Nvidia Shield hands-on preview | Thunderbolt

Philip Morton, Thunderbolt writes:
The Nvidia Shield is an Android-based handheld game console that can also stream games from your PC. I don’t know whether it’s a dumb idea, poorly implemented, or a clever idea, poorly implemented. I suspect the former.

Within five minutes of playing on the Shield, its flaws become immediately apparent. This is an awkward, eye straining and wrist fatiguing experience.

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NameRemoved00171985d ago

What people never mention is the game streaming is not exclusive the the Project Shield, it will also work on any other device powered by a Tegra 4.

hellvaguy1985d ago

Prolly not worth mentioning because there really aren't any devices using Tegra 4 just yet.

JLT-Sandwitch1985d ago

Looks like it must be very top heavy. Would get annoying trying to keep it level while playing

Sarobi1984d ago

I go to try this during Day 1 of E3.. it was alright, but it wasn't something I'd be interested in dropping 300+ for.