Battlefield for: Veterans, apparently

Wow, where to begin? Well, we already knew about Battlefield 4′s graphics from a previous single player demo. While the older Frostbite engines are still clearly visible, it’s had a huge graphical overhaul and the scale appears to have been upped considerably. This is mostly thanks to the next generation of consoles peeking around the corner, consoles which once every seven years threaten to vault gaming to the level it should rightfully be at. It was reportedly running on a PC specced comparably with an Xbone and PS4. Anyway, I’m in awe.

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Ask1983d ago

I'd be looking forward to BF4 more if it wasn't for the fact that they rape you with DLC now.

megaworm251983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

remember its not DLC it will be Mirco-transactions that will rape you

NameRemoved00171981d ago

The BF3 DLC wasn't bad at all.

Gigaguy7771981d ago

"Rape you with DLC"
Quality maps, new weapons and vehicles, plus assignments for faster leveling as well as unlockables (camos, more weapons usually)
All for $15 a map pack or $50 for all 5, which is in itself worth $75 so you save $25 already, but then there's the bonuses like the 144+ Hours of Double XP we've gotten from gifts and Double XP weekends, plus free strategy guides, concept art, and developer videos make it all worth $100+ for $50. So no, they didn't "rape you with DLC", they gave you an amazing offer that no other game has offered for a long time in terms of quality DLC.

KONAAs1981d ago

ohh i agree with you, my comment was toward what ASK said, i loved bf3 dlc will gladly pay for it again

Gigaguy7771980d ago

Sorry about that, glad we share an opinion!

KONAAs1981d ago

i bet u think the COD dlc is a bargain, u dont have to buy bf3 dlc

Gigaguy7771981d ago

Call of Duty DLC is not a bargain, 3 maps and nothing else for $15 is a ripoff, and paying $50 for 3 or 4 is stupid. Also, I know you don't have to buy DLC. What's your point. All I'm saying is that BF3 DLC was ridiculously high quality and had a bargain-bin price point.

3-4-51981d ago

I'm new to BF3...getting the CQ DLC free and having it have 10 new guns was something I wasn't expecting.

I've been playing COD forever but decided to try out BF3 and I'm loving it more than any COD game aside from WaW ( I love WW2 setting though).

Can't wait for Bf4.

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angelsx1981d ago

Hopefully run 1080p no 720 on Ps4 and XboxOne.

NameRemoved00171981d ago

They said its running 1080p at 60fps on the next gen consoles.

Pandamobile1981d ago

They haven't confirmed 1080p yet.

sovietsoldier1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

yesss! about time we got a true bf2 sequel.

Nafon1981d ago

That colon in the title is bugging me lol...