Despite A Strong E3 For PlayStation 4, Analysts Expect Microsoft And Sony To Have A Close Race

Sony has emerged as the early winner in the next generation console race, thanks to its open system and the ability for PlayStation 4 to play used games and allow gamers the freedom to play offline games without always-on Internet connections. The $100 price point also is an incentive for gamers to join the PlayStation nation.

Microsoft has fumbled a series of opportunities from its recent Xbox Reveal to its E3 press conference, where it has ignored the cries of hardcore gamers and is eliminating the rental market for Xbox One with disc authentication. Gamers, in the wake of the NSA spying controversy, are also wary of the Xbox One’s online connectivity and the hoops they’ll have to jump through for game disc authentication.

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jagiii2013d ago

Microsoft has lost the next gen war already.

dedicatedtogamers2013d ago

Analysts also counted out the Wii last gen, they thought the PSP would trump the DS, and many of them are saying XBox One will have massive sales among the non-gamers

(in other words, analysts say dumb stuff all the time)

Skips2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

How can they lose with such AWESOME marketing slogans such as "All In One. Input One".

And not to mention EPIC advertisements like this!!!!!

Seriously though, what if the One has an identity crisis like the Wii U??? Unlikely... but could happen...

Donnieboi2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Forbes is always trying to put M$ in a positive light. Now they see that's impossible, so they attempt to fool people into thinking that M$ is at least on the same level as Sony. Forbes loves that M$ money.

Ah, but maybe i'm wrong. it's not like M$ spends a whole lot on expensive and EXCLUSIVE ads with Forbes magazine...

Virtual_Reality2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

They collected the opinions from various analyst, but one of them guess who it is:

Michael Pacther.

medman2012d ago

I think for the hardcore gamers, and that would include anyone posting on N4g, the writing is on the wall and the PS4 is the dominant platform and the one to purchase. But for the general public, who doesn't do research before buying any device, I don't believe that will be the case. Some of them may buy an Xbox One only to be severely disappointed in restrictions they had no idea they were signing up for. The Xbox One will probably see returns in droves, as the general public slowly becomes aware of Microsoft's draconian policies. But that will take time. As word of mouth spreads, I have no doubt that the scope of the damage Microsoft has done to their gaming division will spread. The worst part for Microsoft will be seeing the two systems side by side in store when customers ask why is the one box so much more expensive when the specifications suggest it should not be. The only answer the customer service representative will be able to give is a simple one... Greed.

OlgerO2013d ago

Before E3 I was somewhat worries about the success of playstation. I now expect the system to at least stay alive next gen.

kaozgamer2013d ago

Maybe. Heaps of my friends who game on the 360 have already said that they are switching over to playstation.

GamersHeaven2013d ago

Analyst are always right /s

King-Prodigy-X2013d ago

Forbes, when will you hope off of M$.

shikamaroooo2013d ago

All those 12 year old begging their mums?

NameRemoved00172013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Hope that 12 year old has internet access when he turns 18 and gets his ass kicked out of the house or his xbox one isn't going to work.

iistuii2013d ago

All those 12 year olds begging their mums, mum says no you can have the cheapest, so PlayStation can now have all the screaming 12 year olds.

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The story is too old to be commented.