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State of Decay may not be the Holy Grail of Zombie Games, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Given a larger budget and co-op gameplay, State of Decay could have been something much greater, but for the first title from a studio it is beyond expectations.

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MilkMan2008d ago

I'm very torn with this game. The concept is sound and fun can be had, but it is rough as hell around the edges and it lacks a proper tutorial which is essential for a game as dense as this one. I also found myself struggling with the controls. I wasn't sure what was highlighted what wasn't. I thought you could get into the inventory of your partners, but you cant unless you are physically using them.

I don't hate it, but a measure for me (at least) to know whether or not I am having fun with a game is its addictiveness factor (aside from fun).

I started playing Lego Lord of The Rings, shortly after playing this game. I think its the fun and polish I like in games. Even if their from a independent (indie) dev.

I haven't given up on it yet, I am waiting for a few more patches before I dive in again.

Tres212007d ago

see i loved playin the game & the play style seemed easy 2 pick up 4 me but u r so right that inventory thing kinda drove me crazy i hated 2 hav 2 keep switchin char & then i got 2 some point when i couldnt switch back 2 the guy who had all my good stuff cuz i was letting him rest back up