Ninja Gaiden 2 Demo Coming in May

A new post on the official website for Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden II (X360) reveals that a demo for the game will hit Xbox Live sometime in May.

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Sayai jin3738d ago

There are some good demos announced for May.

toughNAME3738d ago

I would not have given this game a second glance if there was never a demo. With all the hype around it, and the performance of its processor, Team Ninja may have earned themselves a sale.

mintaro3738d ago

sick, finally i have chance to cut off some limbs!......without getting life.....

THWIP3737d ago should give Dark Sector a try. Started playing it last night, and it's very addictive, in a sick way. :D

7h3ultim8p003738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Yessss thank you GOD for giving people the skills to make an awesome game like Ninja Gaiden 2!!!

This is the shat! Awesome motherfukin NEWS! Finally! We get some NEWS here at N4G! Damn! Yes, super win!

Just a month and a half away.

KidMakeshift3738d ago

Hmmm, I better lay some newspapers down first. I don't want blood to get all over the place

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