Sony: PlayStation business needs to be profitable this year

Sony's UK MD Feral Gara talks about PS4 needing to be profitable this financial year and the price of premium games.

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NameRemoved00171620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Sony, you have done a enough I can guarantee you atleast $400 + Destiny, killzone and infamous second son and Playstation Plus purchased right now.

blitz06231620d ago

Alright people, time to give them what they deserve for staying conservative and avoiding the route Microsoft took.

RiPPn1620d ago

Same here, thanks Best Buy and your $40 deal!!

badz1491620d ago

you'll always have business with me, Sony!

M-M1620d ago

You finally made a comment in a console related article without saying anything about PCs. I'm proud of you.

Dir_en_grey1620d ago

Release them games and you can have all my money =)

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Akuma2K1620d ago

With the complete turn around sony has done from the PS3 to PS4, i don't think they'll have any problems concerning any financial difficulty as far as selling PS4 games or believe they're making a profit much more quickly this next gen than they did with the PS3.

insomnium21620d ago

Yeah the only problem they WILL have is keeping up with the demand for PS4. I hope you launch this beast ww in 2013. Don't make us europeans wait again. There shouldn't be a problem aquiering the components for PS4 so keep the factories pumping out PS4s so we can all enjoy it this holiday season Sony. That's an order!

Akuma2K1620d ago

I'm sure the first batch of PS4 consoles will run quickly and there will be shortages all over, but because it didn't take as much money to build the PS4 (compared to the PS3 launching at $600 to make a profit) i think sony will be able to keep up with the demand at least by 50% and i think the shortages won't last that long but that depends on the area its going to.

Serg1620d ago


The PS3 wasn't profitable at $599, the launch unit was costing them ~$900 per console. Meaning they lost $300 every time someone bought a PS3 for $599.

SaffronCurse1620d ago

They'll definitely get my business.
Nintendo as well.

NatureOfLogic1620d ago

I plan to get the WiiU too, but I'm just waiting on a HD zelda announcement.

Bathyj1620d ago

Its amazing but WiiU seems to be enjoying a small resurgence in popularity since MS showed Xbone and stunk up the joint.

Its the same reason I always like standing next to fat people.

humbleopinion1620d ago

Resurgence? What Resurgence!?
While both the PS4 and Xbox One day one editions are outsold ing Amazon, with the regular versions trading blows for the first place in their charts, the WiiU currently sits at around #300-#400 place: below the X360, PS3 and even the good old Wii.

At the same time, the best selling WiiU game (NSMBU) barely makes it to the top 100 right now, whereas multiple unreleased games for both the PS4 and Xbone are making it way higher. In what retailer (and/or planet) are you seeing a resurgence in WiiU popularity?

Bathyj1620d ago

I just meant there seem to be a lot more people talking about it now.

RiPPn1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I'll snag a Wii U also, but not til it get's a price drop, $350 for it now that the PS4 is $399 seems absurd.

d_dogg20071620d ago

Sony has been getting my business since ps1 and will continue getting my business till the very end!! Sony consoles are the greatest consoles a gamer can ask for!

latincooker2141620d ago

same here d dogg. Sony the only thing im saying to you is take my damn money already;) PS4 FTW;)

d_dogg20071619d ago

I don't think I have ever been so hyped for a console release in my life! Everything about the PS4 to me screams PS2 greatness! Sony is doing this so perfectly and I think if they pull it off it will reunite gamers under one roof who have been split ever since the Cancer (Microsoft) has made its appearance in the industry!

AznGaara1620d ago

"Expect premium games to carry a fairly premium price tag." This has me a bit worried. Back in February Jack Tretton said PS4 games will be from $.99 to $60 so I hope they don't go over $60 for these AAA games.

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The story is too old to be commented.