Konami looks to reinvent soccer with PES 2014

Bringing the Fox Engine to a soccer game can only mean excellent things.

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EzioFan1502d ago

PES started with video gaming football, but FIFA took over. And they simply can't comeback..

NioRide1502d ago

Actually "Championship Manager" started Gaming football..

aaron58291502d ago

Ahhh... CM... you mean the game that i started playing after dinner... then it was 12am... then i go "well just one more game..." then it was 2am.. i'll be like "okok wait till i try my new signing.." then it was 4am... "okok last game.." then it was 7am and time to go work ?

Yeah... good times.. :)

pompombrum1502d ago

PES was around before fifa? LOL! The first pes didn't even come out until the ps2. Ofcourse there was iss games before that and the series goes back as far as goalstorm on the snes as far as I remember.

MyWordIsGospel1502d ago

I would say Sensible Soccer was the first real gamers footie title, although CM is a top shout, I lost my youth to that title.

KiLLeRCLaM1502d ago

h##p:// t-football-games/micropose-socc er-624-jpg

Microprose Soccer (1988)

Mroc131502d ago

As a pes only player I'm very disappointed that theres no next gen release.