laptops with windows 7
US8F  +   810d ago
How dare you take a picture without a KINECT! HOW DARE YOU!?

Lol, on a serious note, I believe every publisher would in force some sort of restrictions, in this early stage. It is better to be sure than sorry.
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xHeavYx  +   810d ago
Maybe he didn't check in within 24 hours
Autodidactdystopia  +   810d ago
If it uses laptop parts then why the hell is the xbone as big as a desktop anyway?
komp  +   810d ago
However had he been using Kinect 2 to take the imagery then no one would have known if it was or was not taking images, however, as he had not logged in to XBL in the last 24hrs his photos would have been lost forever anyway.
Drekken  +   810d ago
You will see tweets like this about E3 demos:

aCasualGamer  +   810d ago
That's not sneaky at all if you ask me. False advertisement is legal, as long as it's a big corporation like Microsoft, it's fine. /s

Disgrace to this industry that they keep pretending these games run on Xbox One. The funny thing is, it'll come out sooner or later, it always does. Just look at Aliens Colonial Marines and the backlash.
husomc  +   810d ago
mebbe the issue was that the particular dev kit was running on linux :D to be less of a resource hog
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JsonHenry  +   810d ago
Lol. I would have refused to delete them and if they didn't let me go I would have informed them they were now guilty of kidnapping/wrongful imprisonment and my buddies outside have been texted to call the police to come to my aid.

Then I would have posted this story with all of the pictures and proved that the games might have been (were?!) running on AMD-APU laptops since that is where both MS and Sony are getting their video cards from the laptop/mobile PC parts this makes perfect sense.
hiredhelp  +   810d ago
Wow story got me going i actually can beleave this heres why.
Every PC Gamer should realise that GPU on any console are simular to a laptop also ddr3 memory widely used now as standard so sure i can see this being emulated.
McScroggz  +   810d ago
Xbox One games running on a laptop, NEXT GEN!

I kid. I kid.
hellvaguy  +   810d ago
No its true, ps4 and xbox one do use laptop parts to run cooler and use less power (usually most desktops need around 500 watts minimum, not 120 watts in consoles.)

If you really think desktop components that are cooled inside of large towers with multiple fans would really fit inside a small console box with 1 small fan in it, than Im guessing you have never built not seen a gaming desktop gaming build.
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McScroggz  +   810d ago
I was making a joke you party pooper....
NarooN  +   810d ago
Microsoft blew it; with the immense amount of info released in that drawing, I'm gonna code an Xbone emulator which will make the actual console moot! No 24-hour check ins or DRM or anything!
ChozenWoan  +   810d ago
you do know that 90-95% of the Xbone games are coming to windows. Save yourself the trouble and just get the PC version.
NarooN  +   809d ago
I was joking, dude. >_>
ChozenWoan  +   809d ago
I know, but for those who don't. lol
sephy  +   810d ago
But probably it was a xbone prototype maybe? well the console must have started on a pc right?
manaxknight1  +   810d ago
microsuck and their draconian policies
mydyingparadiselost  +   810d ago
"You need to come with me, sir," he said.P

Those are never good words to hear. Unless they're followed by "Your dog just gave birth to puppies that crap $20s!"

This is the funniest thing I've read today, article has a great sense of humor. As for pics of cabinets and laptops I say how dare you sir! Taking photos without the consent of kinect, without sharing with the NSA and no expressed permission of the photographed laptop is just underhanded. That laptop was just sitting there playing games and you were watching it, taking pics without its knowledge and showing it off to friends while not using an internet connection! For shame....
Sarobi  +   810d ago
wow that must've been a really awkward scene.

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