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Submitted by Abriael 969d ago | news

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Bares Fangs on 7.5 The Last of Us Review

Shuhei Yoshida is most definitely a nice fellow, but like every passionate gamer, he can readily bare his fangs when he sees something that really doesn’t sit right with him. (PS3, Shuhei Yoshida, The Last Of Us)

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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   969d ago
Yoshida laying a verbal smackdown.Love it.
Abriael  +   969d ago
Got to say, it's entirely possible for it to be an inside joke. Such things do happen at E3.

Doesn't sound like one, though.
Winter47th  +   969d ago
That review was a disgrace to gaming journalism. But it is the gamers who take part of the blame with the misconception that "reviews are opinions".

The 'reviewer' in question butchered the game because it was too violent for HIM, in that case, it is my opinion that Halo is boring and Zelda is overrated here's a 4.5/10 RESPECT MY OPINION.

The review was more like a personal blog of what the reviewer prefers than a critique.
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Abriael  +   969d ago
@Winter47th: IMHO reviews are just partly opinion.

The reviewer that tells you he's completely objective is bullshitting you. No buts and no ifs.

I've been reviewing games for 16 years now, and I can tell you, I never reviewed a game once without my opinion filtering through my words.

On the other hand, every opinion should be heavily grounded and based on fact. You can't have a valid opinion on the sky if that opinion is based on the notion that the sky is green with yellow polka dots.

More often than not I do notice that a writer's opinion heavily overtakes the facts. And that, IMHO, should not happen.
Septic  +   969d ago
My copy of the game has arrived!!! Wooooooooo!

And screw that desperate hit seeking reviewer. Even in his Twitter posts you can tell he was loving the attention. I'm sorry bit he is a moron.
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Septic  +   969d ago
Oops double post sorry
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Septic  +   969d ago
Sorry if I'm being off topic here but the visuals, the voice acting, the sounds.......this game is amazing!! You guys are in for a treat!

Even my dad who DESPISES games is hooked watching it!!!!
BluEx610  +   969d ago
I actually don't mind reading negative reviews, as long as it thoroughly explains why it has some bad points. Reading his review he says it's too violent, sad story, and combat is bad. More like this reviewer is a little girl and sucks at this game. He even explains how intense things get and points to it as negative lol. It felt like he was trying to say more negative things but couldn't think of more reasons for his score. Never reading Polygon again, wasted my time.
jeeves86  +   968d ago
@ Winter47th

Reviews ARE opinions. It is the opinion of the reviewer who is reviewing the game whether the game is good or bad. There are no objective qualifiers that make a game good or bad, it's all about personal opinion.

There is a serious difference in a blatantly slanted review, bashed or praised heavily for minutiae reasons, as the Polygon review appears to be. However, you can't have a review without an opinion. Doesn't work that way.
morganfell  +   968d ago
If you are going to post a review, supposedly for the public (yeah right) then you have to be prepared for the same degree of criticism of your motivations and skill (or lackthereof) which you leveled at the game in your article.

If you cannot tolerate that which you so liberally dish then you have no business gauging the talents of those better than yourself.

Writing a review isn't a carny shooting gallery where you can blast away and not be concerned over the ducks returning fire.

If you are going to stick it out there you can't be afraid of getting it whacked off.
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badz149  +   968d ago
damn man...

I still have to wait a couple more days! having to import SUCKS!

I have the option to pre-order it via PSN for cheaper and get the 2 FREE DLC packs but I just have to have the disc! if for any other games, I would go for digital, but not this one! I want to have the box with me all the time I'm playing the game! maybe I'm just old school!
mantisimo  +   968d ago
Last of us now at 95 on metacritic because of a 60 from another no name website. have a look on metacritic but don't click the site, it's desperate.

site name "quarter to 3" what even is that?
avengers1978  +   968d ago
I stopped listening to game reviews a long time ago, if something looks good to me I buy it
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   968d ago
And most stuff either you can play the demo or can watch gameplay on the internet before it release, there's absolutely no need for reviews anymore.
hollabox  +   968d ago
Getting it tomorrow, but this guy is Japanese, this is how they review American products. Hell most of Sony hard hitting first party games are American made. Most Sony published American or European made games sell less than 600K in the land of the rising sun. So I'm not surprised with this review at all.
avengers1978  +   967d ago
Oh and the first ten minutes of Last of Us is amazing, and horrible all at once...
showtimefolks  +   968d ago
All I know is I am getting the game soon

Also to be in contention for game of the decade and a game people will remember for a long long time more than makes up for any low scores review wise

I think we can all agree on this LOU is ND's finest game since UC2 and possibly better than UC2. D don't make bad games I wish every developer gets it right and I wish every publishers was like Sony and cut ally give developers enough time and resources to make a excellent game
Veneno  +   968d ago
If this reviewer found the violence to be too much for him, or he found that there wasn't a huge innovation in terms of gameplay, that's perfectly fine. But a reviewer , and also apparently a whole website in the case of Polygons editors getting involved with reviews, must be able to recognize brilliance and masterful games when they see them. Just like Uncharted 2, if it wasn't your bag of tea you must still be able to realize that it was a landmark achievement in video game history, otherwise you just don't belong reviewing games.
kaozgamer  +   969d ago
ahahhahaa dayum!
Godmars290  +   969d ago
Wouldn't give it the time of day myself.

In fact, because of what the industry itself has done to rating, maligned them by turning them into a profit point, I'd be more likely to bitch at my own publishers.
Abriael  +   969d ago
I have to say, that kind of makes me feel bad when I score a game low.

Knowing that you're directly influencing (even if by a small amount if you write on a small site) the livelyhood or other people isn't easy.

That isn't the score's fault though, and in the end I have to carry on on the path I've chosen. Can't blame the gun for the hand that fires it (which is mine, so I'm fully to blame for the score I choose), and with great (or small) power comes great responsibility.

Unfortunately not many fully understand or feel that responsibility.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   968d ago
it's just a game review, you're not Spider-man bro...
Agent_hitman  +   969d ago
Polygon website should be closed ASAP..
CrossingEden  +   969d ago
"after all a reviewer is absolutely free to score his review however he wants, even way out of the Metacritic average"
Abriael  +   969d ago
Absolutely. Of course readers are just as free to judge if such opinion has been expressed free of all influence, or deliberate in order to achieve a certain effect.

In the end when one's work is displayed in public, he submits himself to criticism. That works for developers, but it should (and does) also work for the critics themselves.
CrossingEden  +   968d ago
and if the majority has no proof but still spout their hate filled nonsense as truth then the majority of readers are biased
Azfargh  +   968d ago
Reviewers are allowed to have opinions, so do we to them as well. Think a little more before writing stuff.

Self-opinion is a double-edge sword my friend.
Hicken  +   968d ago
You try just way too hard to be contrary. Do you even know the problem people have with the review? I expect you'll chalk it up to "OMG, Sony exclusive didn't get a 10/10! Conspiracy!" rather than using comprehension skills.
CrossingEden  +   968d ago
Half the people complaining didn't even read the review -_-
Hicken  +   968d ago
"Half the people complaining didn't even read the review"

You got a source for that? Or is that what you choose to believe so it makes you feel better about being so wrong all the time?
CrossingEden  +   968d ago
half the people on this site don't even bother to read the articles and post based on the title, this is a known fact
YoungKingDoran  +   969d ago
Shuhei is one bad ass mother fucker.
NarooN  +   969d ago
I loved his first reply. "Who are you?" Hahaha, Shuhei-san has no time for random commoners like him.
Rusty515  +   969d ago
Damn. Sony firing shots at everyone up in this bitch
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DVAcme  +   969d ago
Yoshida has an amazing talent to smack down people with subtle jabs. I'm betting he's the one who came up with the idea for the Sharing video.

Edit: And I think people will now think twice before namedropping him on Twitter.
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Abriael  +   969d ago
Unless it was intentional. Some like the attention, even if negative.
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DVAcme  +   969d ago
Yeah, Polygon seems to thrive on that kind of attention. But the joke's on them, since giving a mediocre rating to what's quickly becoming the leading Game Of The Year candidate does wonders for the destruction of your journalistic credibility. Not to mention that blatantly telling us that people who haven't even touched the game are involved in the rating process is a hell of a stupid move.

Man, Sony's had a hell of an easy time with opposition lately, haven't they? It's like everyone involved in praising Microsoft or Microsoft themselves are suffering from an epidemic of Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.
Malice-Flare  +   969d ago
here's the problem with that site in question...
this is their policy regarding scores:

"Games are not scored until a review is written and finalized. Once a review is complete, the reviewer meets with a group of senior editors to determine which score on our scale properly reflects the text as written. We do not write with scores in mind."

with that, it's possible people who haven't played the game judged it anyway...
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jeeves86  +   968d ago
That sounds like a ridiculous rating system. But it certainly reflects what the author writes in the review over just doling out a number.
CLOUD1983  +   969d ago
What Polygon did is unforgiving, I might have not play this game yet but we r talking for a game that was voted best of E3 2012 & the trailers & demos left millions of gamers around the world speechless with it's quality, the insane AI, the unbelievably realistic survival elements, the amazing visuals & more or less everything else they saw.

Some times reviewers sugar-coat a game that don't deserve it I have see that happen a lot of times already best example when a game doesn't deserve the scores it gets & a guy dares to deliver an unbiased to-the-point review where he gives a game a rating that truly deserves like this guy did here for example & his opinion have the support of thousands of ppl who agree with that opinion then I'm glad that there is at least one guy who don't give a fck about how big a company/publisher is & say his honest unbiased opinion w/o caring for anything else.

But with TLOU that was not the case, because the guy who decide to give that score don't have any supporters with him, no1 who share his opinion that this game deserve to get that low score hes all alone & he just trolling & target for hits & nothing more, they deserve to loose readers & fans for what they did I hope ppl r smart enough to see that & search for a better place to inform their selves than this sh1thole of a site.
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Kos-Mos  +   968d ago
Yeah, because the majority is always right, right?
FlunkinMonkey  +   969d ago
This 'review' was a complete joke. so called 'gaming journalism' at it's worst. A review should be conducted from a much more objective standpoint, rather than subjective.

Now i understand that there may be influences within your review that you can't avoid, such as your own preferences which may funnel through to your text, but this guy just sounded like a wet nappy. "too violent" - this is no excessive gore porn 'Hostel' type game, get a grip man! If this really does may some tribute to the book 'The Road' by Cormack McCarthy, then the violence is fully justified as a tool of immersion.. .

Reviews, whose sites are funded by rival companies *cough* Microsoft *cough* lack credibility, and shouldn't even be included on metacritic, and vice versa. This will have done the site much more damage than good.
HaVoK308  +   968d ago
It is impossible to review media objectively. Funny, gamers claim video games are Art, yet believe Art can be reviewed objectively. One cannot review a piece of entertainment without relying on their personal taste and bias. Surely you can't be this ignorant? If games could be reviewed objectively, we would only need One review!

This is the most moronic statement I have read in quite some time.
#11.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
FlunkinMonkey  +   968d ago
As i said, preferences will funnel through to text, subjectivity can't be avoided, but when a game is praised as the 'best graphics, animation and sound design' he's ever seen, but the final score produced is a 7.5 because he didn't like the violence, then something is wrong.

Get your G-string that's wedged in between your sandy vag unstuck.
KwietStorm  +   969d ago
Who are you?

lucaskeller1  +   969d ago
The last of us' response to weak critiques:

rmedtx  +   969d ago
Well, every time there's a great game out regardless of the console; there's always a jerk website that gives them a ridiculous score just to get hits. If we want this to change we need to not indulge them by visiting their sites.
sourav93  +   969d ago
Out of 67 reviews on Metacritic, 32 gave the game a perfect score. Suck on that Polygon and Philip Kollar!
Kos-Mos  +   968d ago
Oh oh oh oh. So NOW metacritic is relevant?
sourav93  +   968d ago
Huh? Erm...What? When did I say it wasn't? Since this is a article regarding a review, so metacritic IS relevant.
Kos-Mos  +   968d ago
No no no no. You`re using metacritic as a argument that the game is good. That is a no go. No no.
trouble_bubble  +   968d ago
Well, sometimes where there's smoke there's fire. Like if someone was on the ignore list of 20-30 people. Might be something to it. Or that 96% on meta.
Kos-Mos  +   968d ago
Let me conclude my argument: Look at the metascore for A Clockwork Orange and 2001:A Space Odyssey and explain to me what is right by that average score. If you still can`t understand it, check out the score for Avatar and gtaiv. Understand?
FunkMacNasty  +   969d ago
This is all a bit silly, I think. All this hemming and hawing over a 7.5 review score? I could understand if it got a 6, or anything below a 7, but I think we are forgetting that 7.5 is a good score. Definitley not a "troll" score.

Jeez.. gamers are so entitled these days. Everyone thinks that if a highly anticipated game doesn't get 9's and 10's that the reviewers are trolls or fanboys or something.

Just f*cking play the game and decide what the value of the score is on your own merits, don't worry about what some critic thinks.
fsfsxii  +   969d ago
TLOU set the bar so high i didn't wanna play any game after i beat it 3 days ago.
HonestDragon  +   969d ago
"Games are not scored until a review is written and finalized. Once a review is complete, the reviewer meets with a group of senior editors to determine which score on our scale properly reflects the text as written. We do not write with scores in mind."

Wow. That is how they go about scoring a game? That is just asinine. So, basically, we have one person in the room who reads their review to a bunch of senior editors (who have not played the game) and they all decide on a score together based on how the review sounds. That is not how you go about determining a score.

"After all a reviewer is absolutely free to score his review however he wants, even way out of the Metacritic average..."

Well, I would hope reviewers do that. I like to score my reviews the way I want and not on an average by a site that is questionable on its own merit. I don't take Metacritic seriously mainly because of the user base there (who just love to give terrible and illiterate reviews) and the overall standings of certain reviewers because they know they will generate hits if they have a review that stands out from the norm.

"Should people that haven’t played a game really contribute to scoring it?"

No. Having someone score a game when they themselves haven't played it makes absolutely no sense.
GraveLord  +   969d ago
I wasn't aware of this Polygon reviewing policy. It's even worse than I initially thought. If you haven't played the fucking game, you have no business is determining its review score. Polygon should be banned from N4G and Metacritic.
lucidity  +   968d ago
Polygon publish real dreck and is unquestionably one of the worst outlets we currently have, but I don't think it's reasonable to get angry about their review scores if they reflect the opinions of the writer(s).
Riderz1337  +   968d ago
EffectO  +   968d ago
Yosp is a Sony fanboy?

goldwyncq  +   968d ago
Played 3 hours of the game and in no way was it a 7.5. Polygon should be banned in this site.
Godz Kastro  +   968d ago
Isnt a review an opinion and an opinion subjective? Does everyone have to think its a 9 or 10? Everyone?

Dont get me wrong. Im borrowing my Nephews PS3 to play it. The game looks awesome but come on, attacking an opinion. And 7.5 is a good score, wtheck!
Kos-Mos  +   968d ago
This is n4g and games from the west.
jimmywolf  +   968d ago
the main issue is not his opinion, if he had this score 2 months from now, doubt anyone would bat a eye. the issue is he did it for hits/attention, before majority even had a chance too try the game...
jeeves86  +   968d ago
The issue here, judging by many, many comments is that the review was too opinionated. Which shows that they don't understand what exactly a review is.

Have any proof that he really just doesn't like violence or gore? Then maybe Polygon got the wrong person to review their game. Get this guy to keep on reviewing Fisher Price toys.
devwan  +   968d ago
Amazing game, been playing it for 8 hours straight, stunning.
WorldGamer  +   968d ago
At the end of the day TLOU is still a noteworthy addition to the PS3 and a fitting sendoff with the impending release of the PS4.

Gotta brush the haters off.
stridershoge  +   968d ago
Personally I don't understand the uproar. I stopped listening to Polygons opinions since the Ni No Kuni ratings, Why? not because I think Polygon has an issue with Sony but because I do not seem to share the same feelings for games as their reviewers do (the same goes for sites like Eurogamer and Gamespot).

I have reviewers that I feel have the same preferences for games as I do such as Colin Moriarty and Adam Sessler so I tend to ignore those other sites even if they give a game I like 10/10.
Relientk77  +   968d ago
Shuhei Yoshida is awesome confirmed, as if confirmation was needed.
#28 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Godz Kastro  +   968d ago
I like Yoshida but to make a comment like that is really unprofessional.. Deducting points Yoshi!
despair  +   968d ago
"who are you?"

nice, Yoshida is so awesome.
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