Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week March 21st, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for the worldwide hardware for week ending March 21st, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: (Last Week #)

Wii: 397,102 (265,042)
DSL: 318,481 (330,399)
PSP: 186,192 (178,581)
PS3: 174,748 (151,639)
360: 150,013 (125,634)
PS2: 130,739 (120,834)

Breakdown by region:


PLEASE NOTE, Software Numbers only reflect Europe region at the moment, DOES NOT include Japan or USA, software numbers are subject to change.

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SWORDF1SH3710d ago

i wouldnt go as far as to say made up. they are jus estimates

beoulve3710d ago

Estimate? not even close

Estimates cant get u 200k diff from NPD and vgchartz

CrazzyMan3710d ago

For Japan they take average data from Famitsu and MediaCreate, so it`s accurate enough.
For Europe they take ChartTrack data and MVC, but that data is more estimated, and corrected after new data comes.
For USA they ussually take data from their sorce instead of NPD, so it`s hard to tell is data accurate or not.

Well on Topic, PS3 outselling x360 in every region, and that after just little more then 1 year since ps3 launch. PS3 is still most expensive console + Big hitters like MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII, GT5 are still NOT out.
Beware haters! =))

Homicide3710d ago

FOR NA numbers, they edit them every month after NPD release the numbers.

sonarus3710d ago

I am surprised they gave the ps3 the win in NA? Are they adjusting their numbers due to 2 months of failure? are the supply issues still on, or is msoft actually losing its grip in NA. NPD for march will reveal the truth

wulan3710d ago

what made you think that x360 would outsell ps3 in NA in march???

seriously MARCH NPD wont be any different than JAN/FEB . There could even a large discrepancy between x360 and PS3 sales than JAN/FEB.

We will wait for NPD. but anecdotal retailer sales are more than enough to see which console actually won MARCH,2008

NO_PUDding3709d ago

NPD numbers please. Unbelieveable becuase PS2 should be winning in terms of hardware.

le killer3709d ago

yeah with those extra 25K a week, or 100k a month, it's only gonna around 70 months to make up the 8mil that sony are behind lol! i would think metal gear and gtp will help to shift a fair few consoles between them! even so, with those estimates(we should wait for the npd figures really), sony wont be catching microsoft this year!!

CrazzyMan3709d ago

That x360 will outsell PS3 in NA since 2007 till Christmas 08 and trend won`t change.
Well guess what, trend is changed, ps3 outselling x360 in NA since January.

Now i see, that you expect for ps3 to outsell maximum at 25k weekly or 100k per month.
Well, don`t be suprised, when during MGS4 release week ps3 will outsell x360 in one week by 400-500k. =)
The trend is changing, the ps3 is gaining.

le killer3709d ago

i've only been posting on here for about 3 weeks... you must have me mixed up with someone else!

and selling 400k or 500k more the week that metal gear gets released still does'nt equate to 8 mil does it now?? and i can't see gtp shifting a mil! still, they're gaining....slowly though!

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TUFFnNYC3710d ago

Too bad someone will take this seriously. Although this time around i do believe the numbers are somewhat accurate. Maybe the NPD numbers can reveal the same thing. Who knows. But we cannot forget the lineup for Sony. It can be a huge factor. Just gotta wait and see. Peace ya'll.

Cyrus3653710d ago

NPD will only reveal the US side of things, Europe is handled by Chart-Track and they don't seem to announce month sales, and Japan is handled by Media Create.

The best case to get the most accurate numbers is quarter reports from the manufactures themselves, Nintendo (Always) and Sony (Now) report in sold to consumers, and not 100% sure if Msoft has changed their ways as to reports sold to consumers or "sold" to retailers.

Lumbo3710d ago


The manufacturers only report Sale to customer (customer = shop, NOT the consumer) They have no way to report sale to consumer because they do not get a feedback from every freaking store that sold a unit.

Nintendo and Sony report "shipped" = sold to retail(sony changed to that after 2006), Microsoft reports "shipped" = from factory to MS warehouse and "sold" = sold to retail.

Therefor MS "sold" = Nintendo/Sony "shipped"

And NO ONE can report sold to customer, all numbers regarding real SOLD units are estimates interpolated from sample data from a selection of stores.

Cyrus3653709d ago

That's what I assumed, but there have been a few interview with Sony peeps, and there much publizied that they now report "sold" as not "sold to retails" but to consumers, that they can data from retailers, etc.

TooL 3163710d ago

wow ps3 on top again, i hope this continues for a long time.

iAmPS33710d ago

Well, it sure doesn't look good for the 360.
PS3 has too many awesome games coming out, BOTS will have to shut up.

wulan3710d ago

x360 couldnt sell half as much as ps3 in europe.

I am saying this since VG inflates x360 numbers

PS3 went on to beat x360 in every region .

Although we all know that it over for x360 in europe next week due to GT5P

I expect that game to sell over 1.3m copies.

LOL even at half price x360 couldnt outsell PS3 in europe.......haaaaaaa

X360's death anniversary is on 28TH MARCH in europe

poor MS and XFIX ME

Obama3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

the price cut didn't help much, just a little bit. I know that vg chart is inaccurate, but if anything they always underestimate ps3 sales. Expect ps3 to have sold more.

wulan3710d ago

next week when GT5P lands

It is over for x360 .X360 will be fully dead in eu next week

SWORDF1SH3710d ago

it im going by that these estimates are near enough accurate (which they might not be). there are a couple of suprise for me. i expected the 360 to sell more in europe with their quite big price slash, this could be due to a lag period to where the sales do take off. also i expected the 360 sales to start to take back over the ps3 in america because ms said the would get back on track with shortages by march and they defo would by april. no sign of it yet.

Death3710d ago

If you look two weeks back on Europes last full week prior to the price cut, you will see sales have gone up from 40k to 70k. It's a pretty big leap, ut keep in mind these are VGC numbers which use a combination of voodoo, black magic and witchcraft to get.


wulan3710d ago

X360 had a price cut last week.

Dont you even see that. even with a price cut they couldnt match PS3's sales in EUROPE.

an x360 now costs half as much as a PS3 in europe and still you can see the result.

Can you even imagine what happens to PS3/x360 sales when GT5P hits europe next week. GT is the biggest franchise in europe after FF and MGS

shine13963709d ago

no..Gt has always been bigger then mgs and ff12...sometimes even when both put together... only gta rivals Gt in terms of sales...