16 player multiplayer madness on PS3/360: World in Conflict: Soviet Strike unveiled; stunning new artwork released

Sierra, Vivendi and developer Massive Entertainment today unveiled the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360-version for World in Conflict. The game gets its own subtitle: "Soviet Strike". In addition to its singleplayer campaign, World in Conflict: Soviet Strike offers a large-scale 16 player multiplayer-mode.

To check out the brand new, beautifull artwork released by it's developers, click the link below.

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Denges3648d ago

large-scale 16 player multiplayer-mode???

if thats large-scale whats resistance called?

wulan3648d ago

we just keep it to World in conflict

Not all devs are as good as Gurella/Insomniac

OC Shock Value3648d ago

Resistance would be called phenominal if 16 players gets credit

wulan3648d ago

resistance has 60 players online .

It is an ultrarealistic game and the gameplay would be super awesome no doubt just like the first one

I have already said this:-

dont go there. let us confine ourselves to multiplat games. Compare it to other multi games which are on both PS3 and X360

dont try hitting for the moon with KZ2/Resistance 2/Gears2. those games are in a different league

TheIneffableBob3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

16 players in an RTS (or, in World in Conflict's case, an RTT) is considered large-scale.

I wonder if the console versions are going to get extra content, since they're getting their own subtitle.

OC Shock Value3648d ago

i said that as a sarcastic joke my friend.. i was replying 2 the guy above me..

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Orange Juice3648d ago

I believe WIC is an RTS game. When thats the case, 16 players on consoles is pretty massive.

Kulupoo3648d ago

well.... I'm a big PC RTS gamer... im not sure how good will it work on console...

btw last year they said is only gonna be a 360 exclusive.. can someone confirm which one is true?

wulan3648d ago

why would the devs miss out on the opportunity to make more money by bringing it on to PS3 as well?