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Submitted by MattS 972d ago | opinion piece

Why are people complaining about PSPlus being required for online play?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "In the fallout from E3, I've observed a weird little wave of discontent gain momentum on the social wires (ok, Twitter and Facebook). It seems that people just had to dig through Sony's E3 show, that two hour-long master class in marketing brilliance, and find something to complain about.

What they've picked up on is the fact that with the PlayStation 4, if you want to play online and use those expensive servers that Sony spends the GDP of your typical African nation on maintaining each year, you're going to need to buy PlayStation Plus." (PS4)

T900  +   972d ago
"What they've picked up on is the fact that with the PlayStation 4, if you want to play online and use those expensive servers that Sony spends the GDP of your typical African nation on maintaining each year, you're going to need to buy PlayStation Plus"

Well how come there are no charges to play online on the PC then?

Sony charging for online pay is a definite step backward, no amount of good reasons for PS+ can justify having online play only limited to PS+. PS+ may work for some, for others they simply may not want it. Its kind of become mandatory now to have PS+ since online is such a large component of games these days. Its almost like Sony shoving PS+ down people throats.

Server maintenance charges is no excuse if that was the case we would have been paying online charges on the PC a long time ago.
MysticStrummer  +   972d ago
I think it's as simple as this : Sony added a lot of new social features to the PS4. They won't require devs to implement them, just like devs weren't required to implement custom soundtracks on PS3, but they don't want their PS4 product development money to go to waste. By requiring PS+ to play online they offset development and maintenance costs and ensure that developers will implement PS4's social features into their games.

Personally I think they should have allowed basic online play for free but reserved all those social features, including cross game chat, for PS+ members. I think they'd have gotten a lot of new PS+ members that way too.
xHeavYx  +   972d ago
At least with PS4 you don't need to pay to use apps like Netflix, also, by paying you get free quality games, didn't they announce Drive Club and 3 indie games?
People complaining are just M$ fanboys who need to take credit away from all the good things Sony is doing, that way they will feel better when, for some reason, they can't check in online after 24 hours and are stuck with a $500 brick
Army_of_Darkness  +   972d ago
I have and Love PS+, so this does not effect me.
It's just annoying how the main cry babies to all this is pc fanboys?! LOL! why are y'all even complaining if your not gonna get a ps4 to begin with??
as for xbox owners, I don't see any reason for them to talk shit either cause they had to pay for online everything for the last 8 years LOL!
The difference here is that we get way more on ps+ then just multiplayer ;-)
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shoddy  +   972d ago
Just give plus a try yesterday.
That cloud storage and auto update is very convenient
darthv72  +   972d ago
i would venture a guess
and say that gaming on the PC is not as regulated or controlled as on a console. There are too many variables to try and restrict and enforce some sort of pay wall when it comes to PC gaming.

Now you can have the specific games like WOW or other MMO's that people say they dont mind paying for if the experience warrants such a fee.

But for the most part, PC games can be hosted by individuals if need be. I cant say what its like currently but i remember back in the day of playing counter strike, you would just search for a game and play.

There were some game/types that were reserved for members of specific clans and others that were free for all but that was at the discretion of the host. console gaming is more closed in nature. so therefore it is more regulated and controlled.

Sony more than likely wanted to charge for PSN but if you look at the service when it began, they knew they couldnt. Not with how it compared to the system that live used. In many ways it was like comparing AOL to just straight internet access.

AOL gave that impression of community and convenience. something people were willing to pay for because it took the difficulty of figuring out things like where to sign up for email or how to buy something online. It gave people the simplistic functions they wanted.

Now AOL is a shell of its former self but that is because the conveniences it provided, were becoming easier to find and use outside of its community.

Unlike AOL....PSN and Live do continue to evolve and are bringing with that evolution the conveniences that people want. Making the idea of being a member more attractive. That and they give away games as part of being a member.
Genuine-User  +   972d ago
Could you tell me why there are no charges to play online on PC?
Maybe your answer to my question will answer your question as to why Sony needs our support.
aquamala  +   972d ago
it's an open platform, who would you even pay the fee to on PC? Steam? each game? nobody on PC has to pay for cloud saves or automatic updates either.
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Genuine-User  +   972d ago
At aquamala, that is exactly why I posed the question. PC is an open platform which requires no such fee to play online multiplayer.
Sony is a closed platform which requires users to fund their online infrastraucture.
If users don't support sony, they won't be able to give us a premium experience.
Azuske  +   972d ago
People need to stop expecting everything Sony to be handed to them. They are trying to provide a premium service with many social and cloud gaming features. In order to do this... THEY NEED MONEY SO THEY WON'T HAVE TO FOCUS ON SAVING AND STICKING TO A BUDGET! They will still have free online play for PS3 and Vita but if you want to enjoy everything that is PS4 then just pay for it. I mean PS+ pays for itself due to all the free games and features. I mean they are giving a cheaper console and allowing you to use used games. Don't complain when they are just trying to provide a better service by adding a small fee per month to that price tag. If it's a problem then don't play online.
mandf  +   972d ago
Paying for online sucks in my mind and I'm not for it. But pc is open platform where as a console is solely owned and ran by said company. Totally 2 different concepts and rules. The thing is all apps, f2p games, and features can be used without psn+. Only online play is affected. Psn+ didn't need online play and I would still buy it. I highly recommend it to anyone switching to ps4.

Sony said they will invest the money that we spend on making things better and expanded content. It they do that which I have no reason not to, How is that bad? I spent $50 dollars to get game after game for free. Quality games too. Now the multiplayer is thrown in. I personally don't lose. Some will. $50 bucks is $50 bucks. It worth means different to all of us. Saying all that I still hate it, but for me it means nothing because psn+ is money in the bank for me.
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SJPFTW  +   972d ago
Just a week ago the fanboys were bashing having to pay for XBOX live to access online play, now Sony is doing it then somehow it is still okay?

Don't care what PSPlus comes with 'free' games the point is making people pay extra to access features of a game YOU PAYED FULL PRICE for is a**hole move.

PSPlus was a good when it was a choice, now it is just being forced on you. I loved how Sony glossed over it quickly in the E3 Presentation because they know it is just a money grab.
Joe913  +   972d ago
There are huge points that makes plus and xbox live different first multiplayer only for plus to me this is where xbox mess up making ppl pay to use netflix when they already pay for internet and netflix already. Second you don’t care that ps+ get free game well that’s you and that means you are missing the whole point I spent 100 bucks on plus so far and have about that many games from plus and I don’t download all the free stuff I just pick out the ones I always wanted but did not buy if you count my minis, ps vita, and ps one games I have well over 100 games hell the problem becomes when do I have time to play all this lol. What do you get with xbox live that you don’t get on ps+. If they gave you stuff then I would see it worth it but xbox fanboys pay to play they games online and to watch netflix and or hulu that’s a rip off. I would understand more if they gave a discount for those services but they don’t do that either. The real reason why I think they are doing this because Gaiki and the all access I was worried the all access would be another charge on top of ps plus but I think they are doing this so we can have access to all our ps3 games on the ps4 and vita plus we can still stream them to the ps3 so we can save disc space.
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InTheLab  +   972d ago
If we were talking about XBL a week ago, you'd have 200 agrees. Now that there's no choice, we're making excuses for a terrible decision.

This fragments your base. Instead of the occasional dead lobbies, now most of the lobbies will be empty for quite sometime.

I also believe free online is the reason why the PS3 caught and overcame the 360 in WW sales.

Gaming online should be free no matter the system.
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Corpser  +   972d ago
Fact is 360 was the only platform you have to pay to play online multiplayer, now PS4 joins that list. These are not the only 2 platforms. WiiU, PC, android, apple, nobody else has to pay a fee to play online multiplayer
Joe913  +   972d ago
You do for Ios and adroid its called a phone bill because if you did not pay that you could not get online lol. @ inthelab the reason ppl hate on the xbox pay to play is because you get nothing for it you paying for services you already pay for thats it if ps+ wasnt giving away games I bet ppl would look at it in the same way at least I would.
Corpser  +   972d ago

the data plan on your phone is just like your broadband plan

You don't pay extra to play online multiplayer on iOS or android
InTheLab  +   972d ago
@ Joe

I'm already paying full price for the game and I'm paying my ISP.

It's literally the same thing I've been bitching about for the last 10 years on Xbox. make your money back through free games but there's zero guarantee that Sony will to pump out Sleeping Dogs/Deus Ex HR caliber freebees...and then what?
MYSTERIO360  +   972d ago
In my honest opinion paying for plus+ next gen is well within the realms of being reasonable.

With XBlive, gold customers were forced to adhere to a service which only gave them access to free apps, cross game chat, internet and online play.

With Sony's online proposition they are offering all the existing benefits of PS+ (Free games, Betas, theme discounts)which means you automatically get your moneys worth i.e. free Driveclub day 1. But you also gain access to PPV events streaming, exclusive episodic and music content, access to online streaming and instant play via Gaikai as well as all the other social features available.

Also subscription based movie apps i.e Netflix will remain free of charge and will not be part of the PS+ membership.

I for one will definitely be continuing my PS+ membership for the PS4.
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EasilyTheBest  +   972d ago
I don't blame Sony for charging for online the thing I find funny how its suddenly fine to pay for online by most Sony fans.
They try and justify it by saying they get free games or worse it don't matter because they are already paying for PSN plus.

lol you can't make it up.
P_Bomb  +   972d ago
Make what up? I *am* already paying for plus. Is the correct answer "I'm not"?

Heck, I just won another free 30 day code on ps home yesterday in the E3 booth. I'm...sorry lol?
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matgrowcott  +   972d ago
Right, but what would your reaction be if I said I was already paying for Xbox Live so that I can use party chat with family so it doesn't matter that I have to pay to play online?

Whatever else is included in the price, you're still paying for something that should be free. You're already paying for the net, you've already paid for the game.

Necessary? Maybe. Unlikely to affect many core Sony fans? Certainly. That's not where the issue is though.
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kneon  +   972d ago
"what would your reaction be if I said I was already paying for Xbox Live so that I can use party chat with family"

I would have said you're getting ripped off.
matgrowcott  +   972d ago

Thanks for proving my point.
Majin-vegeta  +   972d ago
Funny thing is not everything is locked behind the PS+ wall.I can still watch my netflix,Hulu etc...without it.Also some games will be free to play online without it. E.G.DCU and Warframe.
Joe913  +   972d ago
And they also said the free to play games like DCU will not require ps+
MysticStrummer  +   972d ago
"They try and justify it by saying they get free games or worse it don't matter because they are already paying for PSN plus."

I'm not real clear on why those aren't valid justifications. You get so much free stuff, the value is much greater than the price, and if you're already a PS+ member and loving it, why would you stop?
creatchee  +   972d ago
They aren't validations because at the end of the day, somebody who wants to play the multiplayer portion of a game that they have already purchased has to pay an additional $50 a year in order to access said multiplayer portion. Benefits are great, but they do not justify paying for online multiplayer if that is what your primary motivation is.
MysticStrummer  +   972d ago
Justifications vary from person to person. I don't think you can say those aren't valid justifications, except for yourself.
DARK WITNESS  +   972d ago
I think the point is that as long as you are paying for it then it's not really free. Which you could say is kind of true.

The thing is though if you really look at it honestly it's hard to take it as a negative when you compare it to xbox live.

I have been an xbox live member for 8 years. The only feature that made the service worth the money I was paying was the party chat feature. Most premium services that you pay for at least take the adds away... not xbox live though.

it's just a shame because it's the only thing there really is to complain about and online gaming has been free for so long. At the same time considering how far sony got without having to charge for playing online they have still done a better job.

8 years on live and all I got was 20 ms points for my birthday
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Mr_Writer85  +   972d ago
How are they not valid?

Anyone who is a gamer wants to play games.

Sony give you those games for one price. Ok so you spend $50 on a new game. And then pay another $50 for plus, in order to play online.

You then get 12 games over 12 months. Law of averages says there will be one game you planned to get, and a game you didn't plan to buy but try and enjoy.

THAT is why it's more value then Live.

12 games a year for $50 >>>>>> cross game chat.

And you can get a PS4 and TWO years of plus (that's 24 games over 2 years) for the price of an XboxOne alone.
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JoGam  +   972d ago
You can't say that's its suddenly fine to pay for online in a article that says why are people complaining. I mean, is it fine or are we complaining? Do you really know the answer to that or are you just trolling?
Karpetburnz  +   972d ago
Exactly, no one is saying its fine, Xbox fanboys assume we are ok with it, which isn't true, I'm not happy about it at all.

But there's nothing we can do about it, we can't jump ship to Xbox, because they're doing the same thing but much worse. So you have to weigh in the cons for both consoles and so far PS4 is still a much more consumer friendly console.

Basicly we have to look at the positive side of things, with PS+ we get a ton of free games and discounts, so overall we are getting back more than we pay, this is not me trying to justify it, I'm just looking at the positives because there no point on dwelling on the negatives.
TongkatAli  +   972d ago
PS + gives free games more then triple the amount you paid and Xbox live is $60 and no free games. Are you serious ? Childs play, you guys have nothing and never had a good argument.

"Hypocrites"' sureeeeee, keep on embrassing yourselves.
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ded1020  +   972d ago
Xbox is infact rolling out free games as of e3. Halo 3 and AC2 were announced. I'm not sure if its tied to old or not, they just said "here are 2 free games" but I assume this is the snowball slowly picking up pace to match ps+
creeping judas  +   972d ago
We pay $50 for PS+ in order to get free games. The reality of it is they aren't free games. If we got the same amount of free games without PS+, then yeah you could say they are free games. But paying to get free games is a bit of a contradiction in terms.
Mr_Writer85  +   972d ago
@ded they are giving 2 free games away until November.

After that no more free games.
Karpetburnz  +   972d ago
Dude, I'm just as upset about forced online fees as the next guy, but what the hell are we supposed to do? Just boycott the PS4? That would be stupid since the Xbox One is doing the same thing but WORSE since you can't use your "free" media apps if you dont have XBL gold. Not to mention the used games DRM.

Sony fans aren't trying to Justify it, most the harcore Sony fans on this Site have probably already got PS+, so its no skin off their nose, as for the people who dont, we know we have to just accept it and move on. The last people who should be talking crap is the Xbox fanboys since they're the ones who have been supporting online fees from the start.
badz149  +   972d ago
say what you want xbox fanboys
but there is a critical difference between PS+ and XBL Gold!

granted that both are mandatory for online play on PS4 and XBone, would you not play online after you pay for XBL Gold? no, because that would be utterly stupid, right? you pay because you want to play online and that's it, nothing more!

however, would someone paying for PS+ suffer a similar loss after paying but not playing online? I don't think so, because PS+ gives you games after games after games for free every month! XBL Gold don't do that thus making PS+ in the league of its own in terms of value - nothing else comes close!
one2thr  +   972d ago
Dude MS fans were paying for CROSS GAME CHAT, that was the only real difference between PSN and XBL...

And I find it funny that people aren't mentioning the fact that Sony is aiming for THE FASTEST GAMING NETWORK avialible, and having GaiKai stream demos/games and being able to play them while there downloading COST MONEY to maintain and heck, PS+ has proven to be WELL worth $60 and it gives the consumer 2 or more games a month on ALL PlayStation platforms...

So why would any sane PlayStation vet would complain about having to dish out $60 when, they're getting more than what their spending?... (Coming from a guy, that loves to play for free)

Heck I had PS+, the only reason why I havent renew my subscription is that I missed the last deal they had with 3 free months of PS+ on top of the year. Now Im waiting until that deal comes back around...
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clarkdef  +   972d ago
Most of the time multiplayer is peer to peer, why pay for something when you are not going through sonys servers? On the other hand ps+ is awesome, I can't find the time to play all the games they hand out. Though that model works for them too because of game exposure and thus increased dlc sales, I mean after going through batman, how can you not go and get all the dlc?

I don't like the paid online, but at the same time they have cleverly made me accustomed to paying it, by using the tactic "progressive overload" they are a business. Let's never forget that and they have played things masterfully.

Unlike MS which has just thrown the dog out in the cold.
Bowzabub  +   972d ago
JT already confirmed that the online subs will go toward improving the infrastructure, so I'm all for it. I had every intention on remaining a member of PS+ anyhow. I think most people that are shying away are very uninformed. If it truly was JUST to play online, then I'd have a problem.
Software_Lover  +   972d ago
Because it's required for online play.
Shadonic  +   972d ago
The same reason why all the Sony peeps Joking on the 360 people for having to pay for Online. Basically after all the joking about free online play the next generation brings an Ironic Turn of events. Honestly as someone whose going from 360 to PS4 this Gen its really kind of funny especially when a majority of the people who are welcoming playing online now were most likely laughing at every 360 owner for having to pay to play online. You have to admit that's kind of funny.
TongkatAli  +   972d ago
Look at how long we were playing multiplayer for free, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Shadonic  +   972d ago
Who said that there's anything to be ashamed of, I just find it a little funny how things kind of flipped a little. I'm ok having with to pay now that im coming back to PlayStation especially when plus kicks golds ass.
metoo2   972d ago | Spam
Puppy_Farts  +   972d ago
I'm already a PS+ member. I rarely play MP, so this really isn't a big deal for me. I pay for PS+ for free games, discounts, and early demos. If I had to pay for PS+ to use Netflix and all that sh*t, then I simply wouldn't pay for PS+. That being said, I can see why some people would be annoyed at this.
Supermax  +   972d ago
Dost bother me a bit I'm use to paying for Xbox live gold and getting nothin in return on it,I've played countless hours of halo without dedicated servers and it gives you aaa games for free every month there current offer is uncharted 3 and Xcom enemy unknown and saints row the third wich is currently 35 dollars at GameStop.along with that there bringing planetside 2 dc universe warframe wich don't require is throwing in 3 or 4 indie titles in at launch for free with ps+,and if I'm not mistaken you can preorder driveclub a aaa launch title and get ps+ free for a year.what does Xbox give you assassins creed 2 and halo 3.the majority of the games comeing next get need dedicated servers for flawless multiplayer.
Mikelarry  +   972d ago
it might be ok for sony to charge but atleast you are getting something for it. also sony has realized that if the company wants to be at xbox live level or even surpass it they would have to make big investment and to do this fans of ps would have to pay for that feature. this is not a new tactic companies use and for all the xbox fan using this as " lol ps fans have to pay and they are ok with it" rather than waste all that energy put it somewhere that counts like your sinking console i am sure you have heard EA has kicked ms to the curve on the issue about drm
Neko_Mega  +   972d ago
I don't care for the idea, but seeing how I'm already paying for Plus on PS3/PS Vita. I'm ok with it being Plus and not a added cost, I just hope the price doesn't go up or if it does. Not to high.
theEx1Le  +   972d ago
Doesn't bother me at all. Hopefully with money flowing in from PSN the service will be improved. However, I will say that if everyone wanted PS+, then there wouldn't be a problem. Everyone goes on about the nice features you get but the fact is if they were so tempting then everyone would already be a subscriber. Now the difference is they HAVE to sub to play games online, which for alot of people would sting I guess.
fourOeightshark  +   972d ago
Most people don't even know about the benefits in being a PS Plus subscriber because Sony doesn't advertise it. I had to tell my friends about it and they loved it.
sephiroth420  +   972d ago
stop bitching and accept it, hell they gave us how many hours of free online gmaeplay on the ps3, plus ive had ps plus since it came out, it doesnt cost much and its definitely worth having, i think they just want to get everyone on playstation plus. its a good thing.
edonus   972d ago | Spam
PSjesus  +   972d ago
right now i only have Vita (since im traveling alot) yet the free games every month justifying having a PS+ in fact i feel im cheating Sony ...... so one account can give more than 7 free games each month on three different Systems that a steal
infamousinfolite  +   972d ago
"Why are we complaining about PSPlus being required for online play?"

Because we just bashed everyone xbox gamer that they have to pay to play online but now we're eating the same crow. (Even though Sony apologizes and is offering us free cake, early access to cake and discounts on new cake) And still we will miss playing online multiplayer for free.

Ultimately, I don't know why we complain. Xbox One owners must purchase Xbox Live subscription to probably use the Xbox One (since they want you to sign in to install your games so it'll be on your online library and the online check in requirement at least once every 24 hours) and for the features that are inside Xbox Live whilst, PS4 owners have access to PSN(SEN) for free, free to play games are free to play, but only the online multiplayer function that is offered on the games we buy like Battlefield 4, Cod Black Ops2, and we have to be a PS+ subscriber to access this function.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   972d ago
They need something to cry about.I said this a while back that if Sony would charge for online multi player i would pay only if they fix things like game downloads,servers,cross game chat,game updates in the background/installing,fast fluid Ui,headset in the box and they delivered.What's more interesting to me is that the guys that are complaining are lets face it xbox fans which buy the way is crazy.Xbox live forces you to pay for the following netflix,YouTube,internet explorer etc.If your cell phone goes for out for lack of payment and your on wifi they still work.And Sony them self have said cloud computing is available on ps4 and that its up do the devs and pubs to utilise it.
insomnium2  +   972d ago
I can see this being a problem for someone who ONLY play COD but to any 'normal' gamer being a plus member is a no brainer.

Don't even bother with this BS x- fans. With xblg you've paid only for online gaming for years. If online gaming was all what ps+ gave us then you would see the same exact outrage for it. No hypocrisy whatsoever.
swishersweets20031  +   972d ago
i got over the first shock of it all and just said screw it. might as well go along for the ride because at least they will give me some games and betas to try out every so many months for the 50 bucks a year.

i dont agree with the decision but i dont really have much choice besides going PC.
BitbyDeath  +   972d ago
MS brought this on us, you can all thank them and their supporters on the way out.

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