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In a world full of danger, those who’ve survived have been as smart as they have been lucky, but have paid the price of presumed safety by being forced to live in below poverty level conditions within decaying pieces of manmade construction. This is the setting of The Last of Us, the PlayStation 3 exclusive third-person survival shooter from the masters at Naughty Dog, and it’s not a pretty one. Not only that, but danger lurks everywhere, and things can change for the worse within the blink of an eye due to a threat of infection. That is, the plot’s cordyceps-like fungus, which infects one’s brain and can quickly turn him into a frenzied biter.

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ooquis1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Is there anybody out there that can find out how many perfect scores TLOU has raked in,PLZ....i'm sure there lots of gamer's that wants to know!

Panthers1565d ago

Really the best way to see. But metacritic doesnt include all reviews.

ab5olut10n1565d ago

After the backlash against Polygon, I wonder if reviewers are scared to give this anything less than perfect scores? I hope that's not the case.

plaZeHD1565d ago

Or they really like the game.

ooquis1565d ago

It's not rocket's Naughty DOG

Wick1565d ago

Our reviewer simply really liked the game. What's a review without honesty?

edwineverready1565d ago

I am getting it today!!!! can't wait to play it.

Master-H1565d ago

I got this game 2 hours earlier :P

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