GT5 Prologue: A Highlight Of HD Gaming

Hi-Def Digest writes:

The upcoming Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of HD Gaming for people thinking in purely visual terms. Aside from the GT franchise's reputation as being one of the most realistic and unforgiving race simulations around, the series has also been widely regarded as a high watermark for visuals.

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Blademask3714d ago

I'm glad they know about its reputation for being an unforgiving simulation when you screw up. cant wait to play the Top Gear track, oh wait. I guess i'll be waiting 'about a year' :-(

The Wood3714d ago

ill be picking my copy up tomorrow as the delivery didn't come today (my special game shop). Was I pissed? yep even though Ill only have to wait another 24 hours.

sonarus3714d ago

Screw you guys i gotta wait another month.

Snukadaman3714d ago

A simulation as it is defined as an imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process...How is it a imitation of real life if you hit another car and there is no deformation?

wulan3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

GT5P makes any car racing game shiver in terms of gameplay and graphics

Forza2 has Damage but whats the point when its cars doesnt look realistic

IGN has also said that GT5P is the most realistic racing game ever

"9.5 Graphics
We don't really have qualms saying GT5 Prologue is the best looking racing sim we've ever laid eyes on. Super crispy car models, hyper-detailed interiors... it's gorgeous. "

forza got a 7 from IGN in graphics

Snukadaman3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

The problem was I wasn't commenting on the graphics which in fact do look better then any driving game out on any system...I was commenting on the simulation part of the game...And for the cowards who disagreed please explain too me and tell me im wrong that there is a damage model in gt5 which would make it a true simulation instead of just bumper cars like the previous GT's.

And theres nothing wrong with forzas graphics...but if you play a game with damage and then play another game that doesn't have damage its quite a big leap.

wulan3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

In order to be a SIM you need to have both graphics and gameplay.

Only GT5P has that. even at 720p if you still look crap with plastic cars and washed out environments then you are no SIM at all.

damage absolutely means nothing when ultrarealistic GT5P has lifelike graphics and gameplay. For damage play Burnout rather which has the best damage but is nowhere near a sim

Dont compare Forza 2 with ultrarealistic GT5Prologue.

Others please report His comments as SPAM

Forza 2 got 7 in graphics from IGN . there is everything wrong with it. GT5P is not just better but leaps and bounds better than Forza 2 in graphics and gameplay.

Besides that GT5P runs at full HD NATIVE at 1080P at 60 fps. Forza 2 runs at 720P at 60 FPS .

Only a jealous fanboy would ever compare LIFELIKE GT5P with anything else

Snukadaman3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

You say the exact thing every time yet no one cries that your spamming...please stay on topic nasim.....unless you want to have that account locked out of the gamer zone like your other accounts...In fact I didnt even compare forza with GT5. In fact I said gt5 looked better then any game on any system as we speak.....keep focused nasim..your missing the big picture.

"In order to be a SIM you need to have both graphics and gameplay."
No in order for GT5 too be a simulation it needs real damage to cars..if a game has gameplay and graphics that only makes it a game...not a simulation if the cars just bounce off of each other.

peksi3714d ago

Even though the game looks a stunner and I'm looking forward to it I have to agree that it is not a simulation if you can bump thru corners at 200mph like a balloon. But that is just my opinion.

But I will personnally be VERY dissappointed if the damage modelling will not be released. Although my hopes are high since the makers of the game thrive for some sort of perfection which most likely includes the damage modelling.

Spinner3713d ago

Snukadaman, Why the hell would I want GT5 to have crap damage like Forza 2? Seriously? I run into a wall at 150+ mph and walk away without a front bumper and my car sways to the left? wtf?

I hope they put in REALISTIC damage, but if they're going to half-ass it like Forza, don't bother.

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cmrbe3714d ago

Quite detail and informative and it was interesting to see it from a movie fans perspective.

myke66993714d ago

I read the accompanying comments on the site: it seems lately everytime there's a mention of GT5P, there's a barrage of xbox360 users (i refrain from using the other term) who's ready to shut down any good words anyone has to say about the game (and PS3). It's odd. If you love playing your Forza 2 Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing (quite a mouthful) , go ahead and enjoy it as much as you want and if you lack any kind words to say about GT5P- well, just shut the fcuk up!

The_Engineer3714d ago

that MS has LEGIONS of viral marketers out there 24/7/365 beating down any praise for the PS3 and its games.

sonarus3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

its jealosy man. Plain old jealosy. It happens with fanboys on both sides but it is especially painful when fanboys can't just let sony have this one. Forza and PGR didn't get this much attention and it is pissing them off. Its alright though.
The sad thing is there is really nothing polyphony can do to change it. Fanboys will always be fanboys

I have seen every excuse for GT5 ever it never gets old for them. When the true GT5 releases and effectively owns every driving game ever made they still won't stop

level 3603714d ago

Got my copy today here in Australia, and what a game! Just bought me a G25 few weeks before pre-orderd a GT5:P copy and works flawlessly.
If you can afford to buy a steering wheel, it just adds so much more to the experience.

I am blown away by the graphics, could'nt believe they could push it even further compared to downloadable HD Version off the 'net.
Have to say it also blows Forza2 in the physics dept. and this game does'nt even have damage-mode.

This game is awesome, what more for the Full version that'll be released late 2008 to early 2009.

If you're a car-nut as I am there is one specific automobile that Sony/Polyphony kinda made a very minor mistake, got nothing to do with graphics nor physics.
In the real Citroen's C4 hatch the center steering wheel where controls are placed is actually "fixed" which means it does'nt move at all - only the outer wheel where the driver steers is the only one that moves. ( in the game everything moves just like your normal average steering wheel ) - just an honest observation here...

OC Shock Value3714d ago

this "DEMO" will likely be one of the years best racers next to Mario Kart and Motorstorm 2

wulan3714d ago

The writer is talking about HD games ---something that runs at 720p/1080p

dont bring wii games in here when Forza2 doesnt even come close to GT5P in terms of graphics and gameplay

OC Shock Value3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

LOL damnit man why all the samuel jackson type furious anger.. okey mario kart is not HD.. so what u wanna get in my face about it?? u wanna fight?? hahaha.. its a great game man.. always has been.. plus it will beat out most "HD" games just as other "not HD" nintendo titles did.. bow down and show some respect.. ur acting as if i said it was better then gran turismo..

im just stating itll be one of the best racers of the year.. not the clearest racer of the year..

by the way forza is a pretty damn good game..

wulan3714d ago

are all decent games

But GT5P is GT5P .

you cant compare it to anything else .

DOnt compare ultrarealistic GT5P with anything that is inferior in terms of gameplay and graphics

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