Peter Dinklage to Play a “Ghost” in Destiny, Be Your “Interactive Companion”

PSLS: In a move that’s certain to get resident Game of Thrones fan Dan Oravasaari swooning, Bungie has confirmed that Peter Dinklage will be in Destiny.

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Wedge192014d ago

Woo, superstars in games! Gotta love these moves.

Kos-Mos2014d ago

He don`t belong in cheesy dialogues and games. I`m sure destiny or whatever will be a great game gameplay wise, but it will (mark my words) it will lack depth.

Snookies122014d ago

He's terrific in Game of Thrones!

Donnieboi2014d ago

Do they mean an actual ghost? So this game has ghosts and aliens? What??

Snookies122014d ago

Could be an alien ghost.... Lol

Donnieboi2014d ago

Lolol. Man I can tolerate sci fi, or even supernatural--but both in the same game? I guess I'll just wait b4 forming an opinion lol

boing12014d ago

No. It's mechanical sphere companion. You can see it in gameplay reveal I think.

Pozzle2014d ago

Awesome! He's an amazing actor.

WeskerChildReborned2014d ago

I knew i recognized his voice aha, i just started watching GOT too and it's awesome.

doctorstrange2014d ago

You're in for such a treat, although you might want to watch em fast before someone spoils it

gunnerforlife2014d ago

Listen to the guy above me lool watch them quick! You will love them!

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The story is too old to be commented.