WoW World First Boss Kills

The 2.4 Patch has just been released, and we have already reports on the raiding progress, and slaughtering of bosses! The PTR has been working as a training ground for the guilds, and many of the new bosses go down as fast as it takes to organize a raid, up to the gates of the Twin Eredar, Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess which are locked.

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Leord3766d ago

It will be interesting to see who first kills Kil'jaeden!

Maticus3766d ago

Yeah, even though the US servers had the advantage with time, I think the EU guys will probably get Kil'jaeden down first.

Jinxstar3766d ago

Either death and taxes or nihilum. It's always those 2.

Leord3766d ago

Still, it's funny how neither of those killed any of the first 3 bosses ^^

Maticus3766d ago

that's a good point :P

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