Amazon Spells Out PS4 Pre-order Language

Pre-orders are selling like hotcakes all over the place for the PS4, and Amazon may have oversold their future launch inventory. Emails are being sent out by Amazon to clear up some confusion.

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ftwrthtx1982d ago

Got my launch day PS4 all ready to go with launch day delivery. :-)

OlgerO1982d ago

Just looked at my biggest Dutch online store and just saw that under the most sold consoles PS4 was number 1 and xbox one was 6th behind 2 3DS models and 2 PS3 models. Very proud of my fellow dutchies

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OlgerO1982d ago

@CommonSense No im proud of them making the right choice that will propel gaming to new heights.

NewMonday1982d ago

I wonder how the XB1vsPS4 balance will look in Europe now after these factors:

- they will release at the same time
- now the PS4 is a full 100 euros cheaper
- the XB1 TV stuff is worthless to them.
- no threat from a 3rd option like the Wii this time.
- the XB1 is under very negative sentiments vs the PS4 having very positive sentiment.

I think the XB1 in Europe will be as bad as 360 is in Japan now. I still think it will get a 40%-60% market share in the USA, but no more than 25%-30% share in the rest of the world.

SoapShoes1982d ago

Not to mention half of Europe won't even get support for it.

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mikeslemonade1982d ago

I preordered yesterday. Hopefully the games are better than the PS3 launch games. It was Resistance 1 and a bunch of average games during launch for the PS3.

Ilovetheps41982d ago

I have Knack and KZ:SF preordered. Those two games look great. I'm going to try the PS+ version of Drive Club. If I like that, I'll buy Drive Club. So, I think there will be a better lineup than the PS3. I think the three games I named will be great.

SpinalRemains1981d ago

Lair and Heavenly Sword were pretty awesome I thought.

morganfell1982d ago

Got the Launch Day email for the PS4 and camera. Preordered a second PS4 and camera from Best Buy.

Drekken1982d ago

Got my launch system preordered from Amazon.

The camera looks cool and all, but why buy it off the bat? I dont think they showed off any games using it. Correct me if I am wrong.

morganfell1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Just got an email from Best Buy confirming my other system as November 30th.

rainslacker1982d ago

I haven't recieved an email, but it says I ordered it when I clicked on the launch tab on the product page. The product number is also the same as the launch version when I checked it against their product number on the page. An email would be nice though, since I'm checking every day to make sure I still have it.

Got a 2nd reserved through GS just in case though.:)

morganfell1982d ago

I preordered both systems because I want both. I want at least one for launch day and the other as soon after as possible. That's why I went with 2 different retailers.

I have different rooms in the house and like to be able to game where ever I am in the house. I have 3 PS3s now and look to do the same with the PS4.

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Conzul1982d ago

We can live in our world, and play in theirs.

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kparks1982d ago

And this guy is excited! :)

Toon_Link1982d ago

I was on the fence about getting a ps4 on launch. I figured I could hold off a while and save some cash for Christmas presents, but after the press confrence I decided what the hell and made a preorder on amazon. Great part is I had some money from last Christmas and my birthday that's gone unused and I just sold my secondary ps3 to my little brother so looks like I can get it without resorting to cheap presents for the family.

Part of me wants to hold off for a while but now that ps+ is coming to the ps4 it's hard to hold off on the purchase. I really don't want to miss out on the free games and considering my ps+ subscription expires in October 2015 I might as well take advantage of it. Here's to hoping I can show some self control and not buy a ton of games to go with my shiny new toy.

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