You Made A Fan Of Me, Xbox One. Stop Messing It Up

It’s been an intense E3 in the year of 2013, which shall be known as The Great Smackdown. By now, everyone will have heard of the horror stories that circulate around Microsoft and the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is a good product. It has the power, it has the games, it has the support and it has the variety.

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Kingthrash3601958d ago

smh...funny how it made you a fan but seemed to lose me as a customer. smh still I thought its showing of games was great....but no matter what anyone says its how you treat someone that ultimately gets you sales. and MS has treated gamers liked criminals this gen. no excuses. customers always right... if you say the customer is wrong you will lose your sale lose money and lose respect.

HammadTheBeast1957d ago

I’ve decided to preform a scientific experiment with regards to Cliffy B’s statements. I simulated the non-existent dude bro idiot by drinking heavily and smashing my head in my head in a car door until I could no longer remember my social security number or the scientific method. Unfortunately, I could still tell the difference between $400 and $500, and read the amazon page that listed CoD ghosts as coming to both 360 and PS3. Therefore I still have no reason to buy an XBone, or if I’m this hypothetical proto-idiot even a PS4.See, the “core” group that microsoft pissed off are the ones who get worked up about the whole console war thing, Billy McDouchehat who only plays x-box for CoD has no such brand loyalty. He just wants CoD and he doesn’t really care how he gets it. Microsoft is still going to get spanked by this unless they can either win back the “core” gamers or lower the price enough for people who don’t really care as much to buy the xbone over the PS4.

wollie1957d ago

i can't believe MS doesn't employ one guy that is as smart as you.

Wow, logic.

Garbanjo0011957d ago

My only reasoning for going for DRM in the first place is all wrapped up in two words: "Going Green." It's better for the environment, if they came out and said "hey, it's better for the environment," we'd be like "shit yeah Microsoft, you're doing a good thing for humanity!" Which in fact DRM is better for the world (plastic etc . . .). The only thing that anyone can associate the DRM thing with is wrapped up into only one word, and it also starts with a "G . . ."


1957d ago
RiPPn1957d ago

From the moment they announced the name I have been completely unimpressed. Add in the arrogance and policies, and I'm downright disgusted. Even if they were able to fix the price point and policies they can't win me back, because deep down I know what they are about.

Of course I've been on to them since 2009 which is when I last paid an annual sub for gold and quit buying multiplats on their system, I'm just glad the mask is off and everyone else see's them for what they are now.

InTheZoneAC1957d ago

I just want to know what M$ did to get people to jump ship to the original xbox, that offered nothing special

Same with 360, and now One.

I can see people going to 360 and never getting a ps3 because it was the first next gen console, but those aren't real gamers as they missed out on way too many great games to count.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1957d ago

So I'm not a real gamer eh? Hmm ok.

InTheZoneAC1956d ago

maybe my standards are higher...or lower, but what I base my decision off the most are 1st party games.

Think of all the games that were released for xbox. The ONLY game I would've liked is Ninja Gaiden and it wasn't until PS3 that I realized what I missed.

360 comes around and there is nothing that appeals to me besides better graphics. But...I KNEW with some patience, waiting on ps3 wouldn't let me down. Price tag was irrelevant to me considering I knew I'd play it for years, get my moneys worth, and if I was really worried about the cost I'd save $5-$10 a month, and in the end my console is already paid for.

And when PS3 finally released it slowly but surely delivered MY games. I wasn't a follower and didn't decide to buy a console based on what everyone else was hyping up since it was new.

PS4, I already know I'm getting the games I want, why even waste a thought looking into other consoles?"

And if Nintendo ever did away with the gimmicky, unorthodox controllers dating back to N64 you can consider myself a Nintendo fan...again.

So, I didn't mean to offend you and say you're not a real gamer, obviously you are, but to jump ship because of DRM or Online features is ridiculous when you have missed so many great games imo.

And to those trying to argue why would I miss out on great Nintendo games because of a controller. My answer: I've already given them all a chance and never could get around the way I have to play the game.

I like simple things that don't try to be the hit of the day. Every Sony controller has done just that.

Again, my imo, don't be mad or whatever you say you are.

Garbanjo0011957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The ONLY reason I went with XB is because of Halo. I believed with the ORIGINAL XBox One that they had a good thing going, and I wanted change from PlayStation. It's funny how it's full circle, after dealing with the prices of the PS3 and didn't get one, I'm now going with a PlayStation product all over again not because of money, but because of DRM, online checks, and because I want a change from XBox. It's a flip flop sort of scenario, and I hope in the years to come XBox can redeem themselves, but at this time in the two companies life cycles, we get to a point where it's not even about which has better specs, but which one has the gamers best interest . . . even though PS4 has the better specs and I'm not denying that.

I've said it before that if Halo was on PS3 I would've considered getting that instead. (Not that I'm a die hard Halo fan anymore, but at least . . .) THIS time around I get to have Destiny on PS4, and I am dropping XBox because I can't support a company that doesn't support me.

RiPPn1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Reasons people jumped to the 360:
-It launched a year earlier
-priced at 299/399
-it had robust network features not seen on a console like achievements and multiplayer
-true hd console
-Xbox Live Arcade games like Geometry Wars and Uno

Reasons people didn't adopt the PS3:
-priced at 499/599 ($200 more than 360 comparable skus)
-sony's arrogance like telling people to get a second job
-multiplats looked worse than the 360 which made the 200 harder to swallow
-slim pickin library upon launch
-poor network
-launched against the Wii

So it was a combination of Microsoft doing things right and Sony doing things wrong. Ultimately Sony has still surpassed the 360, but at the cost of half their market share they had in the PS2 days, and even worse at a time when people are entrenched in the consoles ecosystem.

But now the tables are turned, Sony has the price advantage, a better spec'd system, a superior service in Plus, and they are releasing some of the best first party games of this generation. Couple that with Microsoft doing more damage than Sony did and I'm not sure how Microsoft recovers. It's going to be a very interesting first couple of years.

Parapraxis1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The PS4 is a better product, it has the support and it has the variety, it has more power, less DRM, and a cheaper price tag.

MS has messed up, take it like a man.

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