The Bourne Conspiracy gameplay videos

Three gameplay videos of The Bourne Conspiracy from GameTrailers.

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TheMART3766d ago

Damn that game looks like Uncharted in its gameplay, coversystem, the main character etc...

Check the video on the boat, its like the boat setting in Uncharted. It is about the only game on the PS3 exclusive that interests me now, but the 360 gets its own Uncharted kind of game with The Bourne Conspiracy. Pretty funny. Its just not on an island, but in the city setting blowing up cars instead of trees

redmamoth3766d ago

... a candle to Uncharted I'm afraid... I'm glad there is a game on the PS3 that interests you though, absolutely nothing on the 360 interests me... Each to their own though I guess!

kingme713766d ago

I thought the setting resembled Bioshock more than Uncharted and the cover system looked Gears of War (more part II than I). The limb breaking reminded me of NGII. The mist over the ocean had an Alan Wake feel to it and that helmet that guy had on is pure Halo (III not II).

felidae3766d ago

lololol @ TheMART .. yeah, like Uncharted .. lolol. you really want to have a game with graphics like Uncharted on your beloved 360, don't you?

This game looks good but not as good as UC, sorry.

ps3 ftw°

games4fun3766d ago

toned down crappy version the character models are atrocious and the weapons are laughable the only thing that looks slightly polished is the hand to hand fighting everything else is a sorry excuse

stuntman_mike3766d ago

im liking this game the more i see of it, the fighting does look good and the only similiarity to uncharted is the cover and view point but then thats the same as gears.

Alcaponeyou3766d ago

gonna shake like crazy when it's unnecessary

slapsta723765d ago

haha, too right

worst thing bout the 2nd and 3rd movie was the shakie cam