E3 and the Ban on Booth Babes

MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a look at the vapid, nude people being on display at E3. A recent poll indicated that most gamers have had enough of booth babes at gaming expos.

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GabeSA1984d ago

Its the craziest thing to even suggest. Booth Babes are as synonomous with gaming as Cosplay is

HanCilliers1984d ago

Don't agree at all, Cosplay is a form of fan art, booth babes is abt 'sex sells'

plut0nash1984d ago

Booth babes are just there to catch attention :)

Choc_Salties1984d ago

Hehe, at Gamescom last year, there were booth babes everywhere! Booth bros, no thats an interesting spin on the approach. Oogling is part of the fun to be sure, but at the expense of letting your product or service not stand on its own, is a bit of concern.

For cosplay, sure thing, let them have their own space to do showoffs and whatnot. It worked, and there was a huge cosplay village along with associated services catering to THEIR needs.

Pozzle1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Meh. I liked that this year gaming sites were more focused on games than how many booth babes they could get photos of.

HanCilliers1984d ago

I agree with you Pozzle, I think maybe the industry is growing up a lil

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