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E3 2013: Destiny Reminds the World to Never Doubt Bungie | IGN

IGN: "Be honest: was there a part of you -- maybe a teeny, tiny part -- that doubted whether Bungie could repeat its Halo success? Part of you that wondered if Halo was just a happy accident, or if they'd lost a step after the somewhat disappointing Halo: Reach? For those of you who kept the faith, rest assured that your loyalty will be duly rewarded when you get to play Destiny in 2014. And if you had been a bit skeptical, know that your concerns are unwarranted. Destiny appears set to be the next great evolution of a tired and predictable first-person shooter genre, and they drove the point home with one simple, innocuous sequence I saw that you didn't see at the Sony E3 press conference." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

kratos_TheGoat  +   811d ago
I'm telling you, bungie make their multiplayer very addicted day 1 for me!!!
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Toon_Link  +   811d ago
I wasn't sure what to expect with destiny, but now after seeing it in action I'm sold!

I remember how much fun me and all my buddies had playing halo on the couch back when i was in highschool and I got a feeling bungie will be able to capture some of that fun again.
sway_z  +   811d ago
I have loved Sci-Fi games ever since 1982 when I was a little Acorn Electron and got my mitts on Elite for the BBC Micro Model B computer.

For our younger gamers, BBC Micro was the equivalent of high end PC gaming today.

32K Memory, awesome 2 channel audio for the time..floppy discs, cassette games!!!

Everything was so simple back then...ahh the memories :)
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GamersHeaven  +   811d ago
It looked great cant wait to play it.
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sway_z  +   811d ago
This is one of the games I will be playing into the twilight hours!!

I will literally be losing sleep playing Destiny :)
NioRide  +   811d ago
Everything about it just screams "Epic Space Odyssey".

I really can't wait for this.
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ainsz  +   811d ago
I'm not sold on it, nothing really seemed special about it. It's all about The Division for me.
medman  +   811d ago
The Division was spectacular, but Destiny was equally as impressive to me. I will be getting both for my PS4 when they are available.
McScroggz  +   811d ago
I fully expect to be super excited by Destiny before it launches, but the gameplay demo left me a little mixed.

First of all, it looked beautiful. The graphic fidelity isn't going to match The Division or Metal Gear Solid V, but I definitely thought it looked good considering how big and open it's supposed to be. And the art style, love it! The Fallen enemies have this sexy, sophisticated yet beastly quality that I really enjoyed. I always thought the Covenant looked interesting and reasonable, but The Fallen just plain look much cooler.

As far as the gameplay, it's really hard to tell. It started off slow, building up some atmosphere which I really appreciate, but then it was a fairly short firefight followed by a mid-boss wherein nothing was special about the enemy or player tactics. Looked fun, but like Halo. A good thing, but I'm hoping (and expect) the combat to expand to include more unique abilities and a large variety of enemies.

And then the public encounter. I adore that the game will have them, they are a great idea as seen in Guild Wars 2. However, I was again underwhelmed by the actual tactics employed by the enemy and player. The big robot thing just sat there. I assume it's a very low level boss and I saw that level 20 players were joining a level 5 (I believe) duo. I fully assume Bungie will offer much more diverse, dynamic bosses that will be reminiscent of a raid boss in MMO's, but I actually want to see it and not just assume, ya know?

So overall, I wasn't blown away because I didn't get to see a really dynamic fight wherein a boss enemy had several different attacks and the player needed to do more than simply shoot, but I'm not going to doubt Bungie. I think Destiny WILL be great.
ltachiUchiha  +   811d ago
If there is one thing I noticed is bungie went back to its roots. It honestly felt like a new & improved version of halo but an mmo. This could be a smash hit for them. Too bad activision is sitting back smiling because they know this & COD are going to printing money for them. Im happy for the devs though. Destiny definitely left a great impression on me. Cant believe how good the game looks for an mmo. Day one for me.
OrionNoctis  +   811d ago
never played halo but surely will pick this one up , i havent seen anything i dislike with the exception of the sphere thing fallen allies become , but seems its going to be a very awesome game...
Baka-akaB  +   811d ago
I'll always doubt any studios that throws at me concept art and keep talking about how breat everyone think their previous franchise are . Now when you do show something cool that looks indeed good , there you go i'm there and supportive .

And it's IGN's job to be full of doubt and nagging ... aka looking out for their readers and actually seeking infos , instead they spread open their legs for just any game with a brand named studio attached .
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