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The Next Metroid Title From Retro Studios Isn’t On The Horizon

As the June 11th, Nintendo Direct came and went, many Nintendo enthusiasts were surprised to find out that Retro’s big title was Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze as that was the last game many figured Nintendo to be working on. A hypothesis arose from fans that Retro Studios might actually be working on two games at once, but as revealed today, while Retro admits it certainly is possible for them to work on a big project and a little project, the next time we’ll see a new Metroid title is “someday”. (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

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CaptainN  +   497d ago
Well isnt DK supposed to drop in Oct?? That means its almost done so they have to start getting things ready for their next project!
PopRocks359  +   497d ago
My sentiments exactly. If the game is almost done, then they could potentially have a new Metroid ready for preview by E3 next year and have it released by late late 2014 or early 2015. Though admittedly that's pretty optimistic thinking.
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Baka-akaB  +   497d ago
That's only if the next project is Metroid or new ip , and not more DK or similar stuff . But i'll join you guys in the prayers and hope for the best
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Triforce079  +   497d ago
If you think Retro are not planning Metroid Universe your slow in the head.
bullymangLer  +   497d ago
yep yep . . plus why would game designers reveal all about their projects??

supposed to be hush hush .. .
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Triforce079  +   497d ago
Another article that n4g have twisted and made their own,Retro will make Metroid Universe.
yugovega  +   497d ago
why would they do another metroid? yes the gams were great but they didn't sell like nintendos other ips. they should honestly move on to other games.
vakarian75  +   497d ago
Well he said that its possible to work on a big project and smaller project simultaineously so considering the new Donkey Kong is a download only title that might be a smaller title they are working on.
from the beach  +   497d ago
DKCR released three years ago so maybe something else is being worked on in the background?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   497d ago
BATRA  +   497d ago

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