E3 2013: Destiny Reminds the World to Never Doubt Bungie | IGN

IGN: "Be honest: was there a part of you -- maybe a teeny, tiny part -- that doubted whether Bungie could repeat its Halo success? Part of you that wondered if Halo was just a happy accident, or if they'd lost a step after the somewhat disappointing Halo: Reach? For those of you who kept the faith, rest assured that your loyalty will be duly rewarded when you get to play Destiny in 2014. And if you had been a bit skeptical, know that your concerns are unwarranted. Destiny appears set to be the next great evolution of a tired and predictable first-person shooter genre, and they drove the point home with one simple, innocuous sequence I saw that you didn't see at the Sony E3 press conference."

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kratos_TheGoat1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I'm telling you, bungie make their multiplayer very addicted day 1 for me!!!

Toon_Link1984d ago

I wasn't sure what to expect with destiny, but now after seeing it in action I'm sold!

I remember how much fun me and all my buddies had playing halo on the couch back when i was in highschool and I got a feeling bungie will be able to capture some of that fun again.

sway_z1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I have loved Sci-Fi games ever since 1982 when I was a little Acorn Electron and got my mitts on Elite for the BBC Micro Model B computer.

For our younger gamers, BBC Micro was the equivalent of high end PC gaming today.

32K Memory, awesome 2 channel audio for the time..floppy discs, cassette games!!!

Everything was so simple back then...ahh the memories :)

GamersHeaven1984d ago

It looked great cant wait to play it.

1984d ago
sway_z1984d ago

This is one of the games I will be playing into the twilight hours!!

I will literally be losing sleep playing Destiny :)

NioRide1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Everything about it just screams "Epic Space Odyssey".

I really can't wait for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.