Podcast - Colin Goes to E3: Playstation 4 is Tiny, Thief Disappoints

Colin reports from E3: Playstation 4 is tiny, Thief disappoints, Payday 2 is awesome, the Oculus is crazy, and plenty of other E3 goodness.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141984d ago

Thief looked like a 2010 PS3/360 game from the video i seen.

That better be some seriously early freaking build or i'm out!

ryandebraal1984d ago

This was awesome! Thanks for reporting from the promised land Colin!

sway_z1984d ago

The reports I have seen/heard show Thief as very promising. The code is early in development, the game may not ship until late 2014.

Besides, the game has not been in development as long as some of the other titles at the show... give it a chance!

KMxRetro1984d ago

It's been in development for longer than some of the other titles at the show. Thief's combat looks absolutely nasty. They're going to have to put an awful lot of polish in to fix that up.

FrostyZipper1984d ago

I'm inclined to agree; the EARLY BUILD of Thief looked pretty disappointing but hell, they've got plenty of time to make it ship shape before release day.