Research shows gamers have kickass vision

MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a look at the visual test study done at Duke University.

Appelbaum, Cain, Darling and Mitroff found that gamers who dedicate significant time to games like Call of Duty and BioShock Infinite were better at “…detecting minute changes in visual contrast and motion, track multiple objects more efficiently, and process visual information more quickly.”

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WelshPixie2011d ago

Damn skippy. Also, lol at the picture. :D

Choc_Salties2011d ago

You'd think that were the case, I'd be an expert driver by now, but i still doublecheck my blind spots every time. If i could get a "from behind view off the car like in GTA or NFS...

That being said, maybe i ought to go try go hunting again. When i went with my dad, i could never spot what he was looking at till he popped the target, maybe now it might have improved - then again, I've forgotten how to use a rifle...

HanCilliers2011d ago

I've been gaming for decades and I have shit vision

fluffydelusions2011d ago

Same but it isn't because of gaming. I was wearing glasses since before NES even came out lol